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Nippon Otis Elevator Co., Ltd. Nippon Otis awarded “Silver” in “PRIDE Index 2022”

Nippon Otis Elevator Co., Ltd.
Japan Otis awarded “Silver” in “PRIDE Index 2022”
Nippon Otis’ Efforts to Promote a Comprehensive Work Environment Project Recognized

Nippon Otis Elevator Co., Ltd. ( (President: Thibaut Lefébure, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as Nippon Otis) is a voluntary organization work with Pride that supports sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+. In the “PRIDE Index 2022”, which evaluates the efforts of companies, etc., we received the “Silver” award. Otis Japan is a Japanese subsidiary of Otis Worldwide Corporation ( (NYSE:OTIS), a global leader in elevator and escalator installation, installation, maintenance, and refurbishment. .
“As a global company, Otis draws strength from employees with diverse cultures, races, generations, genders, sexual orientations/gender identities, and skill sets. We continue to work tirelessly to promote the environment, and we are very honored to have our efforts in Japan recognized externally,” said Thibaut Lefébure, president of Nippon Otis.
At Otis, we believe that diversity is our strength to innovate, connect, grow and thrive together in a higher, faster and smarter world.
This award marks an important step in Otis’ commitment to social justice, Our Commitment to Change ( To build and maintain a workforce that reflects the diversity of our customers and communities, Otis strives to create a work environment in which all employees feel comfortable speaking up, welcomed and heard. In 2013, Otis Japan launched the “Japan Otis Diversity Council” (now called the Japan Otis Diversity & Inclusion Council) and has been working to promote an inclusive work environment. So far, we have held online seminars by internal and external instructors to support LGBTQ+ inclusion, promoted understanding of LGBTQ+ in internal and external communication, and an anonymous speak-up system that allows employees to report their concerns in the workplace. Various efforts have been made, such as the introduction of In 2022, we will revise our employment regulations to allow same-sex partners to receive welfare benefits such as nursing care, transfer, and public congratulations and condolence. We also held a seminar on LGBTQ+ allyship for all employees. *Allyship: Support and support for LGBTQ+ activities Nippon Otis will continue to work toward building a more inclusive work environment where all employees can exchange opinions openly and demonstrate their individuality.
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About the PRIDE index
The PRIDE index is an index that the voluntary organization work with Pride ( evaluates the efforts of companies related to sexual minorities such as LGBTQ+. In the PRIDE index, the efforts of companies, etc., are divided into five axes: Declaration of Action (Policy), Community of Persons (Representation), Awareness Activities (Inspiration), Personnel Systems/Programs (Development), and Social Contribution/Public Relations Activities
(Engagement/Empowerment). , and evaluated in three stages: “Gold,” “Silver,” and “Bronze.”
About Otis
Otis gives people the freedom to connect and thrive in a higher, faster, smarter world. Otis is a world leader in the manufacture, installation, maintenance and refurbishment of elevators and escalators. We maintain more than 2.1 million elevators and escalators worldwide, the most in the industry, and approximately 2 billion people use Otis products every day. In addition to representative buildings around the world, Otis products are installed in various places related to the movement of people, such as residential and commercial facilities and transportation facilities. Headquartered in Connecticut, USA, 68,000 employees, including approximately 41,000 field professionals, respond to the diverse needs of customers and users in more than 200 countries and regions. For details, please refer to ( Also, follow the hashtag @OtisElevatorCo on LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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