Online Garbage Pickup From 12/10 (Sat.) to 12/11 (Sun.), “Picking up GOMI!” will be held. Lost items are l ucky! The last event to end 2022 will be held.

NPO Ishintai UNESCO Club
[Online Garbage Pickup] From 12/10 (Sat.) to 12/11 (Sun.), “Picking up GOMI!” will be held. Lost items are lucky! The last event to end 2022 will be held.
GOMI Pickup is an online volunteer event that fosters compassion for others.
Pick up trash all over the country and share it on social media. Aiming to go around the world with the length of holding the hands of the participants. So far, we have collected more than 3,900 kg of garbage. More than 4,000 people participated. It is also attracting a lot of attention from corporate CSR, and participation as a corporate event is on the rise.
The Ishintai UNESCO Club (Chairman: Toshihiro Hamamatsu), an NPO that works on the theme of educating the next generation, held the 79th trash pick-up event, “My heart beats,” with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues and caring for others. GOMI Pickup” will be held online from December 10th (Sat) to 11th (Sun), 2022. In this initiative, participants pick up litter all over Japan at the same time, and by sharing photos of the litter they picked up on SNS, etc., participants got an opportunity to think together about picking up litter and caring for the people around them. produce.
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Heart-pounding! Picking up GOMI
Heart-pounding! About picking up GOMI
GOMI pick up” is an event that defines “a little bit of goodness for the earth and people” as “heart-pounding!” The purpose of the Ishintai UNESCO Club, which is involved in educational projects, is not only to collect litter scattered on the road, but also to create opportunities for many people to talk to each other and pick up litter at the same time. I believe that this will lead to the creation of people who care about the environment. We started this initiative in 2012, thinking that even if the power of each person is small, we can gradually increase compassion by gathering many people and repeating the number of times.
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▼Between the first event and the 78th
・Burnable garbage 2,135 kg
・1,668 kg of non-burnable garbage
・123.9 kg of cigarettes collected
・A total of over 4,133 people participated.
*Under the 79th tally
In addition, many students participate in the operation, and it is also a place where they can take on new challenges while interacting with people in different positions.
With the spread of the new coronavirus, such “Munekyun! Until then, it was difficult for people other than those living in the suburbs of Tokyo to participate, but now people from all over the country, from Hokkaido to Okinawa, are participating, making it an event that connects more diverse people than ever before. increase.
At the event, we are looking for a little thoughtful action that you would like to try for the people in your area or surrounding area, under the title of “Courageous and heart-pounding action!” For example, give up your seat on the train, warn someone who is littering, etc. The collected contents will be introduced on the official Twitter ( of “Munekyun! Picking up GOMI”.
We look forward to your participation so that more people will have an opportunity to think about consideration for others.
Flow of participation
1. Preparation: Please prepare garbage bags, tongs and work gloves by yourself. 2. Opening ceremony (December 10 (Sat) 10:00-): The opening ceremony will be held on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram below.
Twitter URL:
YouTube URL: Instagram URL:
3. Picking up trash: Between December 10th and 11th, pick up trash at a time that is convenient for you.
4. Post/share picking up trash: Post a photo of the trash you picked up, your height (or the length of your hand), and your impressions on SNS.
◆On Instagram, please post with the hashtag “#Munekyun GOMI pick up”. ◆ Alternatively, please send the above contents by e-mail to the secretariat’s e-mail address (
5. Closing ceremony (one week later): The closing ceremony will be held on YouTube and Instagram below, and the total amount of garbage collected by the participants will be announced.
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79th participants
About Ishintai UNESCO Club
The Ishintai UNESCO Club is an organization that works with the theme of educating the next generation. In addition to the trash-picking event “Mune-kyun! ” ( and a free self-study room with meals “STUDY CAMP” (
In recognition of our achievements, we joined the Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan on September 1, 2012. It will be the first NPO in Japan to join the association from an affiliated organization. [Image 4

[Group overview]
Organization name: Ishintai UNESCO Club
Chairman: Toshihiro Hamamatsu
Established: August 2008
Business: Environmental enlightenment activities and educational support activities
[Inquiries from those who wish to participate and companies] TEL: 050-7110-1820 (Weekdays 10:00-18:00)
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