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Non-Profit Organization Aoyama Design Forum “ADF Design Award 2023” December 30th deadline is approaching! It’s not too late yet! A chance to win a total of 100,000 US dollars and spread your wings to the world!

NPO Aoyama Design Forum
“ADF Design Award 2023” December 30th deadline is approaching! It’s not too late yet! A chance to win a total of 100,000 US dollars and spread your wings to the world!
A jury of 5 world-famous figures in the architecture and design industries will decide on each award, making it a great opportunity to showcase your talent to the world. The “ADF Design Award 2023” with a total prize of US$100,000 is waiting for your application.

This is an award for architects from around the world, and there is an award ceremony and exhibition in Milan.
“architectural design”
【Application period】
August 15, 2022 to December 30, 2022 (Japan time)
[Prize money] and [Supplementary prize]
The prize money is US$20,000 for the Grand Prize, US$10,000 for the Excellence Award by Category, and US$1,000 for the Encouragement Award by Category.
The Grand Prize and Excellence Prize winners will exhibit their works at the ADF venue in Fori Salone during the period of the Milano Salone International Furniture Fair, and plan to hold a reception party and other events inviting relevant parties to interact with them. We are also planning to exhibit the work at the ADF gallery space in Aoyama, Tokyo.
Selected as 5 celebrities in the architecture and design industry from around the world / in no particular order
Noriaki Okabe,
Akihisa Hirata,
 Marialisa Santi
Suzy Annetta Suzy Annetta,
 Ottavio Di Blasi
[Image 1

The deadline for the “ADF Design Award 2023” is approaching. In addition to the beauty of the surface of the design, the process leading to the adoption of the design is original and innovative, and the building is beneficial to humans and considers the environmental load.It is a new frontier in the world of architectural design. We are looking for architectural works from all over the world that are challenging the development of During the period of the world-famous Salone del Mobile, ADF will set up a venue in Forisalone and your work will be exhibited in Milan.
An opportunity to present your work to the world.
From the “ADF Design Award 2023”, the total prize money will be 100,000 USD, Also, don’t miss this opportunity to participate in a large-scale design competition with a significantly increased number of prizes. Please apply for this award.
[Image 2

“architectural design”
【Application period】
August 15, 2022 to December 30, 2022 (Japan time)
[Award Recruitment Category]
1. Hospitality : Hotels, casinos, theme parks, pavilions
2. Commercial & Office : Shopping Centers, Department Stores, Office Buildings 3. Education and sports: schools, research facilities, stadiums 4. Cultural buildings: theaters, libraries, museums, galleries, hospitals Five. Public buildings: government and civic buildings, airports, stations, ports
[Examination Criteria]
1. Beauty: Shape, color, detail, and material selection have artistic value. 2. Innovation: Responding to social changes, adopting innovative construction processes and pioneering designs using new materials. We are challenging ourselves to innovate under limited conditions. 3. Beneficial: The building is a sustainable building that is considerate of the users and the environment that it uses.
4. Locality/Culturality/Timeliness : Integration and differentiation with the region, superficial beauty that fits the contemporary and cultural background.
・ Grand Prize: USD 20,000
・ Category Excellence Award: USD 10,000
・ Category-specific incentive award: US$1,000
This year’s judges also include prominent figures in the architecture and design industries from around the world. The five confirmed judges are: (in no particular order)
Noriaki Okabe
[Image 3d39033-17-de5c1c1308c495e17afe-0.jpg&s3=39033-17-edcc64bba28d266881fa13a65569ffad-404x404.jpg
Noriaki Okabe Architecture Network Representative
architect. After traveling to France as a French government
scholarship trainee, he collaborated with Renzo Piano for 20 years. I was involved in the realization of the design of the Kansai
International Airport Passenger Terminal Building. After that, based in Japan, he worked on a wide range of designs from architecture to railway vehicles represented by the Odakyu Romance Car.
Akihisa Hirata
[Image 4d39033-17-13e07d9d8fdae3e45a53-1.jpg&s3=39033-17-9d62a86d14646401a8f6572304f8b670-375x326.jpg
Representative of Akihisa Hirata Architectural Design Office Born in Osaka in 1971. After working at Toyo Ito & Associates, Inc., established Akihisa Hirata Architects in 2005. Currently a professor at Kyoto University. Major works include “sarugaku”, “Ota City Museum and Library”, “Tree-ness House”, “Yatsushiro Citizens’ Museum of Traditional Performing Arts”. He has received numerous awards, including the Murano Togo Award and the Japan Institute of Architects Award.
Marialisa Santi
[Image 5d39033-17-d95e6d8219414ab2437d-2.jpg&s3=39033-17-15a13400d9a06549a1b2553c05f0e6c5-302x239.jpg
President of Milan Architects Foundation
Graduated from Politecnico di Milano. Worked with RSG on architecture and restoration projects for private clients and companies, including the restoration of Milan’s iconic Pirelli skyscraper. Since then, he has solidified his interest in the retail industry and has worked as a specialist in collaborating on international projects around the world. In 2012, together with Giacomo Cristofori, he founded the Studio Cristofori Santi Architetti Association, developing retail and interior design projects around the world. In 2022, he becomes president of the Milan Architect Foundation.
Suzy Annetta
[Image 6d39033-17-fec765c506ea601a2688-3.jpg&s3=39033-17-010eaea167e8386a136831fa6c95267f-302x282.jpg
First editor-in-chief of Design Anthology Magazine
Founding editor-in-chief of Design Anthology, a Hong Kong luxury design magazine sold around the world, Susie Annetta is an interior designer from Melbourne, Australia, who has worked for numerous award-winning companies. I was. He is the first editor-in-chief of Design Anthology, which was launched in early 2014 and continues to grow internationally. The magazine is the only design magazine available in the Asian region, focusing on selected high-end projects by Asian designers locally or internationally. A European edition was published in 2018, followed by an Australian edition later in 2019. In 2020, the first full-length book was published in collaboration with Thames & Hudson.
Ottavio Di Blasi
[Image 7d39033-17-8945adcbf2a5386f8d0e-4.jpg&s3=39033-17-aec289d818ae3cc79fb4dee89a0e8b65-415x431.jpg
Representative of ODB & Partners Professor of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano
In the 1980s, he worked as an assistant to renowned Italian architect Renzo Piano, and in 1990 established ODB & Partners in Milan. Currently active internationally as Professor of Architecture at Politecnico di Milano, G124 (committee appointed by the Italian Senate dedicated to the Renaissance around Italy) Tutor, Lecturer at the University of Cincinnati, Member of the Scientific Committee of the Renzo Piano Foundation. .
The design stance is based on the vision that, through a canonical approach, architecture combines invention, emotion and ability to provide simple and humane solutions to a wide range of design problems. His recent major projects include the architectural campus of Politecnico di Milano (2020), SS Giovanni Station (2019), and Gorée, Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade (2019). We are looking forward to receiving wonderful works that will be sent to the world at Milano Salone, which is attracting the attention of the world.
Everyone is welcome to apply.
Application URL
Organizer: NPO Aoyama Design Forum
Contact: Ota
[Image 8d39033-17-b8ac0e53d4fec98d8598-5.gif&s3=39033-17-539d0f37c7096d2298515733a2e3b0c9-234x64.gif

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