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Otaru Western Confectionery LeTAO We have prepared a premium cheese tart using the world’s best cheese.

Keishi Ishii Co., Ltd.
[Otaru Western Confectionery LeTAO] We have prepared a premium cheese tart using the world’s best cheese.

LeTAO (Keishi Ishii Co., Ltd., head office: 1007-111 Izumisawa, Chitose-shi, Hokkaido, President: Shigekado Uemura) is preparing a premium cheese tart “Le Monde du Fromage” for the gift season. You can purchase it at the “Lutao Official Online Shop”
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[Limited quantity, limited delivery date until January 3]
LeTAO’s cheese tart “Le Monde du Fromage” using the world’s best cheese has reappeared.
The leading role is Dutch Gouda cheese “Old Dutch Master”, which became the world’s best in the cheese competition,
A special cheese tart blended with several carefully selected cheeses. Recommended as a reward for yourself or as a special gift.
Condensed taste of carefully selected cheese
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Le Monde du Fromage
A premium cheese tart made with the world’s finest cheese.
Dutch Gouda cheese “Old Dutch Master” is characterized by its mellow sweetness and umami, which has been condensed during a long aging period of 53 weeks.
We mixed Danish natural cheese “Cream Havadi” and Italian Gorgonzola cheese. When you take a bite, the flavor of cheese spreads in your mouth and you will be drawn into the world of cheese.
It has a satisfying taste and is finished in a sweet with a luxurious flavor. It is a supreme dish that both inexperienced and repeaters should enjoy. Price: 14,040 (tax included/free shipping)
Size: about 19 cm in diameter
Introducing the voice of the customer
・I’ve been buying it every year since it started selling, and it’s a nice taste for cheese lovers. I buy this once a year as a reward. ・I’ve sent it to my daughter many times, but after eating this cheese tart, I can’t eat other cheese tarts. It said.
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