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Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd. Singer-songwriter Yuka will make a major debut in January 2023! “Major debut one-man tour 2023” that will tour 10 locations nationwide will also be held!

Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.
Singer-songwriter Yuka will make her major debut in January 2023! “Major debut one-man tour 2023” that will tour 10 locations nationwide will also be held!

[Image 1

Singer-songwriter Yuka has announced that she will make her major debut in January 2023. In addition, it has been decided to hold the “Yuka Major Debut One-Man Tour 2023”, which will be held in 10 locations nationwide in conjunction with the major debut.
The release of the major debut song in January will be announced at a later date, so please look forward to it.
Released in April of this year, “Partner” surpassed 40 million streaming views, 10 million music video views, and 1.3 billion social media views. Over 10,000 times. In no time, “Zuruine.” will be released in November, and you can’t take your eyes off Yuka’s activities next year!
Official first advance of “Yuka Major Debut One-Man Tour 2023” (
) has also started, so let’s apply!
Also, the music video for “Zuruine.” released on November 30 has been released, so please check it out.
On LINE MUSIC, everyone who has listened to “Zuruine.” more than 300 times will receive an original sticker of “Zuruine.” ” campaign will be held until 12/13 (Tue) 23:59, so be sure to check it out!
I am honestly happy to be able to announce my major debut, which has been one of my goals since I started my music career. I hope my music will reach out to more people. Let’s enjoy music from now on! -Yuka Digital Single “Zuruine.” Music Video
-Tour Information-
“Yuka major debut one-man tour 2023”
2/3 (Fri) mint hall (Yokohama) 18:30/19:00
2/4 (Sat) Nishikawaguchi Hearts (Saitama) 17:00/17:30
2/16 (Thursday) KYOTO MUSE (Kyoto) 18:30/19:00
2/17 (Fri) DRUM Be-1 (Fukuoka) 18:15/19:00
2/26 (Sun) Sakurazaka Central (Okinawa) 16:45/17:30
3/10 (Fri) SPADE BOX (Aichi) 18:30/19:00
3/11 (Sat) Yise (Hiroshima) 17:00/17:30
3/18 (Sat) PLANT (Hokkaido) 17:00/17:30
3/24 (Fri) Ebisu LIQUID ROOM (Tokyo) 18:00/19:00
3/25 (Sat) BIGCAT (Osaka) 17:30/18:30
Price: ¥4,600 (consumption tax included, separate drink fee required) [Official first advance]
12/10 (Sat) 21:00-12/21 (Wed) 23:59
[Image 2

-“Cunning.” LINE MUSIC Campaign-
An original “Zuruine.” sticker will be presented to everyone who has listened to “Zuruine.” more than 300 times on LINE MUSIC!
In addition, the top 10 people who listened a lot during the period will be invited to “Online MEET & GREET” where you can talk online with Yuka! Let’s all aim for the top ranking!
[Target song link]
[Playback period]
2022/11/30 (Wed) ~ 2022/12/13 (Tue) 23:59
* Applications will be accepted until 23:59 on Friday, December 16th. 【Application method】
(1) During the period from 11/30 (Wednesday) to 2022/12/13 (Tuesday) 23:59, listen to “Zuruine.” a lot on LINE MUSIC.
*Please log in to LINE MUSIC and play online (streaming) instead of playing offline (downloading).
(2) Check that your number of plays is displayed from “(your name)’s Play TOP 50” on the “LINE MUSIC” ranking page, and take a screenshot. * You can check the number of plays on LINE MUSIC’s “Top Page” ⇒ “Ranking” from the tab below.
* If “(your name)’s Play TOP 50” is not displayed, the number of songs played on LINE MUSIC in the last 3 months is less than 20, or the LINE MUSIC app has not been updated to the latest version. There is a possibility. In addition, the ranking will be reflected the next day, and will be updated once a day / irregularly.
* If the playback time is short, it may not be counted as one playback. (3) Upload a screenshot in the application form below, enter the necessary information, and complete the application.
*We will replace the announcement of the winner of the original sticker with the shipping of the special gift.
*Details of “Online MEET&GREET” will be provided only to winners. * “Online MEET&GREET” will be sent to the email address you applied for from “”.
*Depending on the e-mail address you use, the winning e-mail may end up in the “junk mail folder”.
* If you have specified domain reception, please set it so that you can receive emails from “@”.
*This is a campaign that LINE MUSIC paid plan members can participate in. *Customers are responsible for communication costs when participating. *If the number of playbacks shows “9999 times +”, it will be the upper limit. *If the number of people eligible for “Online MEET & GREET” is 10 or more, a lottery will be held from among the eligible people. [Inquiries]
Nippon Columbia Customer Service Center
03-5962-6990 (10:00-13:00 / 14:00-17:00 (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays))
*We do not accept inquiries about winning.
* Please refrain from making inquiries about this project to the distribution site.
[Image 3d19470-2833-e5f625d63ff4f251d80d-2.jpg&s3=19470-2833-6bff692ba693bb6d61340ef5512bf110-1134x1134.jpg
2022.11.30 (Wed) Release
“That’s cheating.”
[Image 4d19470-2833-143d62285313b23b3113-3.jpg&s3=19470-2833-bd0c706ffb206a65fff0ebb9177acf23-1500x1500.jpg
Delivery link:
■2022.09.21 (Wed) Release
Delivery link:
Yuka “Bestie” Music Video
Yuka “Bestie” Music Video (Fan Made Ver.)
■2022.06.22 (Wed) Release
“Stamp Rally”
Delivery link:
■ 2022.04.20 (Wed) Release
Delivery link:
Yuka “Partner” Music Video
URL: ■ 2022.03.23 (Wed)
“Marry me”
Delivery link:
Yuka “Marry me” music video
■2022.02.16 (Wed)
“Birthday Song -2022 ver.-”
Delivery link:
■ 2021.5.4 (Tue)
Digital Single “Ichirenboshi”
Delivery link:
Yuka “Ichirenboshi” music video

Started playing the piano and singing at an early age.
Since the age of 18, he has been active as a singer-songwriter mainly in Osaka. By publishing photos and videos on Instagram, he gained followers from influencers and empathy for the gap between his favorite chatter and appearance, and so far, about 120,000 people (*as of August 2022), mainly of the same sex. Get followers.
Including followers of other SNS, the number of registrants is about 250,000 or more. In addition to following and interacting with artists, he is also supported by people who are active in various fields, such as follow-up and talks with famous athletes and Instagrammers.
Digital releases were distributed for three consecutive months from February to April 2022, and the distribution single “Partner” released in April, which was the third song, has 40 million total streaming views, 10 million music video views, and total SNS views. It recorded 1.3 billion times and ranked first in the LINE real-time ranking and became a big topic on SNS. After that, in June, the EP “Stamp Rally” was released, and “Yuka One-Man Tour 2022 “Stamp Rally”” was held in four locations nationwide: Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka. Released in September 2022, “Bestie” surpassed 1 million streaming views in just one month.
Official website:
Instagram: @yuka__song
TikTok: @yuka__song
Twitter: @yuka__99
YouTube channel Details about this release:

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