One Acre Co., Ltd. Party game “Party Boxx” service started! Collaboration with popular artist “Repezen Foxx”!

One Acre Co., Ltd.
Party game “Party Boxx” service started! Collaboration with popular artist “Repezen Foxx”!

One Acre Co., Ltd. (Reading: One Acre, Headquarters: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Representative Director: Kensei Orimo) is jointly developed with Toridori Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Takayuki Nakayama, hereinafter toridori). We are pleased to announce that the service of the party game “Party Boxx” has started today on December 10th. In addition, as a special collaboration project to commemorate the start of the service, a game featuring the popular artist “Repezen Foxx”, who has over 3.6 million YouTube channel subscribers, will open from today.
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◆Party game “Party Boxx” service launched
“Party Boxx” started when Toridori’s Mr. Nakayama sympathized with Orimo’s desire to develop a party game that can be played by multiple people. As development progressed, the game style of this work had a high affinity with the activity style of “Repezen Foxx”, so we thought that it would be suitable for a special collaboration project to launch the service, which led us to this point. In addition to participating in the collaboration project, “Repezen Foxx” provided their music for the BGM of the entire game, making it a work where you can fully feel the groove of “Repezen Foxx” from the game.
The gameplay of this work is very simple and intuitive due to the nature of the party game. It is a specification that “losing” is always decided unique to party games. The rules are simple, and we have prepared a variety of mini-games where you can feel the fun in just 30 seconds.
The game can be played for free, but if you register for a
subscription, you will be able to play all 15 games without
restrictions by releasing the Utage no Hajime pack and the “Repezen Foxx” collaboration pack. In the future, we plan to have the second and third collaborations with artists and influencers, and we plan to add several new games every month.
It’s a quick and fun game that’s easy to play, and it’s an artist collaboration with a good vibe. It’s a title that’s perfect for the time when people gather, so please try playing it when you get together with your friends and acquaintances.
Official site:
◆ “Repezen Foxx” collaboration held
Starting today, we will hold a collaboration where “Repezen Foxx” will appear in the game. There are 3 collaboration games in total, and it is a must-see for fans because it is very fun to see the
representative members moving comically. The collaboration with “Repezen Foxx” is scheduled to be held in the second and third installments.
*Subscription registration is required for collaboration gameplay. [Image 2

◆I can talk with the representative! ? Release campaign held To commemorate the start of the “Party Boxx” service, we have prepared a gift related to “Repezen Foxx”. The special gift is a lottery ticket that allows you to have a 5-minute online conversation with one of the representatives. Don’t miss this opportunity to talk with your favorite members. In addition, there are limited hoodies and wallpapers. Please feel free to apply.
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-Present campaign overview-
Period: December 10, 2022 to January 15, 2023
Application period: December 10, 2022 to January 15, 2023
Prize content: 5 minutes online conversation with one of your favorite representative members, representative hoodie, wallpaper
*Subscription registration and official LINE registration are required to apply for gifts.
*The announcement of the winner will be replaced by the official LINE notification (only the winner).
◆Overview of “Party Boxx”
[Table 3: ]
◆What is “Repezen Foxx”?
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“Repezen Foxx” (abbreviation: Repezen) is a Japanese music group, an artist and YouTuber active in Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and other parts of the world. It consists of five people from Fukuoka
Prefecture, centered on the leader DJ president, and is active mainly on video sharing services such as YouTube.
◆ Toridori Co., Ltd. Company Profile
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With the mission of “Being the leader of the ‘individual era’,” toridori offers various services specializing in influencer marketing (influencer marketing platforms with 280,000 PR results, ‘toridori marketing’ and ‘toridori base’, one of the largest in Japan). is a marketing company that provides influencer performance-based advertising “toridori ad”, YouTube consulting “toridori studio”, and brand launch support “toridori made”).
In an era where everyone has a social networking service (SNS) account and the influence of individuals drives society, we provide services that maximize the individuality of influencers and use them for corporate promotion by making full use of their own networks. I’m here.
Trade name: toridori inc.
Location: 28-1 Maruyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Representative: Takayuki Nakayama
Established: June 1, 2016
Phone number: 03-6892-3591 (representative)
Business description: Influence platform business
▼ Company website:
▼ Influencer marketing platform “toridori marketing” official website:
▼ YouTube consulting “toridori studio” official website:
▼ Influencer performance-based advertising “toridori ad” official website:
▼ Brand launch support “toridori made” official website:
▼ Influencer tie-up advertisement “toridori promotion” official website:
◆One Acre Co., Ltd. Corporate Profile
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1 acre is 4000 square meters. It may be difficult to give joy and excitement to everyone on the wide earth. However, our mission is to be a presence that gives joy and excitement to everyone who is related to us, such as users and collaborators within our One Acre.
The main business is an advertising agency business centered on TikTok marketing and account management. In addition to this, we are developing games and operating beauty salons. By operating TikTok and marketing games and beauty salons in-house, we are able to provide highly reproducible know-how.
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