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One click to the Metaverse space Experience the Metaverse with “Mirai Walk” during the year-end and New Year holidays. Get limited NFT & benefits by walking in the space and talking.

General Incorporated Association One’s place
[One click to the Metaverse space] Experience the Metaverse with “Mirai Walk” during the year-end and New Year holidays. Get limited NFT & benefits by walking in the space and talking.
-Introducing cutting-edge examples of WEB3 at Japan NFT expo in Metaverse-
In Mirai Sanpo, you can experience the [action] Metaverse, not the [just watch] Metaverse.
[Image 1

At the “Japan NFT expo in Metaverse” held from Saturday, December 17, 2022 to Sunday, January 15, 2023, One’s place, a general incorporated association, will participate in the DAO (Distributed Autonomous Organization) that hosts this EXPO. )・As a member of “BizDAO”, I planned an event using new technology, “Mirai Walk in Metaverse”. Overview of “Mirai Walk”
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\\Let’s enjoy “Mirai’s Walk” in the Metaverse space during the year-end and New Year holidays//
During the “Japan NFT expo in Metaverse” period, you can get limited * NFTs and luxurious benefits by “taking action” at the venue. *NFT= (Non-Fungible Token) means “non-fungible token” and is digital data that cannot be tampered with.
As well as those who are familiar with new technologies,
・”I’m interested in the Metaverse, but it seems difficult…” ・”I want to do something new and fun at the end of the year” ・ “The real world is getting a little suffocating”
It is a plan that such people can enjoy.
Specifically, I would like you to experience three actions,
walk around
Enter the space and shoot with VR goggles
By doing these actions, you can get 3 types of NFTs.
In addition, illustrations of Fuji, hawk (thunderbird), and eggplant are drawn on each of the three types.
Of course, even one GET is a lucky charm.
If you collect the 3 NFTs of Mt.Fuji, Hawk (Thunderbird), and Eggplant, you will surely get a big fortune in 2023!
Below are the details of each of the three actions and the NFTs and benefits you can get.
1: Commemorative NFT limited to 100
[Image 3

Period: 12/17 (Sat) from 10:00 until sold out
★ Features: Experience walking around the Metaverse. You can also experience warping between metaverses before reaching the goal. 2: Find the Metaverse hide-and-seek BizDAO Bear!
[Image 4

Period: Depends on the benefit  Ends as soon as they run out First round: 12/24 (Sat) ~ 4 people
Assorted rice cakes or the popular book “Shin NFT Strategy” for 2 people each ~From Metagri Research Institute~
2nd round: 12/27 (Tue) ~ 5 people
◆Ramen mail order set for 5 people ~From Fujiyama 55~
3rd: 1/1 (Sun) ~ 5 people
A free bowl of ramen at the shop for 5 people ~At Fujiyama 55 Nagoya Station West Exit~
Each bonus will be shipped after mid-January.
★Features: Experience conversations with people in the Metaverse. You need to speak out to receive NFTs.
3: Find the legendary sake “Raicho”!
[Image 5

*Participant limited plan with VR goggles*
Period: 12/17 (Sat.) to 1/7 (Sat.); winners who will receive actual sake will be announced on 1/8 (Sun.)
★Features: Wear VR goggles and experience Metaverse 89. I also want them to experience photography.
The degree of difficulty is also the highest, but the benefits are also gorgeous.
“FUN FAN NFT” makes it easy to get NFTs by * reading the QR code [Image 6

All NFTs distributed in “Mirai Walk in Metaverse” are web applications “FUN FAN NFT” (https://www.funfan-nft. com/lp).
■ About “FUN FAN NFT”
It is a web application that realizes NFT offline experience. Various businesses such as artists, event organizers, stores and facilities can create NFTs and provide them to visitors through QR codes. Visitors can enjoy the event through “NFTs that can be received on site”. We support the provision of new entertainment and effective and continuous customer attraction. Under the management of Startbahn Co., Ltd. and its group company Art Beat, the blockchain infrastructure “Startrail” for art is used.
* “QR Code” is a registered trademark of DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED. Venue
To go to the venue, just click the URL from your PC. During the period, you can feel free to visit regardless of day or night. In addition to PC, you can also visit with a smartphone application or tablet. VR goggles (meta quest) will give you a more realistic experience.
[Image 7

Exhibition hall on the metaverse
At the EXPO venue, nearly 40 business-specific NFT projects that represent Japan will be exhibited, providing an opportunity to explore the possibilities of all fields in the coming WEB3 era.
[Image 8

Venue 2 “BizDAO town”
In addition, at the second venue, “BizDAO town,” works by VR artist Tipoo, as well as art works by people with disabilities created by the general incorporated association Social Art Lab are on display. Aren’t you afraid of the metaverse? Let’s walk around with simple operation. The venue for this EXPO is the Metaverse platform “Spatial”. Moving your body in the Metaverse is not as difficult as you might think, and I would be happy if people visiting the Metaverse for the first time could experience it as if they were playing a new game. [Image 9

Operation on PC
[Image 10

“1st Japan NFT expo in Metaverse”
Event period: December 15, 2022 (Sat)-January 15, 2023 (Sun) Entrance Fee: Free
▼ Official website
*If you register as a visitor from the website, we will inform you of carefully selected information and zoom seminar information that will be useful in the future web3 era. If you are considering doing business with WEB3 in the future, please register.
▼ Direct access to the Metaverse exhibition hall * It may take some time to load when many people enter at once. ▼ Click here if you cannot enter from the above link Zoom seminars introducing services by exhibitors are being held one after another during the period!
Viewing is free, but advance reservations are required. We look forward to your participation.
Planning and operation by a new organizational form [DAO] ~ About “BizDAO” ~ [Image 12

“BizDAO” is responsible for the planning and operation of this exhibition. “DAO” is attracting attention as a new organizational form for the coming web3 era.
■ What is DAO?
DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) is translated as “decentralized autonomous organization”.
Rather than traditional top-down decision-making, this is an organization in which there is no representative to lead the organization, and decisions are made among participants. Currently, the number of DAOs is gradually increasing in Japan, but the reality is that many of them are launched by charismatic people such as famous marketers and businessmen, and are operated by those people. There is also an opinion.
On the other hand, “BizDAO” is “Isn’t it possible to do something by gathering “ordinary people”? ] was launched in September this year. When we were creating our hangout on the Metaverse, a member who was always eager to study muttered, “Since we have this much space, I want to introduce Japan’s amazing NFT projects to everyone!” I was. The total number of members is about 90, and each of them, rather than a single leader, has been working towards the holding of this exhibition on their own initiative. In addition, the age and gender of the members are diverse, and their residences are spread all over Japan and around the world. project is this exhibition.
About General Incorporated Association One’s place
Established in 2018. A company that gently creates a “place” for everyone. Activities with the desire to “lower the threshold” of various things.
Utilizing the knowledge gained through real estate management, rental space, and art gallery management, he is also expanding into the Metaverse as a member of “BizDAO”.
General Incorporated Association One’s place
Location: 1879-3 Moroiso, Misakicho, Miura City, Kanagawa Prefecture ▼ HP
▼E-mail (Contact: Daiki Yoshii)
▼ Operating location
HANPA Moroiso

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