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Noguchi Kanko Management Co., Ltd. Kohantei/Nonokaze Resort Go to Toyako Onsen using HOKKAIDO LOVE discount in 2023! !

Noguchi Tourism Management Co., Ltd.
[Kohantei/Nonokaze Resort] Go to Toyako Onsen using HOKKAIDO LOVE Discount in 2023! !
Accepting reservations for check-in from January 10, 2023 to check-out on March 31, 2023!

HOKKAIDOLOVE discount application has been extended! You can stay at a great price next year 2023 ♪
The Hokkaido nationwide travel support HOKKAIDO LOVE! Discount, which was released on October 11, 2022,
Extended sales will also be decided at Toyako Onsen Toyakohantei and Nonokaze Resort!
Sales start: 12:00 on December 22, 2022
Accommodation period: October 11, 2022 (Tuesday) to March 31, 2023 (Friday) *Discounts are not applicable from December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) to January 9, 2023 (Monday).
The two hotels have started selling extended plans that apply the HOKKAIDOLOVE discount.
-What is “HOKKAIDO LOVE! Discount”-
It is a nationwide travel support project in Hokkaido, and the above target period is
20% off the accommodation fee *+ A travel discount system that gives you a coupon worth 2,000 yen on weekdays and 1,000 yen on weekends. * The maximum discount amount is 5,000 yen for accommodation tour products with transportation, and 3,000 yen for accommodation only products.
▼Regarding the handling of the “HOKKAIDO LOVE! Discount” business▼
*Applicable to plans with the description “-HOKKAIDO LOVE! Discount target plan-“.
* It will end as soon as the distribution upper limit is reached. ☆★The Lake View Toya Nonokaze Resort☆★
Nonokaze Resort was reborn on October 1st this year.
From Nonokaze Club, where you can experience a high-quality stay, and Spa Resort, where you can enjoy a casual stay.
You can customize your own room and meal type.
We have 3 types of meals in total.
~Lake View Buffet Restaurant Fespo~
From the floor-to-ceiling windows, you can see the beautiful scenery of Lake Toya and Mt. Yotei. A buffet style where you can enjoy as much of the seasonal menu as you like while gazing at the superb view. [Image 1d19483-562-9ddb0a08caa4da7d6a5d-5.jpg&s3=19483-562-e1e85d29f5782418b93e7a6480e40c8e-3900x2600.jpg
Lake View Buffet Restaurant Fespo
~Nonokaze Saryo, a private dining room~
Authentic Japanese cuisine prepared by a Japanese chef. The menu changes with the seasons, and we offer carefully selected seasonal ingredients in the most delicious condition. All seats in the restaurant are private rooms, so you can spend your time without worrying about the people around you.
[Image 2d19483-562-e1ca822c778122be712d-8.jpg&s3=19483-562-7a1c6722397c43af2f2a6c46564667f0-3072x2048.jpg
Private dining room Nonokaze Saryo
~French Kaiseki N・Vague~
We will deliver a completely new “food” hospitality that has never existed before, combining the essence of French cuisine with the Japanese beauty and techniques unique to “kaiseki cuisine”. Partitions are installed in all seats in a calm and modern venue.
A style where you can spend an elegant and special time in a spacious and luxurious space.
[Image 3d19483-562-25ca70c3ee41664799f3-7.jpg&s3=19483-562-cb22d8c0a55e3d3949e9cce42603e8c4-3900x2600.jpg
French Kaiseki N・Vague
We especially recommend the ‘Executive Twin Room with Observation Hot Spring Bath’.
You can always enjoy a hot spring bath with free-flowing hot springs while gazing at the spectacular view of Lake Toya from the comfort of your room.
[Image 4d19483-562-7b031c1fd44ddab19051-2.jpg&s3=19483-562-a0d3c1e4609aba0f38f5224eca8ad41c-3900x2600.jpg
Nonokaze Resort ~Executive twin room with hot spring bath with a view~ Click here for reservations The HOKKAIDOLOVE discount will end as soon as it runs out. (*Conditions apply) Please contact the hotel for details.
☆★Toya Kohantei☆★
You can enjoy a magnificent view from the lobby facing Lake Toya. From the large public bath on the 9th floor, the top floor, you can overlook Lake Toya, and at night you can enjoy a luxurious bath while looking up at the starry sky.
Toyako Onsen is also called ‘Netsu no Yu’, which has a high thermal effect and keeps you from getting cold after bathing.
[Image 5d19483-562-88b69e716b9b1d5f99f3-0.jpg&s3=19483-562-02cfda5655da45f45730c65c1f463b6c-1616x1080.jpg
Toya Kohantei – Open-air bath in the sky
We have amusement areas for all guests to enjoy, such as karaoke, hot spring table tennis, and billiards.
Price: Karaoke 1 hour… 1 person @ 550 yen Hot spring table tennis 30 minutes… 1 table @ 550 yen Billiards 30 minutes… 1 table 550 yen Please use it to make memories of your trip to Toyako Onsen. [Image 6d19483-562-501db672b3ea7558c47a-1.jpg&s3=19483-562-6185737ea3823c6acb406b19438e7e66-3900x2600.jpg
Toyakohantei ~playground karaoke~
Click here for reservation =plan&is_day_use=false&adults=2&kids_tiers=%5B%5D&room_count=1 *Kohantei will be closed from January 8th to February 10th for renovation work. In addition, Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks 2023 will be held for 10 days only. You can see an entertainment show interwoven with music and fireworks. [Image 7d19483-562-ab315a57e4a24c71e69c-4.jpg&s3=19483-562-2ef040fc6eb664bfa40288a1c2c13d3c-3872x2592.jpg
Toyako Onsen Winter Fireworks
Period: From February 3, 2023 (Friday) to February 12, 2023 (Sunday) Time: 20:30 ~ approx. 5 minutes *May be canceled in case of bad weather. Venue: Toyako Kisen Headquarters Pier (3 minutes walk from Kohantei, 1 minute walk from Nonokaze Resort)
We are looking forward to your visit.
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