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NOX launches “NFT PRINT” where you can order canvas prints of NFT art by connecting to your wallet

To everyone in the press
NOX launches “NFT PRINT” where you can order canvas prints of NFT art by connecting to your wallet
Domestic top NFT projects 10 collections become official partners
NOX (Tomigaya, Shibuya-ku), which supports the introduction of WEB3 for companies, produces NFTs, and operates NFT galleries, has a service “NFT PRINT” that allows you to print your own NFT art on canvas by connecting to a wallet from a smartphone or PC. ” has started accepting.
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So far, we have produced in response to requests from NFT projects, creators, and exhibition organizers, but we have received favorable reviews from many customers, so we hope that general NFT holders can easily order. I went to
[Features of NOX canvas prints]
A 30 cm square high-definition canvas panel. Luxuriously printed on canvas fabric with 6 colors of ink using twice the usual amount. In addition, clear paint was sprayed and hardened with high heat to bring out the luster and saturation. The main body is made of wood, and the fabric is wrapped not only on the sides of the panel, but also on the back, giving it an elegant finish. The main body is light, so you can easily decorate it in your living room or bedroom.
【How to buy】
1) By connecting a virtual currency wallet such as METAMASK from the dedicated site “NFT PRINT”, a list of NFT arts owned by you will be displayed. (You cannot order NFTs that you do not own)
2) Select the work you want to order and make a payment. (Apple Pay or credit card)
3) It will be delivered to your home in 1-2 weeks.
[Production example]
You can put any text on the side of the canvas, such as the project name or work name.
[Image 2

[NFT PRINT Partner]
If you print the NFTs of the following NFT PRINT official partners, you can order at a discount of 2,000 yen. *The NFT is automatically determined by the contract ID, and the discounted price is displayed on the payment screen.
■ Flower Lolita
■ Neo Samurai Monkeys
■ Neo Tokyo Punks
■ NounSNUG
NFT’s professional team. From the launch of the NFT project to Web3 development, community management, and physical exhibition support, Web3 engineers, community managers, and marketers who are active at the forefront of “NFT” will support the NFT business of companies in all directions. We are seriously pursuing to make the world more enjoyable by utilizing NFT.
▼ About the operating company
NOX is the NFT business of F Kogei Co., Ltd. F Hirogei has been in business for 45 years. We are a specialized company that handles everything from design to construction of signs for commercial facilities, digital signage, LED vision, etc. We handle about 3,000 projects annually nationwide.
▼ Inquiries regarding this matter
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