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Notice of winter holidays Reasons why diversity promotion company sales hacks with about 30 staff working fully remotely take long vacations

Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
[Notice of winter holidays] Reasons why diversity promotion company sales hacks with about 30 staff working fully remotely take long vacations
We will be closed for winter holidays for 12 days from December 24, 2022 (Sat) to January 4, 2023 (Wed).

Sales Hack Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative: Yuji Sasada), which provides full remote sales support for all employees, will be open from December 24, 2022 (Sat) to January 4, 2023 (Wed). We will be closed. There are two main reasons why we decided to implement a long vacation this time. This is to promote highly productive sales and create a work environment that promotes diversity. Inquiries received during the winter holiday period will be handled sequentially from January 5, 2023 (Thursday).
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Background of long-term leave
Business Hack will be closed for 12 days from December 24, 2022 (Sat) to January 4, 2023 (Wed). There are two reasons why we decided to introduce long-term leave this time.
1. Promote highly productive sales
The general winter holiday period in 2022 (Reiwa 4) is six consecutive holidays from December 29th (Sat) to January 3rd (Tue). So far, our company has been acting as a sales agent for more than 100 companies, but before holidays and long holidays, it is difficult to connect to the person in charge even if you call for a tele appointment, and the appointment rate is less than 1%. There is data out there. Even if you call to ask for your time when you are busy paying your bills, you will not be able to make an appointment, nor will you be able to connect with the person in charge. Therefore, we have decided to stop our sales activities before many companies go on holiday to avoid “unconnected calls”. We will strive to improve productivity, from sales that are just chasing numbers to sales that are particular about quality.
2. Create a work environment that promotes diversity
We have strengthened our recruitment activities this year and have increased 16 members in the year. As a result, the diversity of working members has progressed, with ages ranging from teens to 50s, gender, place of residence, and work style. As a company, we need to present work styles that promote diversity. This long vacation is part of that.
We will continue to promote the creation of a rewarding workplace by creating an environment where all members can work with peace of mind and by providing opportunities for ability development and skill improvement.
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Inquiries during holidays
Inquiries received during the holiday period from December 24, 2022 (Sat) to January 4, 2023 (Wed) will be handled sequentially from January 5 (Thu). We apologize for any inconvenience, but we appreciate your understanding and understanding.
Contact email form:
About Sales Hack Co., Ltd.
Sales Hack Co., Ltd. is a company that “helps double sales” and “reduces sales worries to 0”. Based on the experience of CEO Sasada, we believe that we can create an organization that sells by solving the lack of sales force, and we are doing sales management consulting. Since our founding in 2018, all employees have been working fully remotely, and we are looking for a work style that puts the life and career of each person first.
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-Sales agency and consulting to create a new development team from scratch-
-Eiken, an online training service that creates a self-propelled sales organization-
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For some time, all employees, including the representative Sasada, have been working on the operation of personal Twitter accounts, and on October 24, 2022, the total number of followers exceeded 20,000. ▼Press release▼
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At the competition to decide the best sales person in Japan held on November 19, 2022, Sasada, the representative, won a unanimous vote from the judges and became the 6th winner.
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【Company Profile】
Company name: Sales Hack Co., Ltd. (Kabushiki Kaisha Eigyo Hack) Location: 2F Hamamatsucho Dia Building, 2-2-15 Hamamatsucho, Minato-ku, Tokyo 150-0013
Representative: Yuji Sasada
Established: April 13, 2018
Business: Sales consulting and agency support business

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