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Opera at the cinema The new production of “Aida”, which overturns the gorgeous image, is a timely and shocking work that reflects the year 2022! Released on Friday, January 6, 2023!

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[Opera at the cinema] The new production of “Aida”, which overturns the gorgeous image, is a timely and shocking work that reflects the year 2022! Released on Friday, January 6, 2023!
A luxurious lineup to present on the largest scale in the history of the season! With love and gratitude to Her Majesty the Queen.
UK Royal Opera House Cinema Season 2022/23 Royal Opera “Aida” to be released for one week from Friday, January 6, 2023! An encore screening of the Royal Ballet “Utakata no Koi – My Earring” starring Japanese principal Ryoichi Hirano will also be held at TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi from December 30 (Friday) to January 5, 2023 (Thursday). From the popular series “British Royal Opera House Cinema Season 2022/23” where you can experience the stage of ballet and opera performed at the world’s most prestigious opera house “British Royal Opera House” on the screen with special images. , The popular opera “Aida” will be released nationwide for one week from January 6, 2023 (Friday).
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Music and dance navigator Ryo Ishikawa will introduce the highlights of the Royal Opera “Aida”, the third installment of the “British Royal Opera House Cinema Season 2022/23”, along with commentary!
The opera’s popular piece “Aida” is set in ancient Egypt and is a tragic story in which Aida, an Ethiopian slave, is torn between her love for the Egyptian general Radames and her motherland. As a spectacular opera by the 19th-century Italian master Verdi, it is well known for its exotic stage and large-scale choral and ballet scenes. However, in 2022, the new version of “Aida” announced by the Royal Opera in England was created by the master Robert Carsen, a story that completely eliminated the settings of ancient Egypt and Ethiopia. Ishikawa said, “In 2022, the tragic war will continue in Ukraine, and at the end of the year, a cabinet decision was made to make a major shift in Japan’s post-war security. , It is a shocking work to greet the new year.” Commented.
Speaking of “Aida”, many people will probably think of the exotic atmosphere of Egypt and the gorgeous second act “Triumphal Place” where elephants and giraffes also appear. However, in this new production by Robert Carsen, such exoticism and animals do not appear at all. Soldiers in military uniforms with weapons dominate the stage. Yes, “Aida” is set in a modern-day fictional military state with a myriad of nuclear-armed missiles underground.
Regarding this, Mr. Ishikawa said, “There may be people who imagine Ukraine and Russia, Israel and the Palestinian Liberation
Organization, the Iran-Iraq war, or even North Korea, China, and the United States. Because conflicts are occurring all over the world. , Carsen’s version of ‘Aida’ is too timely.” He continued, “This kind of ‘rewriting’ is often done in opera. Some people deny it, but I’m more of a welcome group. Of course, I don’t think all rereading operas are successful. However, opera is not something that is displayed in a museum, but a living thing that is performed on stage. By injecting the sensibility of the times into the work, the work will survive. This production may be one of the consequences of reflecting the present day, some 150 years after the first performance in 1871. ” and highly evaluated the new production.
Finally, Mr. Ishikawa said, “The last scene, when the underground door that never opens, opens, it means that the nuclear weapon will be used and the world will be destroyed. In order to prevent that from happening, the music of this song contains a wish for world peace.I would like to think with everyone about the meaning of the last scene, which is wrapped in deep reverberations.”
Ryo Ishikawa (music and dance navigator) Click here for the full commentary on “Aida” After the performance of this work, the audience gave a big shout of Bravo, and it received high praise in the British Opera Review, making it a production that will continue to be passed down in the future. [Image 2

-Royal Opera “Aida” Work Information-
The setting is ancient Egypt (a fictional modern country in this production version). Radames, who was selected as a general before going to Ethiopia, hopes that if he can bring victory to his homeland, his dream of marrying his beloved Aida (who is actually an Ethiopian princess, although she is a slave) will come true. However, Princess Amneris also loves Radames and doubts the relationship between him and Aida. When the victorious Egyptian army returns in triumph, Aida’s father Amonasro is among the prisoners. Aida secretly obtains information about the Egyptian army from Radames on her father’s orders, but when it is discovered, Radames is arrested and sentenced to death.
[Music] Giuseppe Verdi
[Libretto] Antonio Ghislanzoni (based on Auguste Mariette’s scenario) [Conductor] Antonio Pappano
[Director] Robert Carsen
[Art] Miriam Booter
[Costume] Anne-Marie Woods
[Lighting] Robert Carsen, Peter van Plato
[Choreography] Rebecca Howell
[Video design] Duncan McLean
Royal Opera Chorus (Chorus Master: William Spaulding)
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Aida: Elena Styhina
Radames: Francesco Meli
Amneris: Agniecka Leiris
Amonasro: Ludovic Tézier
Ramfith: Soloman Howard
King of Egypt: Shim In-soon
Messenger: Andrés Presno
Priestess (backstage voice): Francesca Cesina
(Performed on October 12, 2022 / Running time: 3 hours 34 minutes) Royal Opera “Aida”
Toho Cinemas Nihonbashi and other locations nationwide from January 6, 2023 (Friday)!
■ Official website:
■ Distribution: Toho Towa
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The Royal Ballet’s “Utakata no Koi – Meiyaringu” will be screened for an encore! The encore screening of the Royal Ballet “Utakata no Koi – My Earring” starring Japanese principal Ryoichi Hirano has been decided at TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi from December 30, 2022 (Friday) to January 5, 2023 (Thursday). Don’t miss this opportunity to see the performance of the soul!
Royal Ballet “Utakata no Koi – Myringe”
An encore screening at TOHO Cinemas Nihonbashi from Friday, December 30, 2022! [Image 4d16700-48-3ad9b151e8cafd7ccd33-5.jpg&s3=16700-48-bc36b4f2d3dcad83357a85ce35fc8a15-3900x2601.jpg

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