NEXCO West Japan The last great chance of the year! “Won luxurious prizes!” “Winter bargain shopping campaign”

NEXCO West Japan
Last chance for this year! “Won luxurious prizes!” “Winter bargain shopping campaign”

NEXCO West Japan (Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Hidekazu Maekawa) and West Nippon Expressway Service Holdings Co., Ltd. (Kita-ku, Osaka, President: Kenichi Kawamura) will open a highway service area during the year-end and New Year holidays. We will hold a “winter bargain shopping campaign” where customers can enjoy great deals at (SA) and parking areas (PA). Please stop by SA/PA when you go out.
[Image 1d16810-326-015b8a90f1d024d97257-0.jpg&s3=16810-326-324ab9443f7914d19d9797f0ad53b474-206x75.jpg
[Image 2d16810-326-a66f62a9caba764edbb0-1.jpg&s3=16810-326-60cbc14a2a8b8df7caa191e54be01bbb-948x448.jpg
“Winter bargain shopping campaign” 14 days from December 28, 2020 (Wednesday) to January 10, 2023 (Tuesday)
(1) We will sell “Luxury prizes! Lucky bag with lottery”!
At 140 target SAs/PAs (see Attachment 1), luxurious prizes such as “hot spring accommodation coupons” and “Roomba i3” will be won by lottery “Ku”
A limited number of lucky bags with “ji” will be sold. Lucky bags are a great deal packed with seasonal and local souvenirs.
“This is the content.”
[Image 3d16810-326-0ad1cbfe6025ea671705-2.jpg&s3=16810-326-3a99d16c2a122e3f1a64824d587b1035-251x469.jpg
(Lottery prize)
“Jackpot”… Luxury prizes to choose from
“West Japan hot spring accommodation voucher”, “Rumba i3”, “NEXCO West Japan”         Assortment of online shop products
You can choose one prize of your choice.
“Win” … “1 box of New Year’s holiday support drink”, “1,000 that can be used at SA / PA”
         ”Discount coupon”, “50 that can be used at the NEXCO West Japan Online Shop
        One of the 0 yen discount coupons will win.
*Fukubukuro products are selected by each store, so the price and content will differ for each store.
(2) 100 yen discount electronic coupon” gift!
  At 150 target SAs/PAs (see Attachment 2), customers who dine or shop will receive a receipt with a QR code.
I will give you a ticket. Scan the QR code with your smartphone and use it on your next purchase (over 1,000 yen)
We will give you a “100 yen discount electronic coupon” without exception. During the campaign period, electronic coupons
can be used any number of times.
(3) Safe and affordable cashless payment! nanaco/au PAY earns 3x points!   At 152 target SAs/PAs (see Attachment 3), various points can be used normally for payments using target cashless payments.
We will give you three times as much.
[Image 4d16810-326-d45c75ecf2afeb98aaab-3.jpg&s3=16810-326-d5ed191f52d089056077810c52a7548e-935x224.jpg
(4) “Support New Year holidays!” 20 yen discount on selected beverages and 10 yen discount on Lotte products
[Image 5d16810-326-f611536d617dde723675-4.jpg&s3=16810-326-591cb86ea3ffed626fb6dbdd1d287490-315x235.jpg
 Coca-Cola “Ayataka”, Asahi Soft Drinks “Jurokucha”, Tokiwa
Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. “Sleeping
A 20-yen discount will be applied to eligible beverages such as Nemuri Hakata. Also, target products such as Lotte “Black Black Gum” and “Toppo” A 10 yen discount will be applied to the sales price including tax. Target products vary by store.
“Therefore, please check the announcement at the store.”
* Please note that the posted image is an image and the contents are subject to change.
* “QR Code” is a registered trademark of Denso Wave Inc.
* Please note that events may be canceled or postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection.
“Please understand.” In addition, the NEXCO West Japan Group continues to work to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. We ask for your cooperation in preventing infection when using the SA/PA. [Image 6d16810-326-391953847d86f8e5a7f7-5.jpg&s3=16810-326-3dfc8325327f0f1541c39f6012ec1dad-952x105.jpg
▶Attachment 1. 2022 “Winter Value Shopping Campaign”

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