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Oshicoco Co., Ltd. Announces “2022 Promotion Trend Ranking” by Asking 1000 Otaku

Oshicoco Co., Ltd.
Oshicoco Co., Ltd. Announces “2022 Promotion Trend Ranking” by Asking 1000 Otaku Oshicoco Co., Ltd., which operates a 70,000-follower “Oshikatsu Support Media” and an online store specializing in Oshikatsu, conducted a “This Year’s Oshikatsu Trend Ranking” survey for the Oshikatsu layer.

Survey period: November 12th to November 13th
Survey method: Internet survey
Survey target: The active layer who follows the Instagram “Oshicoco support media” account
(Question 1: 723 people Question 2: 213 people Question 3: 212 people) Multiple answers possible
In 2022, who is the “most recommended” person, character, or thing?

[Image 1d95735-13-f25c110a2fd1c6fb00ce-10.png&s3=95735-13-d038c5776ae2485103d3a1a29078d41d-960x1279.png
The first place is “Sutopuri”. It is a world-class singer idol group, such as performing overseas in Singapore. Two groups from Johnny & Associates ranked in 2nd and 3rd place. The group has been very popular since its debut and is active in variety shows and dramas. Also, you can see that the number of fans of singers such as “Urashima Sakatasen” and VTubers such as “Nijisanji” is increasing. Nijisanji’s momentum is not limited to Japan, such as the appearance of NIJISANJI EN and the birth of overseas VTubers. We are also paying close attention to the popularity of VTubers in the future.
In 2022, what is the “popular promotion”?
[Image 2d95735-13-ca5da913f08ecd33a3cc-11.png&s3=95735-13-6b4c9a2a35f79514d227a27f390288a0-960x1279.png
[Image 3d95735-13-595796a41b5e7005cc7d-6.jpg&s3=95735-13-11183725193df4562e6e1f0915bcd8a9-1200x1200.jpg
The proud first place is “Hard Card Deco”. It is becoming common to decorate a hard card case with resin, whip, lace, etc., and carry your favorite trading card or L-size photo. Since “Y2K” (culture and fashion that was popular in the 2000s) is popular, the act of “decorating” itself has become a popular activity among young people, especially Generation Z. At the POPUP held at Oshicoco in November, trading card deco cases were sold as products. It became a very popular product from the first day.
The second place “Afnun” is an abbreviation for afternoon tea. You can see that the act of “bringing your favorite” to stylish cafes and afternoon teas, such as acrylic stands and photos, is in fashion. Also, the 3rd place label drink is a drink with a name label. Spots where you can make an original drink with your favorite name on it are opening one after another, and it’s becoming a hot topic among the active layer.
“Heart lock”, which is tied for 3rd place, is a heart-shaped padlock with the name and date of your favorite. It can be enjoyed in places such as the Sky Building in Umeda, Osaka, making it a popular spot for otaku friends to enjoy together.
What are the “popular words” in 2022?

[Image 4d95735-13-f1691d42b53223bb1267-12.png&s3=95735-13-4ff97e94ffc486e3ab7ace92aa6985b8-960x1279.png
[Image 5d95735-13-1864f46d70e8645b47d8-7.jpg&s3=95735-13-35b13438b59e96b7b85da7229d6696af-1200x1200.jpg
[Image 6d95735-13-25dd4ff19630f782367d-9.jpg&s3=95735-13-cd4ec7536a54ebafcee320cae60b277a-1020x938.jpg
The first place is “Gyarupi”. This is also due to the trend of “Y2K”, and gyaru culture is making a comeback, especially among Generation Z. “카루피스” (gal piece) has spread not only in Japan but also in South Korea, and many Korean idols have been seen wearing gal pieces. “Gyalupite” is one of the best-selling fansa fan characters sold at Oshicoco EC Mall.
The 2nd place “chuki chuki” was ranked as a word indicating the “chuki chuki pose” devised by Ryusei Onishi of Naniwa Danshi. The 3rd place “Shika Katsutan” has been used by the active layer since last year. There are many posts on Instagram and Twitter that say, “Only my favorite wins” and “Only 〇〇 (name of my favorite) wins”.
The third POPUP event will be held in December!
Oshicoco Co., Ltd. will hold a pop-up event “Oshikatsu Winter Festival” at Shinjuku Lumine EST from 12/19 (Sat) to 12/25 (Sun). The concept of this POPUP is “I want to love myself who loves my favorite”. For study, work, and promotion… Give yourself a special gift full of love for yourself who worked hard this year. We will sell promotional goods that are perfect for winter events and promotional coffrets that you can choose and make yourself. Products introduced in the above ranking, such as hard card case deco products and fansa fan characters, are lined up.
|About Oshicoco Co., Ltd.|(Location: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kaho Tada)
Our company operates an online store and media in the otaku area, targeting girls who are pushing themselves. In addition, we provide planning, producing and consulting services targeting otaku for cafes and hotels for companies, and for app development companies. As you can see from the above questionnaire survey, our media account has gained support from a wide range of genres. In addition to managing various SNS, we regularly hold POPUPs to interact with followers offline. By constantly communicating with the active layer and checking trends, it is possible to provide marketing and consulting that captures the deep insight of the active layer. Company HP:
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