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Opened “Good Office Marunouchi by Tanita Shokudo”, a co-working space that supports the health of working people

Good Office Co., Ltd.
Opened “Good Office Marunouchi by Tanita Shokudo”, a co-working space that supports the health of working people
“Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo” reopens after renovation with a coworking space
Good Office Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Hiroshi Ryuzaki, hereinafter referred to as “Good Office”), which operates more than 800 co-working spaces in 47 prefectures nationwide, has added stock to the Good Office. We are pleased to inform you that the company Tanita Shokudo (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo; President: Tomonori Kamiki, hereinafter referred to as “Tanita Shokudo”) has joined and opened “Good Office Marunouchi by Tanita Shokudo”.
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A base for health promotion that supports diverse work styles and lifestyles “Marunouchi Tanita Cafeteria” opened in 2012 as a restaurant for the general public that faithfully reproduced the concept of Tanita’s employee cafeteria, and has been used as an “employee cafeteria” for business people working in Marunouchi.
On the other hand, as lifestyles change dramatically due to the spread of the new coronavirus, the way we eat is also diversifying. There are a certain number of people who refrain from eating at restaurants or who have lost the habit of eating out, and the needs for “food” are changing greatly. In addition, there are more options for working styles, such as the combination of office work and telework, and an increase in the number of people working on freelance and parallel work.
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Since its opening, “Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo” has adopted the slogan “Make Japan healthy from Marunouchi, where offices are concentrated”. This time, in response to the diversification of food needs and work styles, we have renewed it as a space that can provide “healthy meals” and “health awareness” together with co-working spaces, close to all workers.
Building the body of workers and starting corporate health management from a coworking space
“Good Office Marunouchi by Tanita Shokudo” is a coworking space consisting of 5 private rooms with different themes, 3 group private rooms that can be used by multiple people, and 20 seats in an open space.
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The five private rooms have five themes: “Relax,” “Energy,”
“Creative,” “Focus,” and “Collaboration,” each with a different aroma, lighting, office furniture and interior.
Themed private rooms where you can concentrate and relax will help you improve your work performance and condition your mind and body. In addition, if you use a private room, we will offer a set meal of the day at a discounted price.
Supporting individual body building
In terms of meals, we will start a service that proposes recommended daily set meals and side menus that provide the necessary nutrients based on the results of measuring with a professional body composition analyzer installed in the store.
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The three types of set meals offered at “Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo” are characterized by their nutritional balance, but the new service will support the development of the body according to each user. You can eat meals that suit your body in the store, and by using it regularly, you will be aware of your body and gain knowledge about nutrition.
Refresh yourself in between work at the “Health Lab”
Marunouchi Tanita Shokudo has a counseling space equipped with a professional-grade body composition monitor, and has provided health consultation services to many people since its opening. Along with this renewal, the space will be expanded as a “health lab” where you can stretch using the exercise goods “Tanita Size” and practice “Tanita Exercises*”.
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In addition to counseling by a registered dietitian, it can be used to relieve fatigue and refresh when using the coworking space. In the future, we plan to use it as a place to experience Tanita’s new products and services.
* “Tanita Exercise” is Tanita’s unique exercise program that allows you to perform 6 types of effective movements to relieve stiff shoulders and neck fatigue in a fun, easy and short time to light music. At Tanita, every weekday morning, employees are doing this for the purpose of relieving indefinite complaints such as stiff shoulders from office work and relaxing.
A coworking space that can meet all telework needs
“Good Office Marunouchi by Tanita Shokudo” is a co-working space that can be used for web conferences, meetings, and events, as it has private rooms for one person and private rooms for groups.
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A calm open space with greenery. The deep tables are equipped with power outlets at each seat.
[Image 7

Theme private room with advance reservation system. Each room has a different design, so you can choose a seat according to your mood. [Image 8

Complete private room with advance reservation system that can be used by multiple people. It can also be used when you want to concentrate on your work or as a place for web conferences.
[Image 9

Group private room available for 4 people. Because it is a completely private room, it is ideal for important meetings and business negotiations.
Making Japan Healthy from Tokyo Marunouchi ~Message from the Operation Manager~ [Image 10 ■ Features
・Directly connected from Subway Yurakucho Station “D1” Exit, Subway Hibiya Station “B4” Exit
[Number of seats]
・3 private rooms (1 room for 4 people, 2 rooms for 1-2 people) ・5 themed private rooms
・Open space 20 seats
[Various services]
・Wi-Fi, power supply
・Free drink
·conference room
・Private room booth
■ How to use the store
Please download the app and register as a member to use it.
(1) Monthly premium member 22,000 yen per month (tax included) Good offices are available all over the country.
(2) Drop-in
Hours and prices are according to the store.
Ei Office Co., Ltd. Corporate Information
Based on the philosophy of creating “The world is good anywhere.” Currently, we have more than 800 stores in Japan and overseas, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area. It has the largest number of stores in Japan, with more than 1,000 stores on a contract basis. We will create an environment where workers can work comfortably and support diverse work styles regardless of location.
We are developing our business while embodying our philosophy of liberating all people from “places” and creating “anywhere is a good world”, where individuals can work in their own way, wherever they like, regardless of organization or location. I’m here.
■Company Profile
Head office: 2-15-5 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: April 2018
Capital: 401,273,400 yen (including capital reserve)
Representative Director: Hiroshi Ryuzaki
Business: Coworking space management, rental conference room management, application management and development, crowdsourcing business, events
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Official Twitter:
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Recruiting good office members
With the spread of new work styles such as telework and workation, the number of comfortable workspaces such as coworking spaces and shared offices is increasing rapidly.
We, good office, have partnered with more than 800 stores in 47 prefectures nationwide, and offer unlimited premium passports and corporate plans that you can use at all stores. To use it, please download the app and register as a member. For information on how to use the app and how to use it, please visit this site.
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