Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. A new service for 550 yen per month that supports the daily life of the chil d-rearing generation! December 6th, “Odakyu ONE Passport Family Package” service launch

Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd.
A new service for 550 yen per month that supports the daily life of the child-rearing generation! December 6th, “Odakyu ONE Passport Family Package” service launch
-Providing special offers such as watching notifications at stations and in the city and participating in events that support the growth of children-

Odakyu Electric Railway Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, President: Koji Hoshino) will offer a service for members of the community-based service platform “ONE” on Tuesday, December 6, 2022 for a monthly fee of 550 yen including tax. The “Odakyu ONE Passport Family Package” will be available as a service, which includes applications for members-only events that support the growth of children and a watch-notification service centered on stations. [Image 1d12974-1085-97d6baeaa187b0ca5150-0.png&s3=12974-1085-2d001c4d14f1ea4c4c6d41202dd0f704-1024x512.png
Odakyu ONE Passport Family Package Poster
This service is a new service that is useful every day for those raising children along the Odakyu line, mainly for parents with children from preschool to junior high school age. Three types of services are provided at a fixed monthly fee. .
With the Mimamori Notification Service, special detectors installed at stations on the Odakyu Line and in specific locations detect the “biblle tag” carried by children and notify them of passage
information by e-mail. Since you can link up to five “biblle tags” to one ONE ID, you can send your child off without worry.
For experience-based events that support the growth of children, you can apply for regularly held events limited to monthly members, and apply advance reservations and preferential prices for some of the widely recruited family-friendly events hosted by our company. At the limited event at the time of service launch, we will carry out “announcer experience (J: COM) where you can learn how to make news”, “environmental program to learn by touching coral”, and “little photographer VSE photo session”. In addition to experiencing live broadcasts of reports from the Romancecar Museum on J:COM “LIVE NEWS”, there are events that encourage growth, such as learning about environmental issues while touching corals at the Inoka Coral Reef Lab, as well as Romancecar VSE ( 50000 series), and we are planning a photo session that can be enjoyed by parents and children who can participate in preschool children. We will continue to hold programs with various partners from February onwards.
In addition, you can use stroller sharing “Share Buggy” and bicycle sharing “HELLO CYCLING” several times a month free of charge, as well as admission to the Romance Car Museum at a discounted price. I’m rooting for you.
[Image 2d12974-1085-1e34b969cac385a5332a-1.jpg&s3=12974-1085-58e236cab1d49b3f1454903ee23257c7-3900x2925.jpg
event image
Based on the “Child-rearing Support Policy” formulated in November 2021, we are promoting initiatives that are close to the child-rearing generation, such as “Children’s IC fare 50 yen” and “Odakyu’s child-rearing support car”. Going forward, we will continue to support the growth of children with partners who agree with our policy, and aim to create “railways that are easy to raise children”.
Details of the “Odakyu ONE Passport Family Package” service are as follows. Record
1 Name
Odakyu ONE Passport Family Package
2 Service start date
Tuesday, December 6, 2022
3 Overview
・This is a new service for ONE members with a monthly fee of 550 yen (tax included).
・This service is intended for preschoolers to junior high school students and their guardians.
・Applications are accepted from the official website
URL https://one-odakyu.com/passport-family-package
– Service 1 – Reassurance delivered by e-mail! Mimamori Notification Service ・A service that allows you to monitor location information and activity history by sending e-mail notifications by detecting the “biblle tag” that your child is carrying with a dedicated detector installed at a specific location, including each station on the Odakyu Line. is
・One ONE ID can be associated with 5 dedicated tags, and multiple notification email addresses can be set.
・200 original design tags are available. As the first campaign, you can purchase up to two at 980 yen (including tax and shipping), and from the third onwards, the regular price of “biblle” is 4,070 yen (including tax and shipping).
・As of December 6, 2022, the detection area*1 is from Shimokitazawa Station on the Odakyu Odawara Line to Sagami-Ono.
Stations, Enoshima Line all stations, Tama Line all stations. (Detectors installed in commercial facilities around Odakyu Tama Center Station, which are installed as part of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Tama Innovation Ecosystem Promotion Project,” will operate until February 28.)
*1 Even at the listed stations, there are places outside the detection area. More information can be found on the official website. By the end of fiscal 2023, the target area will be all stations on the Odakyu Line, and the scope of monitoring will be expanded to include schools, etc., in addition to stations.
-Service 2- Support your child’s growth! Experience
events/Participatory planning
・ In addition to regularly holding monthly member-only events * 2 that lead to the growth of children, you can participate in advance reservations and preferential prices at some of the events for children that our company sponsors and recruits widely.
*2 Some events require a separate participation fee
・ Event information will be announced sequentially on “Odakyu ONE Official LINE” and “FunFan Odakyu” (The event schedule as of the release date is as follows)
[Image 3d12974-1085-bef57cfd2d49e0d9ca5b-2.png&s3=12974-1085-5a26ab9bae3a8b0a2107c3ae2b69aca7-937x507.png
[Image 4d12974-1085-1f4d5d22b168a9d2ad1d-3.png&s3=12974-1085-fcd3dc922920796a3ba63716ff90d266-928x403.png
-Service 3- Abundant benefits! passport coupon
・You can use the stroller sharing service “Share Buggy” for 3 hours at a time, up to twice a month.
・You can use the share cycle “HELLO CYCLING” for 30 minutes at a time, up to 3 times a month.
・ You can use the unlimited use plan of the umbrella sharing service “Aikasa” ・You can use the mobile battery rental service “Jitsuren” up to 3 times a month. ・You can enter the Romancecar Museum at a discount of 100 yen for adults and children, and 50 yen for infants (limited to members of this service and accompanying family members).
・Advance viewing tickets (cinema tickets) for Aeon Cinema can be purchased at a preferential rate of 1,300 yen.
・Regarding the “Odakyu Odekake Points,” which are given to children using the Odakyu Line on weekends and holidays, there are usually 1 point per ride, but 5 points per ride.
* Details such as terms of use can be found on the official website. In addition, contents may be changed
* Passport coupons are worth up to 3,500 yen per month
4 First-time benefits/opening campaign
In addition to the first month free, only for applications from December 6, 2022 (Tuesday) to June 30, 2023 (Friday), the usage fee for the 2nd and 3rd months will be paid with Odakyu points after the payment for the 3rd month. Back (1,100 points will be given) *Valid only once per person
5 Inquiries
ONE site inquiry window
E-mail one.info@odakyu-dentetsu.co.jp
that’s all
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