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Online Theater BSSTO New Year’s Holiday Special Invitation Project: Kentaro Ito’s short film “Okaerinasai” and other projects to respond to user encores start today! -Video comment from Kentaro Ito-

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Online Theater BSSTO New Year’s Holiday Special Invitation Project: Kentaro Ito’s short film “Okaerinasai” and other projects to respond to user encores start today! -Video comment from Kentaro Ito- Limited time until January 9th!

At “Brillia SHORTSHORTS THEATER OINLINE” (operated by Visual Voice Inc. / hereinafter BSSTO), which delivers short films from around the world selected by the International Short Film Festival Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia (SSFF & ASIA) every Wednesday. , The delivery of the year-end and New Year specials will start from today.
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The invited work will be “Okaerina Nasai”, a heartwarming drama set in snowy Aomori, starring Kentaro Ito, which was also screened at SSFF & ASIA 2022.
In addition, we will feature 4 works that have received many requests from users and will be distributed until January 9 (Monday / holiday). In addition, from January 4th of the new year, the Dutch heartful comedy “Sweet Rabbit”, which is related to the year of the rabbit, will be distributed.
All works are available online for free. Please enjoy the New Year holidays with short films.
★ New Year’s Eve Special – It’s winter, so I want to see you. Go to the person who warmly welcomes you.
Delivered from December 28th to January 9th
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“Welcome home” starring Kentaro Ito
Director: Toshimitsu Chimura/Japan/2022/27:50
Yudai Kato [Kentaro Ito], who was aiming to become a professional basketball player, lost his “dream” and visited the house of his grandmother Kiku [Hisako Okata], who lives alone in Tsugaru City, Aomori Prefecture. I gave up on my dream.
Contrary to the bitter cold of Tsugaru winter, the warmth of the chrysanthemums and the people in the neighborhood relaxes your heart. At that time, Yuudai notices that Kiku’s eyes can hardly be seen… -“Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!!” A video message from Kentaro Ito has arrived! ! –
[Video 2:] “Hello to all the BSSTO viewers. My name is Kentaro Ito.
The short film “Okaerinasai” is set in Aomori in winter. I would be happy if many people could see it this winter. Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! ! ”
Year-end and New Year Encore – How about taking a break when your life is at a standstill? ~ Delivered from December 28th to January 9th [Image 3d37516-166-a3eb817a6eccb39f53e5-3.jpg&s3=37516-166-52cfa7e4897153d6eaf2abf2726b3785-1280x720.jpg
“Emotional Fusebox”
Director: Rachel Tunnard / UK / 2014/15:00
Anna lives in a corner of her mother’s garden and makes videos with her thumbs. Her mother can’t help but persuade her to go outside, but…
New Year’s Eve Encore – Overcome Adversity! ~ Delivered from December 28th to January 9th
[Image 4d37516-166-47b0d7f0541f1252bce6-4.png&s3=37516-166-100fb28979a0313b38b3ce3f281e2c08-1920x1080.png
“Get Up Kinshasa! (Get Up Kinshasa!)
Director: Sebastien Maitre / France / Democratic Republic of the Congo / 2016 / 20:59
If you don’t polish your shoes, there’s no class! Ten-year-old Samuel has found his own way to survive.
Year-end and New Year encores ~ It’s annoying to make something new! ~ Delivered from December 28th to January 9th
[Image 5d37516-166-2ebd23a5693448785512-5.jpg&s3=37516-166-5af94c234f5e9cffb32fa0340327b12e-1600x1066.jpg
“The New Music”
Director: François Goetghebeur & Nicolas Lebrun / France / 2014 / 13:57 There are different styles in this world, but there is only one “music”. Tom and Vilma’s siblings hate “music” due to childhood trauma. When they grow up, they join the International Music Corporation and try to develop new melodies.
Year-end and New Year encore ~ ​​No. 1 emotional movie chosen by the staff. A pale and bitter story of an exchange student couple  Delivery from December 28th to January 9th
[Image 6d37516-166-520877ca05d6ebaf5a80-6.jpg&s3=37516-166-416a491d8022c143001dabc22b4c6a6c-1366x768.jpg
“An Early Summer”
Director: Lu Lu / France / 2012 / 16:48
A few painful summer days between international students from China. ~ Happy New EAR! ? A heartfelt comedy for the year of the rabbit ~ Delivered from January 4th to April 4th
[Image 7d37516-166-e4bf708d85101459f109-7.jpg&s3=37516-166-1a84dfbcf90735b70c2b7329709834aa-1494x869.jpg
“Sweet Rabbit”
Director: Camiel Schouwenaar / Netherlands / 2021/13:30
One day Janet’s ears turned into bunny ears! I ask the people around me for help, but no one cares.
[Image 8d37516-166-27b0e61583c28b20ca35-8.jpg&s3=37516-166-d7a4dca3867689ccd6db0a9763d6fa1e-705x635.jpg
● “Brillia Short Shorts Theater Online”
An online theater that distributes short films carefully selected by the international short film festival “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia” every Wednesday. It started in February 2018, taking over the brand of the short film specialty movie theater “Brillia Short Shorts Theater” which operated in Yokohama Minatomirai from February 2008 to December 2017. If you have a simple membership registration, you can always watch about 12 works for free.
Aiming to be an online theater that delivers wonderful movies to everyone’s daily life that teaches us the kindness and strength of human beings and hints for a rich life in a short time, we also publish articles that give hints on how to incorporate movies into your life. .

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