Nikon/Trimble Released the Trimble R750, a high-precision antenna-separated GNSS receiver ideal for surveying and displacement measurement

Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd.
Released “Trimble R750”, a high-precision antenna-separated GNSS receiver ideal for surveying and displacement measurement
Equipped with a SIM slot and USB PD support expands on-site
availability – compatible with RTK reference stations and mobile stations

Nikon-Trimble Corporation (head office: Ota-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Takashi Tanzawa), which develops, manufactures, and sells surveying and positioning solutions, has begun sales of the high-precision antenna-separated GNSS receiver “Trimble R750”. have started. The R750 receiver is hardware equipped with current mainstream communication standards, and can be used safely for a long time to come. It is suitable not only for public surveying and static observation, but also for RTK reference stations for construction surveying and mobile station receivers for bathymetric surveying, and a bundle dedicated to displacement measurement is also available. “Trimble R750” expands observation scenes and availability with a separate antenna receiver compatible with the latest standards [Image 1

Trimble R750 receiver
The Trimble R750 is a surveying GNSS receiver with 4G/LTE SIM slot, USB Power Delivery (hereafter referred to as PD), Wi-Fi, and multi-satellite support with separated antennas.
Since the hardware conforms to the current mainstream information and communication standards, there is little concern about changes or discontinuation of compatible peripheral devices and communication service standards, which leads to the effective use of assets with peace of mind over the long term.
The R750 receiver is ideal for public surveys requiring highly accurate positioning. Furthermore, it is suitable not only for static observation in surveying, but also for RTK reference stations for construction surveying and mobile station receivers for bathymetric surveying.
*Antenna-separated receivers can be used by installing only the antenna at the observation point, and managing the receiver, which is more expensive than the antenna, indoors in a safe environment. Suitable for installation environments where there is a risk of equipment damage, such as long-term outdoor observations or
observations at high altitudes.
[Image 2

Installation scenery for static observation
Equipped with a SIM slot for 4G connection – flexible observation without being bound by the range of the wireless device
Connect to a 4G/LET network by inserting a SIM card into the R750 receiver. By connecting the receiver directly to the Internet, it is possible to transmit RTK correction information via the Internet as well as remote control, and even in a range where wireless does not reach, multiple mobile stations can be used at the same time with a single baseline RTK realize the observation. If each observation point is within the mobile phone communication network, RTK observation can be realized even at a distance that exceeds one mountain.
In addition, if a commercially available PD compatible mobile battery is used, observation can be performed longer than the battery built into the receiver, which helps avoid the risk of power loss on site. Equipped with the positioning engine “Trimble ProPoint” and the latest chipset to expand the observation range
The R750 receiver is equipped with the same positioning engine “Trimble ProPoint” that is installed in higher-end Trimble GNSS receivers. This positioning engine selects and uses the information necessary for positioning without depending on specific satellite signals. Expanded possibilities to offer.
In addition, conventional receivers required a large number of channels to provide dedicated channels for each satellite and signal, but the R750 receiver uses the latest chipset to process 336 channels, which is about half the conventional number. , but captures up to 60 satellites.
Currently, the maximum number of satellites flying around Japan at one time is about 50, so this number of channels is sufficient for observation.
As a reference station and mobile system for ICT construction The R750 receiver can also be used in mobile systems such as local RTK reference stations and compaction management in civil engineering and offshore construction.
*Saitec Japan Co., Ltd. provides products for the construction and civil engineering markets.
Sitech Japan HP:
A monitoring bundle dedicated to fixed-point observations, specialized for infrastructure displacement monitoring, is also available.

[Image 3

Bundle for monitoring
For the Trimble 750, a special bundle for fixed-point observation with the displacement measurement software “Trimble 4D Control”
(hereinafter referred to as T4D) for large-scale structures such as dams and bridges is also available.
The Trimble R750 GNSS receiver for monitoring incorporates Trimble’s latest positioning technology and state-of-the-art communications capabilities into a rugged enclosure, ready for deployment in automated surveillance projects.
Convenient communication features such as an integrated 4G/LTE modem allow the receiver to work seamlessly with the T4D and output alarms for real-time monitoring, reporting and displacement detection. Product information
●Product information ●Product composition
Stationary Observation Bundle (including Controller) or Fixed Point Observation Bundle
Release date: December 20, 2022
Accepting orders: December 20, 2022
Start of shipment: Late January 2023
● Sales price
Please contact your nearest Nikon-Trimble Geospatial Division authorized dealer. *Please contact Cytec Japan Co., Ltd. for construction and civil engineering applications.
Sitech Japan HP:
[About Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd.]
Nikon-Trimble Co., Ltd., a joint venture between Nikon Corporation and Trimble Inc. of the United States, combines the core technologies of both companies, namely surveying and positioning technology, and know-how, to develop GNSS receivers, compact and lightweight total stations, and advanced robots. We have been providing high-quality, high-precision solutions centered on Tick total stations. In recent years, we have introduced Trimble’s state-of-the-art construction ICT solutions and 3D laser scanners in Japan, and have accumulated many achievements. In the fields of precision agriculture, geospatial information, and autonomous driving, we are also challenging the possibility of developing new fields while providing cutting-edge technology, software, and services.
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