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Ningen Co., Ltd. A meandering guide magazine that transmits Osaka’s excessive energy and vibes that don’t fit in the frame. “Hen to Nen” was launched on December 1st.

Ningen Co., Ltd.
A meandering guide magazine that delivers Osaka’s excessive energy and unconventional vibes. “Hen to Nen” was launched on December 1st. ~Web magazine, Instagram, and a pocket tissue ZINE distributed in the city of Osaka! ~

The planning and editing team “Human Editorial Department” within Ningen Co., Ltd. (Location: Nishi-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Hanaoka / Shiboru Yamane), which plans and produces Internet advertisements and PR events. We have released the media “Hen to Nen (” that transmits excessive energy and vibes that do not fit in the frame.
In the “human editorial department”, we have gathered “interesting and strange people” from Kansai and created content that makes use of their individuality. Free and enthusiastic people (=super lifeforms), including members of such a “human editorial department”, gathered to create web magazines, Instagram, tissue zine-linked magazines (pocket tissues with free papers distributed in towns and shops). ) will be launched on December 1st. In “Hen to Nen”, the Osaka dialect of “-hen” and “-nen”, as well as the meanings of “weird” and “biased”, “burn” and “nen”, are used to express the excessive energy and framework of Osaka. Send no vibes.

[Image 1

“Hen to Nen”, a super lifeform magazine that meanders through the ages

Launch of media to publicize the power of Osaka
Human editorial department The editor-in-chief and deputy
editor-in-chief are both from Tokyo, but after moving to Osaka, they felt the charm of Osaka and continue to work based in Osaka. [Image 2

However, despite the abundance of attractive people and things, there are few media outlets from Osaka, and most of the major media outlets are centered on Tokyo.
Due to the current situation, editors and writers who felt that “there are few places in Osaka where they can work” have moved to Tokyo, and the number of human resources and media that convey the appeal of Osaka has not increased. In order to break this vicious cycle, editors and writers based in Osaka, led by chief editors and deputy chief editors who moved from other prefectures and were fascinated by Osaka, created the media “Hen”, where they can freely convey the appeal of Osaka. and Nen” was launched.
Contents introducing super lifeforms in Osaka
[Image 3

snap article
“Preferential Encyclopedia of Super Lifeforms”
Website (, Instagram
(, Tissue ZINE linked magazine ( This is a snap project to introduce in three media (pocket tissue with free paper).
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[Image 5

tissue zine

serial article
[Image 6

cold co and hot
Writer: Tomimotorie
Set in Osaka, a city with a large number of privately-owned coffee shops, with about twice as many shops as Tokyo, writer Tomimotorie tells the old tales he heard at pure coffee shops.
[Image 7

Osaka souvenir, we want to eat too, right?
Writer: Momose Gandhi
Gandhi Momose, an illustrator and designer living in Osaka, will introduce you to the “Osaka souvenirs” that you don’t have many chances to eat if you live in Osaka, and how to eat them.
[Image 8

Deccao Sekine’s Wandering in Osaka Report
Writer: Deccao Sekine
Deccao Sekine, a writer who calls himself a “walking enthusiast,” will report on the results of walking around the streets of Osaka with various themes each time.
[Image 9

Parasite Sekido’s hyper home visit
Writer: Naohiro Sekito
Nemugusa writer Naohiro Sekito, who has lived in a part-time job and lived in a guest house, and now lives in a warehouse where the rent is 5,000 yen, visits the homes of various people living in Osaka.

release event
[Image 10

Signboards that pop out, flashy neon lights, nori, tsukkomi, and meddling… A stimulating, assertive city and people. Anyway, there is a lot of information. The city is filled with “burn” and “nen”.
In Osaka, people who are not swept away by the times live freely meandering. The twists and turns of a life that doesn’t fit in a mold, doesn’t fit in a frame, and doesn’t go straight…
You don’t have to do it properly. It’s okay to stay distorted. [Image 12

Editor-in-chief: Tomimotorie (Ningen Co., Ltd.)
Established: February 19, 2018
Number of members: 52
Activities: Planning and production of content that utilizes individuality and humanity,
       and discovering and training writers
Company Profile
[Image 14d27724-31-e206c5ee07968871339c-17.jpg&s3=27724-31-0087cc742cb6aea550fce751097162e4-439x383.jpg
Company name: Ningen Co., Ltd.
Location: Aiko Building 4F, 1-12-11 Kyomachibori, Nishi-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka Phone: (06) 6445-1040
Established: November 11, 2010
Representative Director: Hanaoka/Shibolu Yamane
Capital: 4,000,000 yen
Number of employees: 8 people
Business description: A project that was conceived with an interesting and strange idea

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