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N’s Company Co., Ltd. Limited time Notice of increase in “Softbank Hikari” campaign cashback benefits

Dear media,
N’s Company Co., Ltd.
[Limited time] Notice of increase in “Softbank Hikari” campaign cashback benefits
~ No complicated conditions! Cash back will be presented in the shortest 2 months! ~

N’s Company Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Naomichi Hashimoto; hereinafter referred to as “our company”), an authorized SoftBank Hikari agent, will offer a cashback of 37,000 yen to new SoftBank Hikari customers. However, we have increased the cashback amount to 38,000 yen.
▼《N’s Company Softbank Hikari Application Site》
◇ Our Softbank Hikari Campaign: Benefit A ◇
[Image 1

For those who have applied for “Softbank Hikari” from our company and selected [Benefit A],
We will give you cashback
*The amount of cashback will differ depending on whether you apply for “new”, “conversion”, or “change operator”.
▼ Benefits
new application
⇒Cashback JPY 38,000
Application for conversion to another company/change of business operator ⇒ Cash back 15,000 yen
▼Presentation timing
Cashback: the end of the month after the billing start month ◆ Our Softbank Hikari Campaign: Benefit B ◆
[Image 2

For those who have newly applied for “SoftBank Hikari” from our company and selected [Benefit B],
Cashback and new! We will present the 6th generation Wi-Fi router ♪ ▼ Benefits
new application
⇒Cash back ¥33,000 + brand new! 6th generation Wi-Fi router
(Model number: BUFFALO WSR-1800AX4B)
▼Presentation timing
Cashback: the end of the month after the billing start month Wi-Fi router: Shipped in about a week after confirmation of connection Review from our Softbank Hikari user☆Mi
[Image 3d75987-14-cba5bd054a2997192a33-2.png&s3=75987-14-319dfc1d645eeb70275205508f09dc77-689x176.png
[Image 4d75987-14-1e85ce4bdb50b317945c-3.png&s3=75987-14-6555b09206685c957171f63b4d598baf-1018x119.png
Limited to customers who have made a contract through us, from application to use
We have a review system where you can post your impressions. This is the first attempt among many agencies, and it is equipped with a Twitter-linked system.
You can see the opinions of genuine real customers, not Sakura! Thanks to you, we have received 5,051 and more than <<5,000The voices of customers who have actually signed up are for those who are thinking about applying.
I think it’s going to be an important judgment material! ◎
If you are considering applying, please take a look!
▼《Our SoftBank Hikari Review Site》
Three reasons why our SoftBank Hikari campaign is highly evaluated♪ Our SoftBank Hikari campaign has been well received by many customers. There are three main reasons for the evaluation.
■Cashback will be presented in as little as two months!
At other companies, there are many cashback rewards after 6 months at the earliest and 12 months at the latest.
We will transfer the money by the end of the month after the next month after the billing start month. (Example: If the billing start month is January, the transfer will be made at the end of March). ■ Easy cashback application procedure!
Our “cashback application method” is to avoid “forgetting to receive” due to complicated procedures.
We have an easy application process!
When you call to apply, the operator in charge will ask you for the account number of the transfer destination over the phone, and the application will be completed.
If you are using a smartphone, you can also register with a dedicated form by SMS.
■Cashback is presented without optional subscription!
The biggest merit of applying for our company is “early cashback reward and option subscription unnecessary”! !
We do not encourage you to subscribe to optional services by forcible solicitation or trial.
Our company does not require any optional subscription and is eligible for cashback benefits, so please apply with confidence.
★ \ 6 years in a row! / Received a letter of appreciation from SoftBank Corp.! ★

