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Online limited sale You can enjoy all 26 types of floral patterns! New release of coreless toilet paper & tissue paper box set “Smart Flower”

Corex Shinei Co., Ltd.
[Online limited sale] You can enjoy all 26 types of floral patterns! New release of coreless toilet paper & tissue paper box set “Smart Flower”
Achieving 53% off CO2 equivalent emissions, environmentally friendly
Corelex Shin’ei Co., Ltd. (head office: Fuji City, Shizuoka
Prefecture, President: Akira Kurosaki), which proposes “Japanese lifestyle paper” with its unique used paper recycling technology, has developed an eco-friendly floral-patterned coreless toilet paper ” “One Touch Fuwahana” – 70m double x 21 rolls – and tissue paper “Hana Ippai Tissue” – 200 sets (400 sheets) x 6 pieces “Smart Flower” (3,000 yen / tax included) New release. From November 30th (Wednesday), our EC site “Ma-kun’s Eco Shop” ( and Amazon ( /dp/B0BNHMFXS5).
[Image 1d112930-1-4f4e0fa7b732b59f02f8-0.jpg&s3=112930-1-ed9d293a71f7a07b26af4f0fc3adcc35-1116x560.jpg
■Achieved 53% off decabo score* in an environmentally friendly manufacturing process
In order to make effective use of limited resources, we manufacture 100% used paper toilet paper and tissue paper using our unique used paper recycling technology, and strive to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during the manufacturing process. I’m here. In addition, the introduction of a difficult-to-recycle used paper recycling system has made it possible to recycle miscellaneous papers and confidential documents that were previously incinerated. The “Smart Flower” toilet paper to be released this time has achieved a decabo score of “53% off”, which indicates the reduction rate of CO2 emissions equivalent to virgin pulp toilet paper. Direct sales only on the Internet will improve transport efficiency and further reduce CO2 emissions. [Image 2d112930-1-31646222e80cbdd7cb43-1.jpg&s3=112930-1-e010103503a0705621d9f0627967e4fa-549x251.jpg
* Decaboscore: The platform “Earth hacks” (, which promotes a decarbonized society, visualizes the CO2 equivalent reduction rate (CO2e) emitted by products and services. This indicates how much less CO2e is emitted by a product compared to products made using methods. Please refer to this website
( for details on Decabo Score. You can enjoy all 26 types of floral patterns
“Smart Flower” coreless toilet paper “One Touch Fluffy” and tissue paper “Hana Ippai Tissue” have a cute floral print. A total of 26 patterns (15 types of tissue) are available. Each of them will be delivered in a random box.
■ Pursuing quality and functionality
“One-Touch Fluffy Flower” creates a comfortable private space with a soft and luxurious texture due to micro-embossing, and a gorgeous scent that mixes various herbs. We also pursued quality and
functionality, such as film packaging that makes it easy to dispose of after use.
■ Delivered in a compact size despite its large capacity
One-touch Fuwahana rolls are 70m long, equivalent to 49 rolls of regular toilet paper (30m). There are 200 “Hana Ippai Tissues” per set, which is equivalent to 6.5 ordinary tissues (180 per set). This large capacity is packed into a compact size (width 340 mm x depth 328 mm x height 331 mm) that is convenient for stocking and storage. Through all business activities, Corelex Shinei Co., Ltd. will continue to actively work to achieve the SDGs, such as contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the reduction of the environmental burden caused by incineration.
Product Summary
◆ Product name: Smart Flower
◆ Set contents:
[Image 3d112930-1-7ec90afbc489c0e9ee3f-2.jpg&s3=112930-1-25da637d82dcce667341133dd6af32a6-1156x485.jpg
*Not all designs are included in one set.
* Since the design is randomly packed, there may be multiple cases of the same type.

◆Price: 3,000 yen -tax included- *Free shipping
◆ Release date: November 30 (Wednesday)
◆ Product homepage:
◆ Sales channel:
◎ Corelex Shinei Online Shop “Maa-kun’s Eco Shop”
◎ “Amazon”
* In addition, sales are planned for the “Earth hacks” EC site ( in the future.

Company Profile
■ Company name: Corex Shinei Co., Ltd.
■Representative: Akira Kurosaki, President and CEO
■ Location: 575-1 Nakanogo, Fuji City, Shizuoka Prefecture
■ Phone number: 0545-56-2513
■ Homepage:
■ Established: May 30, 1961
■ Capital: 27 million yen
■ Business: Manufacture of sanitary paper

Details about this release:

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