OVER20&Company. The first theme that Generation Z would like to discuss in a 1on1 career interview with a thir d party is “Axis/personal vision”

The first theme that Generation Z would like to discuss in a 1on1 career interview with a third party is “Axis/Personal Vision” [ESG] Any investment in next-generation human capital

OVER20 & Company. Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Rika Ishido, Tatsuya Itoi) announced the results of a survey on “MENTOR WORKOUT effect survey” on December 5 (Monday). The survey was conducted from September 1, 2022 to November 25, 2022, targeting 66 pre-working adult students aged 18 to 31 (38 men and 28 women), targeting any students. .
In the survey, we asked them to answer the themes they would like to discuss at MENTOR WORKOUT*.
As a result, the most frequently selected topics for consultation were “career” and “axis/personal vision.” This was followed in order by “personal way of thinking”, “entrepreneurship”, “human relations”, “money”, and “family/relatives”.
* MENTOR WORKOUT is a one-on-one session that “cultivates autonomous thinking” provided by OVER20 & Company.
[Image 1d40538-236-2f35f1dec9bff6c758e3-8.png&s3=40538-236-119488a0972285bd869dbbd33616d8dd-1120x814.png
In addition, for each theme, we asked participants to freely write about their realizations obtained during the MENTOR WORKOUT. The results are attached below.
[Image 2d40538-236-f8b85b2275602040cab9-1.png&s3=40538-236-e8e06823c07720b6a9c9034f48f729e7-1120x814.png
[Image 3d40538-236-6836e8625e4cacf505e4-2.png&s3=40538-236-90015a19f0d07913e70a21925f47e9bc-1120x814.png
[Image 4d40538-236-bf2b9fc643585a118dd0-3.png&s3=40538-236-910b757787ae7783d4e68420cbb970b2-1120x814.png
[Image 5d40538-236-cf11f93c5a83f4345fa7-4.png&s3=40538-236-cbabbe30791a91ca33d7f2233e932e6d-1120x814.png
[Image 6d40538-236-1e6df2c22b6d3d4f8ea8-5.png&s3=40538-236-cbb669c83abe1408706a35ad0147e752-1120x814.png

[Image 7d40538-236-78e7643701791bdef542-6.png&s3=40538-236-0bff36a865708526e0ba509fc90c525d-1120x814.png
[Image 8d40538-236-698c46c44adac35e8796-7.png&s3=40538-236-8c98b383e66256b19fd09a6f9cb86915-1120x814.png

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