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Niisato Bookbinding Co., Ltd. Decorate your room with a goshuin! Goshuin stand and Goshuin album are now on sale from the new goshuin brand “coucou-lim” ~10% coupons are being distributed to commemorate the opening~

Niisato Bookbinding Co., Ltd.
Decorate your room with a goshuin! [Goshuin stand] and [Goshuin album] are now on sale from the new goshuin brand “coucou-lim” ~10% coupons are being distributed to commemorate the opening~
~ Good news for everyone who collects goshuin! Items to decorate and store the increasing spread-size goshuin are now on sale! ~

Have you put away the goshuin that you have collected? Instead of pasting the art goshuin or cutout goshuin on the goshuin book, you can decorate it as an interior decoration in your room or store it in an album that is easy to take out.
In 2022, more and more shrines and temples will be distributing double-page cutout goshuin and art goshuin. But here comes a problem. I am at a loss as to what to do with the paper-cut goshuin that I received because it is difficult to paste on a regular goshuin book. “I don’t want to crease a nice goshuin.”
Is there a better way?
Therefore, coucou-lim first developed an album to store double-page spread stamps.
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What should the coucou-lim brand do to carefully store their favorite goshuin, paper cutouts, and art goshuin…? It was born from the question.
It’s sad to break, and I want to look back on it later and immerse myself in the memories. Now that there are options other than sticking them on the stamp book, we propose a new storage method.
◼️Goshuin album
[Image 2

[Image 3

First of all, we were particular about the horizontally long clear pocket type album file, which is a top-loading type that makes it easy to insert delicate red stamps such as paper cutouts.
The inner paper is black so that the red stamps will shine, and the spine width is adjusted so that there is no problem even if you insert thick paper.
It’s a small factory, so it’s a small-turning specification. And above all, for the cover fabric, we chose embroidered lace fabric for apparel, multicolor print fabric, dress fabric, and antibacterial color variation fabric.
[Image 4

The most popular cover for apparel fabric is embroidered lace fabric. The uneven fabric that is not found anywhere else is also realized from the high level of bookbinding technology.
[Image 5

The fabric used for the dress and charm bag is made by the Miyashita family, who have been weaving for generations at the foot of Mt. There is no other thread color that can only be created by the spring water of Mt. Fuji.
[Image 6

The plain fabric with seven color variations is a specially processed fabric, and the antibacterial and antiviral functional fiber processing technology “Cleanze (R)” is a fabric that has the effect of suppressing and reducing bacteria. Also recommended for promotion. Material: Cover: Cloth/Mounting: Paper, Polypropylene
Size Width 26.5cm x Height 18cm x Thickness 1.7cm
Weight Approximately 400g (body + backing paper only)
Mounting paper color: black
Price: 3,850 yen to 4,950 yen (tax included)
Next, I want to decorate it, not just put it away! was born with ◼️ Stamp stand
[Image 7

[Image 8

Decorate your goshuin with art on a wooden stand
It’s a waste to keep your favorite goshuin stamps away!
The red stamp stand that was born from that thought is a new product that decorates your room by covering a stand made of Japanese cypress with a colored mount, a red stamp, and a pet cover to protect against dust.
Why don’t you put the goshuin on the wall and take a picture, decorate it as an interior art, or decorate it instead of storing it? Material: wood (cypress), paper, PET
Size W175 x H240 x D13mm
Weight about 180g
Price 2,200 yen (tax included)
Would you like to enjoy a new goshuin life?
[About Niisato Bookbinding]
Since its founding in 1934, Niisato Bookbinding Co., Ltd. has been involved in the binding of various publications that remain in the times, such as commemorative magazines, academic books, dictionaries, brand catalogs, and photo collections, with a focus on hardcover bookbinding. I came.
Exploring a new form of hard-bound book, he launched the factory brand “HONcept” using the fabric that had not been used for the cover of hard-bound book until then, and was used for the lining of luxury bags and suits.
This time, he started “coucou-lim” as a new challenge different from books and notebooks.
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