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Noguchi Kanko Management Co., Ltd. The arrival of winter with food and alcohol ~ 2022 winter Sansuiro hospitality dinner ~

Noguchi Tourism Management Co., Ltd.
The arrival of winter with food and alcohol ~ 2022 winter Sansuiro hospitality dinner ~

Sansuiro SANSUIROU (673 Miyakami, Yugawara-machi, Ashigarashimo-gun, Kanagawa Prefecture/Manager Kazuo Tanaka)
It’s December, and it’s the season to feel the end of the year. In line with the changing seasons, Sansuiro SANSUIROU in Okuyugawara started offering winter menus from December 8th (Thursday).
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This year’s winter menu expresses the essence of winter with dishes associated with famous writers associated with Yugawara.
We also have a wine and sake pairing course that matches the food, so you can enjoy the combination of food and sake.
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For an aperitif, we offer a Moscow mule using kumquats from Sansuiro’s original cocktail “Kumkan Memories”. It is a fruity cup using seasonal kumquats, and you can feel the taste of winter.
The appetizer is Sansuiro’s specialty “Homemade Yuba & Pumped Yuba”. Please enjoy comparing two types of yuba, one with a unique texture and the other with a fluffy texture.
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For the hot pot, we offer “Suruga Bay Monkfish Hot Pot”.
Our head chef specializes in salted chicken, so you can enjoy the monkfish soup stock and vegetables. The pairing wine is Montes Limited Selection Unoakted Chardonnay. It has a fresh, well-balanced and clean taste, so you can enjoy it without disturbing the taste of monkfish hotpot.
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For dessert, we have prepared 4 items such as zenzai dumplings and coffee shop-style coffee jelly with motifs of famous writers and writers related to Yugawara.
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Among them, we recommend the “Mikan and Yuba Shortcake-with Mikan Miso and Baked Mikan”, which won the highest award at the Noguchi Kanko Group [N-1 Grand Prix Winter 2022].
The sponge dough, which is kneaded with mandarin oranges and soy milk, has the scent of mandarin orange, and the cream, which is a
combination of soy milk and Sansuiro’s specialty, yuba, is smooth and the scent of soybeans spreads throughout your mouth.
“Izu mandarin orange wine” is available for pairing. Enjoy the sweetness and aroma of tangerines with tangerine shortcake with a sweet dessert wine that is pleasant to the palate.
*There are 4 types of pairings that do not include dessert wine, and 5 types that include dessert wine, and 2 courses.
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In addition, a winter hospitality dinner set with plenty of seasonal ingredients and a wine and sake pairing course.
Please enjoy extraordinary food and sake at Sansuirou.
Sansuiro Original Cocktail “KINKAN MEMORIES”
Sansuiro’s specialty “homemade yuba” served with a special secret sauce ~Grated Turnip & Named Mushrooms~
-A total of 7 items with themes such as Yugawara and nearby memorial halls, popular facilities, scenery, temples, entertainment, history, nature, etc.-
“Grilled tofu & deep-fried couple cooking”
“Pork shabu-shabu & cabbage wakame with plum sauce”
“Red Turnip & Jakono Tsubaki Temari Sushi”
“Ai wa Namero” made with horse mackerel from Sagami Bay
“Smoked scallops, cheese and quail egg longevity pintxos”
“Marinated sea bream ~ Earl Gray scent ~”
“Simmered Sagami Bay Mejina & Ginger and Green Onions”
[First bowl]
Hot! Hokkaido Hokke Atka mackerel – grated daikon radish –
Sashimi – all locally sourced! Assortment of 5 kinds of sashimi from Sagami Bay and Suruga Bay
Roasted Barracuda from Sagami Bay with Yuzu Ponzu Jelly
Sea bream from Suruga Bay with homemade roasted sake
Sagami Bay gurnard ~with chef’s special Tosa soy sauce~
Shrimp from Suruga Bay ~as is (lemon flavor)~
Suruga Bay offshore bluefin tuna with chef’s special Tosa soy sauce 【pot】
Winter taste tradition “Monkfish hot pot from Suruga Bay” ~Seasoned with salted chicken bones~
-Monkfish, Anko liver, Chinese cabbage, carrots, green onions, mizuna, grilled tofu-
~Taste strange (change the taste) seasoning “Yuzu pepper” as you like ~ [Strong dish]
A historical hero of Yugawara Town who appeared in the 2022 NHK historical drama “13 people of Kamakura-dono”
“Dohi Sanehira” Legendary Steak Set
“Beef sirloin steak” with 3 kinds of sauce
“Potato Salad with Smoked Salmon”
“Octopus & Tomato Palate Soup”
[Meals, soup bowls, pickles]
Hokkaido brand rice “Yumepirika” pot-cooked rice
Deep-fried yuba made with red miso from Kyoto and miso soup with Shogoin turnip Seiroku cauliflower marinated in mustard, Seiroku kokeshi radish pickled lightly, Hokkaido yacon marinated in miso
Hokkaido Sandfish Marinated in Nanban Noboribetsu Fujisaki Wasabi Garden Wasabi Kombu
[Dessert & Japanese tea]
-Sweet sweets and famous Japanese tea tours with motifs of authors and works related to Yugawara-
Rogue writer Ango Sakaguchi used to eat dumplings when he lived in Kiryu City, Gunma Prefecture…”Zenzai Dango”
Ryunosuke Akutagawa’s famous short story “Mikan”, where the scene where his daughter throws mandarin oranges is impressive…”Yugawara mandarin orange & yuba shortcake”
Ice cream and strawberries often appear in the novels of Junichiro Tanizaki, who was called a “food devil”… “Strawberry ice cream” If you read “Coffee and Renai” by Bunroku Shishi, a writer from the Showa era, you’ll fall in love with coffee…”Retro coffee shop-style coffee jelly”
I wonder if the tea-loving great writers and writers drank this tea… Saitama Prefecture’s “Sayama Tea”
-An example of pairing-
[Appetizer] Champagne (made in France) Varieties: Pinot Noir + Meunier + Chardonnay
[Sashimi] Sake (produced in Kanagawa Prefecture) Raw rice: Yamada Nishiki [Hot pot] White wine (from Chile) Variety: Chardonnay
[Strong dish] Red wine (produced in the United States) Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon
[Dessert] Dessert wine (produced in Shizuoka Prefecture) Variety: Shizuoka Prefecture Mandarin Orange
≪Sansuirou SANSUIROU winter accommodation plan≫
Please make a reservation here for a plan with a winter pairing course! [Winter menu starts from December] Winter kaiseki meal served in a private dining room x pairing-with red wine gift privilege-
In addition to having a pairing course in the meal, it was also selected as the “Winery of the Year 2010” included in the course, “USA California Duckhorn Decoy Cabernet Sauvignon” 2019” is a plan with a souvenir.
Click here for accommodation reservations ⇒

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