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Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. Advertisement for special glass humanoid “Ishiyama”!

Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.
Advertisement for special glass humanoid “Ishiyama”!

Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, President: Motoharu Matsumoto) welcomed a special glass humanoid “Ishiyama” as a fictitious new employee from December 21, and developed new graphic advertisements and video advertisements. I’m here.

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“Ishiyama, a special glass humanoid who joined Nippon Electric Glass. Glass, a material that mankind has known since BC, begins his somewhat unusual life as a member of society in order to explore its
possibilities. 』
― Glass isn’t just plate glass and containers. By adding special performance and functions to glass, it is a slightly sci-fi existence that can bring about innovation in IT equipment, automobiles, medicine, construction, and energy fields.
This is an advertisement series in which Ishiyama, a humanoid who embodies science fiction and wears special glass made by Nippon Electric Glass all over his body, discovers our company’s desire to “create the future with special glass.”
■ Details are as follows.

Title: “This glass, a little science fiction.”
Period: Late December 2022 to late January 2023
Media: YouTube video ads, newspaper ads, websites

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■ About Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.
Nippon Electric Glass is a world-class special glass manufacturer headquartered in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture.
Specialty glass can be transformed into plates, tubes, threads, powders, etc., and can give new properties and functions to products. The glass produced by our technological capabilities and knowledge that we have refined over our 70-year history has received high acclaim in a wide range of fields, from everyday life to the cutting edge of industry.
Nippon Electric Glass Co., Ltd.
2-7-1 Seiran, Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture
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