[Image 5d75987-14-ba8d7d24060021901c68-6.png&s3=75987-14-266af20b03c1cee8f0dfe65e6270e5ac-526x91.png
SOFTBANK CORP. is an agency that contributes to increasing the number of customers of SOFTBANK HIKARI,
We have established a system to evaluate and award agents that are excellent in customer service (low number of complaints, etc.). In order to receive consecutive awards from SoftBank Corp., all employees and each customer,
With the motto of “Customer First” to serve customers sincerely and politely, there is a background that we are working hard every day! We have built a safe and reliable window so that you can feel good about applying at N’s Company.
Please feel free to use it♪
Softbank official campaign
In our SoftBank Hikari campaign, our original campaign and SoftBank official We are holding two major campaigns! ! If you apply for SoftBank Hikari from us, Both our original campaign and Softbank official campaign are eligible, so it’s a great deal! ◎
◎ Softbank Hikari Hajimeyo 10 Giga! 20,000 yen cash back
If you newly apply for SoftBank Hikari during the acceptance period and meet all the conditions for provision,
This is an official campaign to cash back 20,000 yen (ordinary exchange)! [Image 6d75987-14-c409e78cb3cc57543594-7.png&s3=75987-14-cf3e4c9ac6319e487e4ec61ae118cb1e-330x153.png
・Click here for
details– ◎ Softbank Hikari Construction Cost Support First Discount
Customers who do not use fixed broadband lines of other companies or mobile broadband lines of other companies
If you newly apply for SoftBank Hikari,
This is a campaign that offers discounts from the basic monthly charge according to the type of line construction.
[Image 7d75987-14-7e5dba2c5ac1826b4a09-8.png&s3=75987-14-8c3b03c1ef59e9a904664ab7af4c7e5d-334x150.png
・Click here for
details– ◎ Softbank Hikari Transfer new discount campaign
New SoftBank Hikari contract by switching from other companies during the campaign period,
Customers who meet the applicable conditions will receive a discount equivalent to the construction cost from the basic monthly charge. [Image 8d75987-14-68f68182a55290f5e0b4-9.png&s3=75987-14-d76ce010dc8034d017bb10ed099670ca-329x153.png
・Click here for
details– ◎Softbank Hikari Anshin Transfer Campaign
For customers who meet all applicable conditions, according to the cashback setting amount set by SoftBank Corp.,
We will cash back up to 100,000 yen for other companies’ penalties and removal costs! !
[Image 9d75987-14-0381287a1735296f0a17-10.png&s3=75987-14-ce993e3331c86a30cf7ae11241bdaea0-325x148.png
・Click here for
details– ◎ ADSL users only Softbank Hikari line construction fee free campaign Transfer from target ADSL (White BB, Enjoy BB, Nexyz.BB) to SoftBank Hikari It is a campaign that the line construction cost will be free. [Image 10d75987-14-93de11d3590c6becff19-11.png&s3=75987-14-5a394dcf3adc07d5b9c061c948912ce6-328x142.png
・Click here for
details– ◎ Home Discount Hikari Set Start Campaign
For customers who have subscribed to the Home Discount Hikari Set and fulfilled the application conditions, such as submitting a certificate of cancellation fees for other companies,
A total of 10,450 yen will be discounted from the monthly
communication charge equivalent to the cancellation penalty for other smartphones and mobile phones.
[Image 11d75987-14-5fd4e074cb86b4665a76-12.png&s3=75987-14-7a81a638dacbce1e9bf37bb27ebfdb63-323x154.png
・Click here for
details– ◎ SoftBank Hikari pre-opening rental
For customers who do not have an internet connection until SoftBank Hikari opens,
This is a service that provides free rental of connection equipment such as Air terminals.
[Image 12d75987-14-5bc31f0b70b08bb1b6d6-13.png&s3=75987-14-282e22d1e8a4399f5a506e9015482a95-332x151.png
・Click here for details– ▼《N’s Company Softbank Hikari Application Site》
▼Company Profile
Company name: N’s Company Co., Ltd.
Headquarters: 3-24-3 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0053 Shinjuku Three-K Building 3F
Date of establishment: July 23, 2009
Representative Director: Naomichi Hashimoto
Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications notification number: C1907221 URL:

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