oVice Co., Ltd. oVice releases a new menu “Christmas BOX” that is ideal for Christmas online events

oVice Co., Ltd.
oVice releases a new menu “Christmas BOX” that is ideal for Christmas online events
-Produce Christmas with Santa’s cupcakes and photo props-

oVice Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture, CEO: John Sehyon) holds online social gatherings and dinners using the two-dimensional virtual space “oVice” where you can freely interact with avatars. The “Christmas Box” (5,000 yen, tax and shipping included) was released today on December 1, 2022 (Thursday) as a limited-time menu for the “oVice Banquet”. In addition to 9 types of seasonal a la carte, lasagna, and Christmas cupcakes decorated with Santa Claus, it is a perfect plan for Christmas with props for photography.
[Image 1d58507-128-64e97d5c285d4226c1bc-0.png&s3=58507-128-84ba2bdcd18d232313d38784801451e2-1920x1005.png
◆ “Christmas Box” Price: 5,000 yen (tax and shipping included) The “Christmas Box” is a limited-time special plan that includes 9 types of a la carte limited to Christmas, lasagna and bread as hot dishes, Christmas cupcakes as dessert, and 2 drinks.
Colorful dishes such as truffle-flavored chicken confit and Christmas cupcakes with Santa Claus sweets will make you feel like Christmas. In addition, a set of 3 Christmas-style photo props is included, so you can enjoy a memorable online commemorative photo shoot.
URL: https://ovice-kitchen.com/posts/w80Pb011
■ Menu details
9 types of hors d’oeuvres
Colorful vegetable ratatouille
Smoked salmon, dried tomato, mozzarella
Pate de campagne and carrot rapee
Genovese with squid and vegetables
Red sea bream escabeche
Pickled olives and colorful vegetables
Shrimp and Lotus Root Garlic Saute
Chicken Confit with Truffle Flavor
honey nuts
Iwate shorthorn beef lasagna
Bread (pumpkin loaf/Burman bamboo charcoal)
christmas cupcakes
Selectable 2 drink set (You can choose from 8 types of 2 drink sets.) [Image 2d58507-128-b5132ac46d81a9c82bc6-1.jpg&s3=58507-128-87ccfd92fda6b0312e1899b6ad745903-3504x2336.jpg
■ Sales period
・ From December 1, 2022 (Thursday) to December 28, 2022 (Wednesday) until 23:59 for applications
◆ Advantages of holding the “oVice Banquet” ~ Reduce risk, deepen friendship ~ “oVice Banquet” is a service that delivers food for dinner using the virtual space “oVice” to the address specified by each participant. You can apply from 5 people, and when you use it for the first time, you can use the dedicated oVice space that is issued according to the scale of the event for one month free of charge. (Application deadline: Until 13:00 10 business days before the event)
Participants can move their avatars in the virtual space and interact freely with other participants while enjoying their meal. While listening to a speech delivered to the entire venue from the stage set up in the space, you can also have a conversation in a small group at the same time, so you can enjoy the atmosphere of a dinner that was held in the real space online. By using the oVice banquet in a virtual space, it is possible to deepen the friendship between participants in the same way as a dinner in a real space, while avoiding the risks of long travels across regions and large gatherings. increase.
■ oVice banquet site https://ovice-kitchen.com/
What is oVice? A two-dimensional virtual space where you interact using avatars oVice is a two-dimensional virtual space where you can move your avatar freely on the web and easily talk to other avatars by bringing them close to each other. Since the service started in August 2020, it has been used in various situations such as virtual offices for telework, online events, and open campuses, and as of August 2022, the number of issuing spaces has exceeded 30,000.
[Image 3d58507-128-4dca01df6397df990007-2.png&s3=58507-128-aa85d89354dcbd037b4dbb3c22a05050-1600x840.png
◆Company Profile
We are developing and providing “oVice”, a virtual space where you can move and talk freely, with the mission of “eliminating physical restrictions from people’s lives”. In 2021, it was selected as one of Weekly Toyo Keizai’s “Amazing Venture 100”. In addition, oVice has raised a total of 4.5 billion yen through financing from multiple financial institutions in addition to a third-party allotment of new investors and multiple investors, including existing shareholders, in the Series B round. was announced on August 31, 2022.
Company name: oVice Co., Ltd.
Location: 113 B, Honfuchucho, Nanao City, Ishikawa Prefecture Representative: CEO Jeong Sehyun
Established: February 2020
URL: https://ovice.biz/3EStWHZ
Business description: Virtual office, development and provision of virtual space that can be used for online events
Free trial: https://ovice.biz/3Vm9bvj
◆ Inquiries regarding this matter
oVice Co., Ltd. Public Relations

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