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Operation Factory Co., Ltd. “Fantastic time woven by 200 candles” CANDLE NIGHT @ “Bistro Plum Lam”

Operation Factory Co., Ltd.
“Fantastic time woven by 200 candles” CANDLE NIGHT @ “Bistro Plum Lam” “PRIME LAMB” CANDLE NIGHT DINNER 2022 | 12/13-12/30

At Bistro Prime Rum, a limited-time candle-wrapped dinner will be held as “a magical time woven by 200 candles”. “CANDLE NIGHT DINNER 2022 | The period is from December 13 (Tuesday) to December 30 (Friday) [Image 1

At Prime Lamb, where you can experience the finest mutton in a prime course with 10 types of lamb meat and more than 10 types of
vegetables, you can feel safe and secure in a “fantastic space wrapped in about 200 candles”. (LED candle), we will deliver the finest mutton experience.
*The 2011 Candle Night Dinner will be held from January 2nd.
[Table 5: ]
[Image 2

[Image 3

Edge of Omotesando/Aoyama/Okuharajuku area
An extraordinary space where you can forget the hustle and bustle of the city [Image 4

200 flickering candles
Stand quietly and enjoy the time to enjoy the lamb meat…
Inside the store where box seats are mainly arranged, it creates a calm atmosphere.
We will deliver the time you spend enjoying the lamb meat experience in “Oku-Harajuku”, away from the hustle and bustle of the embassies, apparel shops, international and diverse cultures, and the area where gorgeous and sophisticated people gather. increase.
[Image 5

[Image 6

[Table 6: ]
[Image 7

A cooking method that makes use of 10 different parts and ingredients with just lamb meat
You can enjoy items that make the most of the ingredients by incorporating “raw, grilled, aged, and fermented” for each part of the sheep, such as lean meat, viscera, and fat, such as fillet meat that can only be taken from 200g per head, and shibire that can only be taken from suckling lamb. increase.
[Image 8

[Image 9

[Image 10

Appetizer: Bite-sized rare fillet steak and butterfonce tartare Soup: Lamb bone soup served with seasonal vegetables and Shibaumi vegetables Assorted appetizers: Thigh carpaccio, Ichibo tagliata, raw ham of roses, pasty Salad: Lamb tongue grilled salad
Specialties: Liver, numbness, thigh and other lamb pies
Main: Lamb hearts anticuchos and lamb chops
Bread: Homemade focaccia and smoked whipped butter
Pasta: Risotto packed with the flavor of lamb soup
Dessert: Lamb’s milk blancmange served with pecorino cheese
Tea: seasonal herbal tea
We offer some à la carte (single items) that divide course dishes. (Please refer to our website)
From 12/26 (Monday), the course content will be changed.

[Table 8: ]
Lunch course with 4 types of lamb meat and 5 or more types of vegetables, total of 6 dishes, 2,900 yen per person (excluding tax) [Image 13

[Image 15

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