Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture Recruitment of companies entering the industrial park has started! “Okuma Central Industrial Base”, close to work and home, fostering next-generation technology and industry

Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture
[Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture] Recruitment of companies entering the industrial park has started! “Okuma Central Industrial Base”, close to work and home, fostering next-generation technology and industry
Top-level subsidies and preferential treatment in Japan! Application period: December 14 (Wednesday) to December 27 (Tuesday), R4
It is the future innovation production area.
“Okuma Central Industrial Base Recruitment Start”
Application period: From Wednesday, December 14, 2020 to Tuesday, December 27 [Image 1

In Okuma Town, Fukushima Prefecture, from December 14, 2022, we will start recruiting 10 sections for the third phase of the “Okuma Central Industrial Base” (hereinafter referred to as the industrial base), an industrial park close to work and home.
We have a top-level subsidy system in Japan, including subsidies of up to 3 billion yen. We look forward to receiving applications from a wide variety of companies that can create a new Okuma town together. ●Points of Okuma Central Industrial Base
Top-level subsidies and preferential treatment in Japan
excellent transportation access
Inexpensive rental price. (80 yen/m2/year)
Comprehensive support system for corporate location

1. Top-level domestic subsidies and preferential treatment
In Okuma Town, you can receive domestic top-level subsidies and preferential treatment related to business location.
*Example of subsidies (as of December 2022)
“Independence/repatriation support employment creation location subsidy (location support project for manufacturing and service industries)”
[Target industries/businesses]
Manufacturing (1 decommissioning, 2 robots/drone, 3
energy/environment/recycling, 4 agriculture, forestry and fisheries, 5 medical, 6 aerospace), service industry, etc.
[Subsidy target]
Land acquisition costs, capital investment costs, etc.
[Auxiliary upper limit]
Maximum subsidy limit of 3 billion yen (5 billion yen if the evaluation by the third-party committee is particularly high) Subsidy with a maximum subsidy rate of 4/5. (Subsidy rate for large companies: maximum 3/4)

2. Location with excellent transportation access
Okuma Town is located almost in the center of the Pacific Ocean side of Fukushima Prefecture, and has good access to air and sea
transportation such as Fukushima Airport, Sendai Airport, Onahama Port and Soma Port. It takes about 1.5 hours by car to Sendai in the north, and about 3 hours by car to Tokyo in the south, which can be accessed from the Okuma IC via the Joban Expressway.
[Image 2

3. Inexpensive rental price. (80 yen/m2/year)
The rental price is available at a low price of 80 yen/square meter (year). Because it is a rental property, it is possible to reduce costs such as tax burden related to land acquisition and ownership. [Image 3

4. Comprehensive support system for corporate location
We have established a dedicated department (company invitation section) to provide comprehensive support from expansion to
post-operation follow-up. In collaboration and cooperation with the prefecture, Fukushima Innovation Coast Initiative Promotion
Organization, Fukushima Soso Reconstruction Promotion Organization, etc., various “seminars” and “events” related to business location are held for business operators.
■ Business schedule
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/113293/table/1_1_21d3a679e74f8b2bcdff42a1eaf8fda7.jpg ]
● About “Okuma Central Industrial Base”

[Image 4

The Okuma Central Industrial Base is about 1 km from JR Ono Station in the town, which is highly convenient for transportation, and is being developed as an industrial base that is close to work and home. As a place to nurture next-generation technology and industry, we aim to accumulate companies.
10 lots currently available (approximately 7.15ha)
[Image 5

■Overview of the industrial park “Okuma Central Industrial Base” Name: Okuma Central Industrial Base
Location: Shimonokami, Okuma-machi, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture Use area: unspecified
Current status: Under construction (partially in use in 2022) Site area: 13.3h
Land area: 9.09h
Rent price: 80 yen/square meter (year)
Rent: Rent Only
Water supply: retractable
Water supply: tap water, groundwater
Drainage: public drainage

Click here for details of the public offering
Okuma Town HP: [Open recruitment] We are looking for companies located in the Okuma Central Industrial Base (for the 3rd term).

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