Nisshin OilliO Group Inc. Introduction of Biomass Boiler at Sakai Plant

Nisshin OilliO Group Co., Ltd.
Introduced a biomass boiler at the Sakai Plant
~Reduction of CO2 emissions by approximately 485 tons per year through the use of energy from by-products~

The Nisshin OilliO Group, Inc. (President: Takahisa Kuno) has formulated “Environmental Targets 2030” and is working to “prevent global warming, build resource recycling, conserve plant
resources/nature, and promote environmentally friendly development.” I’m in. In order to carry out these initiatives intensively and efficiently, from January 2021, we will verify measures to reduce CO2 emissions and implement environment-related technologies with an eye to the future under the Sakai Plant Sustainability Center concept (*1). We are.
As part of these efforts, we have newly installed a biomass boiler at the Sakai Plant to prevent global warming, and will start from January 2023.
Start working. By using biomass such as by-products and recovered oil generated in the refining process of vegetable oil as carbon-neutral energy, we will reduce CO2 emissions by about 485 tons (*2) annually. [Image


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