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note has renewed its logo

note Co., Ltd.
note has renewed its logo
We will continue to lead the creator economy

note Co., Ltd. renewed the note logo design, motion graphics, and sound logo from Wednesday, December 21, and created a new original font. This renewal declares that note will evolve as a platform that everyone can use as a base for online activities.
The design of the new VI (visual identity), including the logo, is handled by Kenya Hara, representative of Nippon Design Center, who has worked on corporate brands that are close to people’s lives. The corporate logo will also be unified with the new service logo. [Image 1

About the new VIs
Design: Kenya Hara (Nippon Design Center)
(1) Logo design
[Image 2

(2) iOS/Android app icon
[Image 3

(3) Motion graphics and sound logo
Please listen below.
[Video 2:]

(4) note font *Original font
[Image 4d17890-159-9b7ca4257767e5d6c295-4.png&s3=17890-159-566f798f1f17f1a92bf82a541f936f42-2667x1396.png
(5) Development of the logo
[Image 5d17890-159-daa14ae4c169f3d1321c-5.jpg&s3=17890-159-b8b8e755de8ba08d32f8501244962d43-3900x2758.jpg
Please refer to the press kit below for the use of logo data.
Evolving into a platform that serves as an activity base for everyone note is a platform that everyone can use as an online activity base. Anyone can publish their own content, sell it for a fee, and by quickly providing a mechanism for creators to connect directly with fans, we have led the formation of the creator economy. There are already 5.5 million members and 40.66 million MAU (*1) (as of the end of August 2022), and many people are using it.
By renewing the design of the new logo mark from the
notebook-conscious design, we have made it in line with the reality that notebooks are used to create things such as manufacturing, art, games, sports, and all kinds of people’s activities. It contains the desire to support more diverse creative activities than ever before. *1: Abbreviation for Monthly Active Users, the total number of active browsers that access “note” at least once a month, including non-members.
The reality of the creator economy happening in note
note has so far been a “store” where creators list products sold on other EC sites on their own note and lead to sales promotion, and a monthly subscription system that allows fans and friends to support their activities. We have supported the activities of all creators by providing functions such as “membership” that can be received and the “Creator Support Program” that financially supports the activities of creators.
As a result, a total of 186 books (as of August 2022) were published as a result of posting on note, and the average sales of creators in the top 1,000 in annual sales on note was 6.63 million yen (as of October 2020). -November 2021 average), and the average monthly amount spent by paid content purchasers on note is 2,650 yen (June-August 2022 average), creating a large economic zone for note.
The culture of creators is one of Japan’s strengths that it boasts to the world. According to a survey by the Creator Economy Association (*2), there are approximately 8.22 million creators in Japan who are active through platforms. According to a report released overseas (*3), there are 50 million people in the world who identify themselves as creators, and the number of creators in Japan is equivalent to less than 20%. In addition, according to the same survey, the domestic market size of the creator economy is estimated at 1,357.4 billion yen, and it is expected to grow further in the future. note will contribute to improving the value of this creator culture that Japan boasts to the world.
*2 Source: Mitsubishi UFJ Research & Consulting “Survey Results on the Domestic Creator Economy”
( *3 Source: SignalFire “SignalFire’s Creator Economy Market Map” (
Comment from CEO Sadaaki Kato
Originally, note has adopted a white-based design with a lot of white space so that everyone can fully demonstrate their creativity. This time, at the timing of taking on the new challenge of listing, what should I do to get a wider range of people to use note? I consulted Mr. Kenya Hara of Nippon Design Center about that. That’s why I made this series of designs. I believe that nice clothes have the power to encourage people and change their behavior. We hope that creators will be able to use it more familiarly, and we would like to work hard to achieve our mission of “encouraging anyone to start and continue creating”. increase.
Comment from Mr. Kenya Hara, Nippon Design Center
About “note” VI design
I believe that today’s media literacy is not just a receiver of information, but a well-balanced transmission and reception of information. As a platform for such an era, I think that “note” is a service that will be supported with peace of mind. Therefore, we aimed for a logotype that is colorless, transparent, and unobtrusive, yet that can demonstrate reliable quality. “Like water” is also my design policy. In addition, although it is not for body text, we have created original fonts that combine bold and ultra light that can be used for service names and headings. The motion graphics and sound logo were designed to draw attention to the change in the letter ‘t’.
note is a media platform where creators can post text, images, audio, and videos, and users can enjoy and support the content. We value a safe atmosphere and diversity so that everyone can continue to enjoy creating. Both individuals and corporations are mixed, and the chances of finding something you like and meeting interesting people are expanding. Since the service started in April 2014, about 27 million works have been created. The number of members has reached 5.5 million (as of August 2022).
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● iOS app: -Android app: note Co., Ltd.
Our mission is to “make it possible for anyone to start and continue to create”, and we are creating a system for expression and creation. The media platform note supports all creative activities of creators. Creators publish their own content, receive support from fans and friends through membership, shops and brand owners introduce products in stores, and corporations and organizations use note pro to disseminate information. I am doing
Location: 〒107-0061 3-1-2 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Aoyama St. Zion Building 4F
Date of establishment: December 8, 2011 CEO: Sadaaki Kato Corporate site:

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