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Opened CANJO STORE’s second line CANJO STORE USED. Start selling used camping gear!

Camp Joshi Co., Ltd.
Opened CANJO STORE’s second line [CANJO STORE USED]. Start selling used camping gear!

It’s been convenient to have! Camping is more fun! [Canjo Store], which was opened as a select shop under the theme of [Canjo Store Used], will open [Canjo Store Used], which handles second-hand camping equipment and outdoor clothes.
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Camp Joshi Co., Ltd., which operates Camp Jo Store, also operates a rental store for camping equipment called Fukuoka Caprental. While renting out to customers, there are products that are still usable but cannot be rented. So, even though there are B items and repair marks on such products, if you pay attention, you can still use them! We have opened a specialty shop [Canjo Store Used] that collects such camping equipment. In the future, we plan to expand to purchase camping equipment and camping wear that everyone no longer needs. Camp Joshi Co., Ltd., which has led the camp culture, will create a cycle that does not produce unnecessary things and uses them until the end. [Image 1d46252-154-0d10713e8933b3251fd1-2.png&s3=46252-154-7c52fd3ddf6e3ade7662c2381782973d-748x72.png
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How to use Canjost Used
Canjo Store Use is scheduled to open in mid-December 2022.
We want to make sure that people who really want it can get it, so we will send the login password to those who have already registered as members.
Canjo Store Used Official Website: About the operating company, Camp Girls Co., Ltd.
[Image 2d46252-154-a262d53deb01f6356f4d-1.png&s3=46252-154-018b0e95a613ca009c3905f2e9c53548-693x235.png
It is an outdoor creation company that supports a brighter life through nature experiences, such as the camp women’s SNS media “Canjo”, the camping equipment rental “Fukuoka Camp Rental”, and the consulting service for campsites “Camp Partners”.
Representatives: Karen Hashimoto, Michihiro Shibagaki
Headquarters: 1-1-7 Kego, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture Founded: June 11, 2019
Business: Camp culture enlightenment business / camping equipment rental / campsite production
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