NTC Co., Ltd. Started offering “Paperless to DX”, a DX promotion support service for manufacturing and logistics companies!

NTC Co., Ltd.
Started offering “Paperless to DX”, a DX promotion support service for manufacturing and logistics companies!
On-site DX promotion, AI introduction. The first step is to go paperless.
NTC Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Yukihiro Hamaguchi) is a manufacturing and distribution warehouse business centered on the site.
We have started offering the “Paperless to DX” service that proposes the promotion of DX.
Contact page https://www.ntc.co.jp/news/news-service/p2dx20221215 ================

Insufficient human resources, the site relies on veterans. We needed to introduce AI to solve it.
Logistics warehouses have a huge amount of work, and among them, the common issues for each company are “lack of human resources” and “personalized work methods”.
We have provided AI solutions for the following problems.
1. Systematization of routine work
The first thing I noticed was the large number of visual inspections. For products that cannot be affixed with barcodes, there is no other way but to visually check them.
In order to solve this problem, we have developed an “image
recognition AI” that automates the routine work that “humans” used to perform and greatly reduces operating time.
2. Inheriting veteran work to AI
Identifying difficult-to-distinguish products required expert judgment backed by experience, but it is possible to solve this problem with image recognition AI.
In addition, there are many other tasks that rely on veterans, other than those that require “image recognition AI” (for example, inventory adjustment in the warehouse, calculation of estimated shipping time for the day, etc.) business with unverbalized judgment criteria). Many of these personal business issues can be solved with the AI ​​that we propose for each company. Through these efforts, we will solve the problem caused by the shortage of veterans and support the new future of distribution warehouses.
AI is the key to promoting DX. However, there are two pitfalls in introducing AI.
When a company started with the introduction of AI, there were cases where even if the business issues that had become apparent were resolved, there were cases where wasteful work that had not been conscious of remained as it was, and cases where new problems occurred.
[Case 1] Even if AI is partially introduced, the improvement effect is small Even if the shipping inspection efficiency was improved by “Image inspection AI”, there were cases where the analog part other than the work where AI was introduced took a lot of work. For example, “After inspection, I write handwritten notes on the printed list and report it,” and “Rework occurs because there is no real-time coordination between the site and the office.”
[Case 2] Insufficient data for efficiency
Techniques for analyzing data have made remarkable progress due to the development of the AI ​​field, and although we have techniques to utilize them, the most important issue is the lack of “data for analysis.”
In order for AI to learn the work of veteran workers, various achievements and know-how for each company are converted into data, such as “image data” for inspections and “history of incoming and outgoing shipments by time” for inventory adjustments. I had to. In order to promote DX, “paperless with an eye on AI utilization” is essential! The first step in DX is building data with a view to going paperless. In addition to data construction support, we also provide services such as “data collection and analysis”, “extraction of problems”, “evaluation”, and “implementation of improvement measures” for companies that are not effective even if they introduce AI. We will support you from the perspective of process mining. We take a bird’s-eye view of the business flow, propose the optimal process design, and promote the customer’s DX.
“Easily on-site” Realize three benefits just by taking the first step toward going paperless!
1. Visualization of work status and history
・Check the actual product inspection and shipping status in real time. → You can also grasp the progress of each product and each work place at a glance.
・Electronic history is used to track inspection checks and the presence or absence of unloaded cargo.
→ We can respond smoothly to inquiries from customers.
2. Reduction of staff operation by paper output
・Reduction of operating time for output other than material cost reduction such as printing paper and ink
・Reduction of travel time between offices and warehouse sites where printing equipment is located.
・Reduction of cross-check operations using handwritten checklists. 3. Easy collection and confirmation of management data
・Data extraction from product images, coordination with core systems such as WMS data and sales management data, process management and operation time measurement, etc. Organize necessary data by going paperless (data digitization).
→ You can shorten the time to search and collect data that needs confirmation. At NTC, we propose DX and AI solutions that suit our customers. NTC proposes DX promotion that suits our customers by making use of our experience so far.
Based on paperless introduction support, we can propose effective AI solutions that are close to logistics manufacturing, so please feel free to contact us.
In addition, the ultimate goal of promoting DX is to create new value that is different from existing operations.
Although we are not focusing on this time, we will propose not only efficiency but also data management and utilization methods in anticipation of new value provision after introduction, and provide ALL IN ONE support from the first step to the end. I’ll take it. Finally, we are also looking for partner companies that have effective products for new value creation. If you have any products that you would like to introduce, please contact us below.
Contact page https://www.ntc.co.jp/news/news-service/p2dx20221215 ================
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