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Nichirei Foods Co., Ltd. Notice of full renewal of the Nichirei Foods recruitment site

Nichirei Foods Co., Ltd.
Notice of full renewal of Nichirei Foods recruiting site

Nichirei Foods Co., Ltd. (President: Masahiko Takenaga) completely renewed its recruitment site (URL: on December 1, 2022.  On the new recruitment site, we will introduce our company’s business and the type of person we are looking for for students aiming to enter the food industry. In addition, so that students can face the selection process with peace of mind, we have organized the direction our company is aiming for and the specific work details of each job category in an easy-to-understand manner.
◆Overview of renewal
We have prepared content centered on “company”, “business”, “work”, and “employees” so that students can learn more about our business, work styles, and information about our employees.
In particular, the “employees” content includes interviews with more than 20 employees. We are planning to update and expand.
▽Know the company
We will introduce the features of Nichirei Foods from various angles along with specific figures from a perspective that is easy for students to understand.
▽Know the business
In addition to our business details, we will introduce the unknown potential and significance of frozen foods.
▽ Know your job
Our company employs a wide range of professionals. How do various technologies create synergies and how do departments work together? We will introduce the correlation of the organization to pursue deliciousness along with actual employee interviews.
▽ Get to know employees
We introduce members who work at our company, such as young employee roundtables, career interviews, and senior employee interviews. We will introduce the episodes of the members when they joined the company, their career plans so far and in the future, and the messages they want to convey to students.
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