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“Ninni-kun 2” Surprisingly light! Cooking utensils that aren’t just for garlic, such as steamed dishes, will be on sale at Makuake from 12:00 on Friday, December 2nd! !

Yoneshima Felt Co., Ltd.
“Ninni-kun 2” Surprisingly light! Cooking utensils that aren’t just for garlic, such as steamed dishes, will be on sale at Makuake from 12:00 on Friday, December 2nd! !
~Lightweight and cute form of cooking utensils Made in Japan~
Yoneshima Felt Sangyo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka) will start selling the second “Ninnikun 2” at Makuake, following the first “Ninnikun”. Although it is larger than the first generation, it is made of aluminum casting.
[Image 1

[Video 2:]

Following the first “Ninnikun”, we developed “Ninnikun 2”.
The first “Ninni-kun” received support purchases of about 3.5 million yen. [Image 2

With the size of the original “Ninni-kun”, the food was eaten in no time, and if there were many people, it was necessary to prepare the food many times. Therefore, we developed “Ninnikun 2”, which is about 1.3 times the size of “Ninnikun”. Also, if it is big and heavy, it would be difficult to bring it to a camp, but we were able to reduce the weight of “Ninnikun 2” to about 1.15 kg, which is about half that of “Ninnikun”.
[Image 3

[Image 4:] I play an active part in the various camping scenes.
[Image 5d105145-1-a98103c66daf55a61162-4.jpg&s3=105145-1-9abfa46558b137d9d3029404ec254edc-1874x1280.jpg
~ open fire ~
[Image 6d105145-1-fc9655e1123bb7339d3d-5.jpg&s3=105145-1-c38207fc0e5c162e8c043b3ec609d363-2272x1278.jpg
~On the stove~
[Image 7d105145-1-2871ae440ef7dd495e36-6.jpg&s3=105145-1-3cb1291bc434442ee913ede4e2b0e0a8-1276x1702.jpg
~Above the Cassette Stove~
[Image 8d105145-1-2740eea7167f1d688e11-7.jpg&s3=105145-1-fe31f48612ee618610e73caa4a4b6a15-1702x1276.jpg
Allows for a wide variety of dishes
・Ingredients get caught in the skillet lid and it doesn’t close… ・It is difficult to bring a heavy dutch oven with you…
“Nin-kun” solves this problem.
The following Youtube “Ninni-kun Channel” ↓↓↓ We are introducing the food. chunky meat roast
Thick meat can also be slowly roasted.
[Image 9d105145-1-6dd25ca4d911aa6641f9-8.jpg&s3=105145-1-3ca5e32dae55bd4f0d84826ce8f86b0e-1702x1276.jpg
roast beef
Cooking time about 15 minutes
Season the meat with tube garlic and salt and pepper, and sear 4 sides of the meat for 2 minutes each. After that, wrap it in aluminum foil and let the meat rest and cut it to complete! !
[Image 10d105145-1-7324f94cf26d169d5c45-9.jpg&s3=105145-1-4f14fb6eb322f1c5643923d71b945f62-1706x1278.jpg
Comparing eating garlic
Cooking time about 15 to 20 minutes
If you like garlic, you should definitely try this comparison of eating garlic! !
China, Aomori, Spain, other prefectures, huge garlic, etc. All you have to do is put them in “Ninnikun 2” and wait. The difference in taste that you can see when you eat and compare. *Please be careful not to overeat.
[Image 11d105145-1-daf5959819b82ffc4861-20.jpg&s3=105145-1-9156068684c958c257f1e86f16088225-1125x844.jpg
Cut it in half and sprinkle only salt on it. You can see the taste of real garlic.
[Image 12d105145-1-fb93ff6167e56cbedf16-11.jpg&s3=105145-1-33cb0401a436bc42657698b8860dfb74-1702x1276.jpg
grilled tomato
Cooking time about 10 minutes
Slice tomatoes, bacon and black pepper. Complete with additional olive oil and melting cheese.
[Image 13d105145-1-5c5e69b14aa02684244c-12.jpg&s3=105145-1-bc0eb35f68092a02f407621af1659bab-1702x1276.jpg
You can easily make the perfect dessert.
baked sweet potato
Cooking time about 30 to 40 minutes
Just put it in and you can easily make a fluffy baked potato. Turn over in about 15 minutes and complete in about 15 minutes.
[Image 14d105145-1-08238bf16d49a3210f11-14.jpg&s3=105145-1-6e10a0336891a6bdb37ecdf1ec61d79c-1702x1276.jpg
grilled apple
Cooking time about 20 minutes
If it is a common size apple, it will fit 3 pieces. Add granulated sugar and butter, and finally add cinnamon sugar and honey to complete the perfect sweets at the campsite.
[Image 15d105145-1-1a0b21d31c873ab19390-15.jpg&s3=105145-1-f63156f6cdc283af96d159fcd4685526-1702x1276.jpg
[Image 16d105145-1-d29aa9612c7172c2cc30-16.jpg&s3=105145-1-5bdb2d0b08fc112f9b6f2650e06cce47-1702x1276.jpg
Reliable “Made in Japan
Each one is cast in a sand mold at the factory in Settsu City, Osaka. [Image 17d105145-1-ae587156eb09419c4a2a-17.jpg&s3=105145-1-324ef4f5b9a9f363e03a86a45dcc2506-2033x1125.jpg
After casting, craftsmen polish and finish each piece. (It will be a task that requires a lot of skill and time.)
Specifications and structure
[Image 18d105145-1-481aea3f951ae49bf499-18.jpg&s3=105145-1-9f3b0d36a1f54a3537a890714ee7583b-620x934.jpg

[Image 19d105145-1-4b63b9d943435804d787-19.jpg&s3=105145-1-fe0807be8e17266eb133219160c4c76f-959x720.jpg
Material: Cast aluminum
Coating: Ceramic coating (Heat resistant temperature: 600°C) Hook: Aluminum
Weight: about 1.15kg
Design: Japan
Country of manufacture: Japan

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