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NPO Earth&Human x Re Terra(R) Release of original eco-subbags that return to the earth

Tsukamoto Corporation Co., Ltd.
[NPO Earth&Human x Re Terra(R)] Release of original eco-subbags that return to the earth
Eath&Human official website, on sale at Kabukiza B2F Kobikicho Square
Tsukamoto Corporation (Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo; President: Jiro Momose) has developed a specific compost biodegradable material Re Terra (R) in collaboration with the NPO Earth & Human, whose representative director is Danjuro Ichikawa. ) is released as an original eco-sub bag.

~2050 The biggest challenge in human history.~
We will deliver to everyone with the message of Earth & Human that “2050 (carbon neutral) is the first challenge in human history.”

[Image 1d43932-27-73c7e1485f4b983357a6-6.png&s3=43932-27-b9f8d8d3de42af1d80a3317c0b7684ee-2200x1479.png
The colorful “Earth&Human” characters are handwritten by
representative Danjuro Ichikawa Hakuen.
■ Tote bag type (length 45 cm x width 39 cm, handle 44 cm)
・No gusset
・Color: Beige
*It becomes a postcard size when folded.
■Material: 100% polyester
■ Sales price 4,000 yen (tax included)
■ Shipping fee: Flat rate of 370 yen (tax included)
On sale at Kobikicho Square on the second basement floor of the Kabukiza Theater * If you would like to purchase on the official website, please apply from the following URL.
We will get back to you with information on fees and bank details.

NPO Earth & Human
[Image 2d43932-27-ed11af1a136174d0da0a-0.png&s3=43932-27-e61e9384e0f05c5f977cf6c9bea0a4aa-1745x1033.png
In order to pass on the beautiful nature and culture of the earth to the children of the future, we support awareness-raising activities to convey the wonders of nature and culture, educational activities to learn about environmental problems, nature conservation activities, and people working to solve environmental problems. and conduct activities to promote cooperation. An NPO (Specified Non-Profit Organization) that aims to realize a sustainable global environment that is the foundation of human life through these activities. Danjuro Ichikawa Hakuen, who has been working on activities to pass on the beautiful natural environment to the next generation, serves as the representative director.
For future children.
[Image 3d43932-27-240c5b241a40e1fd06b7-1.png&s3=43932-27-8ffbd36bcb9e9ab185a26fd032d8a64e-750x489.png
In recent years, there has been no end to global environmental problems such as climate change. Due to abnormal weather and various environmental destruction, precious nature is being damaged all over the world. These things also affect the human culture that has been nurtured over many years with nature.
“Isn’t there something I can do for you?”
In Japan and around the world, NPO Earth & Human engages in
awareness-raising and educational activities for learning and sharing, tree-planting activities to increase greenery and grow forests, and nature conservation activities.
In addition, we will support challenges to solve environmental problems and create opportunities to realize their ideas in society. Representative Director
Ichikawa Danjuro White Monkey
What is Re Terra (R), a material that returns to the earth?
Reterra is a new biodegradable material in which approximately 30% of the thread component is made from sugar cane-derived vegetable polyester. It is decomposed into water and CO2 in approximately 12 months by microorganisms in the soil (compost under a specified environment). Polyester.
Currently, 95% of the approximately 500,000 tons of clothing waste generated annually in Japan are incinerated or landfilled. In contrast to such general incineration disposal, it is possible to obtain a CO2 reduction effect of approximately 40% by using Reterra to compost and circulate clothes. Tsukamoto Corporation develops a wide range of eco-friendly materials, from daily wear such as T-shirts and polo shirts to uniforms, with a focus on appearance.
[Image 4d43932-27-a4ea8f2db7ecfbc1b1af-2.png&s3=43932-27-0b8cd7ae6b2225c6d29a1c43306faec5-1058x1058.png
[Image 5d43932-27-1e4d1f99a233991a1982-3.jpg&s3=43932-27-4c09d18747ea1281c08561fbff612a2a-3900x2601.jpg
-Compost conditions-
・Humidity: 51%
・Medium compost temperature: 57-80 degrees
・pH: 8
-Time required for biodegradation-
about 1 year
-Decomposition process-
First step: hydrolysis
・Microorganisms in compost secrete enzymes
・Enzyme, water, and fermentation heat act on Litera
・Hydrolysis occurs and the substance becomes low-molecular
Second step: biodegradation
・Microbes biodegrade low-molecular-weight compounds
・Exhausts water and carbon dioxide through microbial metabolism Company Information/Contact
■ About Litera
Tsukamoto Corporation New Business DIV
Location: Tsukamoto Building 1F, 1-6-5 Nihonbashi Honcho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0023
TEL: 03-3279-4830
Company HP:
About the sale of Reterra Eco Sub-Bag
NPO Earth & Human
Location: Ginza Ohtake Residence 2F, 1-22-11 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061 Official website:
*Please contact us from our website.
Details about this release:

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