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No longer retro “Heisei” culture

Nippon Cultural Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
No longer retro “Heisei” culture
A program report of “Dancing Heisei Retro” (Nippon Cultural
Broadcasting) focusing on Heisei culture that teens pay attention to has been released

Cultural Broadcasting broadcast “Dancing Heisei Retro” from 19:45 on December 29th. This program looks back on Heisei culture, which is currently attracting attention mainly among young people, through fashion, music, language, and communication tools. What is the charm of “Heisei Retro”, the center of attention of teenagers?
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Garakei that gathered
This program was introduced by Nippon Cultural Broadcasting announcer Sayuri Matsui, who spent her middle and high school years from 2004 to 2010, looking back on Heisei retro culture. There are Heisei retro items such as “loose socks”, “purikura” and “Tamagotchi”, but the “garakei” is a symbolic item of this era. I can’t say enough about the memories of Garake.
Matsui: This time, we will focus on “garakei”, and we will announce and explain the words that teenage girls may not know. In the first place, the word Garake was used after smartphones came out. Until then, it was called “Keitai”. Galapagos mobile phones have come to be called “Galakei” because they are “out of step with the world trend”, but the things that are “different from other countries” and “only in Japan at that time” are the current teens. I think it attracts women’s hearts.
Matsui: Until now, I thought that Garake was an abbreviation for junk mobile (laughs).
Matsui: First, the “strap”!
Matsui: The flip phone had a hole for a strap, and a string was passed through it to attach stuffed animals and beads. I packed 10, maybe 20, what I thought was “kawaii”. A lot of people were wearing straps that were much larger than their cellphones, and that’s what made them feel attached. So there was a sense of value that was different from the compactness of today’s smartphones! In addition, I made the surface of the flip phone glitter with stickers and made it myself, and the time to show it to each other was indescribably fun.
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Anna Matsui dressed in the fashion of the time
In addition, sweet and sour words that remind you of those days such as “email protection”, “infrared communication”, “reverse paka”, and “center inquiry” will appear one after another. In the introduction of Heisei gal culture, “loose socks”, “egg (magazine)”, “pager”, “Namie Amuro boom”, etc. are nostalgic! Those in their 20s and 30s who feel that way are emo! It was delivered to those in their teens who feel that way, and to all those who love Heisei.
With radiko’s time-free function, you can listen up to one week after the broadcast.
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