P2C Studio Co., Ltd. “MARINESS” supervised by home training creator Marina Takewaki “CW-X × MARINESS SP ORTS Yure Care Bra”, a collaboration product with Wacoal, won the “2022 Body Good Award Diet Category”

P2C Studio Inc.
Home training creator Marina Takewaki supervised “MARINESS”
Collaboration product with Wacoal “CW-X × MARINESS SPORTS Yure Care Bra” won the “2022 Body Good Award Diet Category”

P2C Studio Co., Ltd. is a product “CW-X × MARINESS SPORTS Yure Care Bra won the 2022 Body Health Grand Prize Diet Category.
Thank you for your patronage.
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About “CW-X × MARINESS SPORTS Yure Care Bra”
One of the “body care to protect against gravity” proposed by Wacoal, “bust care during sports”.
When running, the bust sways in an arc up, down, left and right. It’s important to choose a sports bra that not only holds you down but also protects your bust from sagging during exercise.
“SPORTS Yure Care Bra” is a series of sports bras that protect the bust from shaking during sports, developed based on Wacoal’s body shape data and ergonomics for a total of 45,000 people.
* “Bust care” is to measure your body size, wear a bra that fits you, and protect your bust from gravity while wearing it.
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The collaboration product “CW-X x MARINESS SPORTS Yure Care Bra” has the MARINESS logo in addition to Marina Takewaki’s limited colors. Product Details
[CW-X × MARINESS] Sports Yure Care Bra
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・Sales price ¥ 4,950 (tax included) * LL size only ¥ 5,280 (tax included) ・Size S/M/L/LL
·Product Features
Wacoal’s proprietary delta support function reduces bust sagging while maintaining a round and beautiful bust silhouette. It can be used in various active scenes such as home training, jogging, and dancing. * What is the delta support function? A strong fabric is placed on the upper part of the cup on the back of the product to reduce the initial movement of the bust during exercise.
The main body is sweat-absorbing and quick-drying, and the cups have built-in molded cups to maintain a round and beautiful bust
silhouette. The Y-back style does not hinder the movement of the shoulder blades, and the underbust features a gentle texture.

About the “CW-X” brand
“CW-X” was developed by the Wacoal Human Science Research and Development Center, a research and development division of Wacoal Corporation, based on the idea of ​​incorporating the principle of taping into tights. Since its release in the fall of 1991, as a pioneering brand of “sports tights”, it has been highly acclaimed by top athletes and general sports enthusiasts who enjoy running and trekking.
“CW-X” has “sports tights” developed based on the original taping principle, “functional tops” developed considering the condition of the upper body, “sports bras” that stabilize the bust during sports, etc. We develop products that support the body not only in sports but also in a wide range of everyday scenes, and support those who enjoy an active lifestyle.
“CW-X” official website https://www.cw-x.jp
“Wacoal Human Science Research and Development Center”
* “CW-X Delta Support” is a registered trademark of Wacoal Corporation. About the home training brand “MARINESS”
“MARINESS” is a home training brand that was born to support “love yourself more”.
“I want a fun and healthy life to be the closest to you.” With that in mind, we sell home training goods with stylish designs that match the interior, apparel that is both functional and fashionable, protein, etc. We also develop health foods. With high functionality and design, we will deliver products that make it easier to continue exercising at home, such as home training goods that are comfortable even when left out. Without worrying about anyone’s eyes, anytime, at home, at ease. I hope that everyone will be able to “love themselves” more through such a healthy lifestyle.
◇ MARINESS official EC site
◇ MARINESS Official Instagram
◇ MARINESS Official Twitter
◇ YouTube channel “Marina Takewaki”
https://www.youtube.com/c/Marina Takewaki
P2C Studio Company Profile

P2C Studio Inc.
Name: P2C Studio Co., Ltd.
Established: June 2021
Representative: Takayuki Shigemoto, President and CEO / Tomoki Odo, Executive Vice President
Location: 28th floor, Midtown Tower, 9-7-1 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo Shareholder: UUUM Co., Ltd. (100% owned consolidated subsidiary) Business content: P2C business, original goods business, licensing business, EC operation business
HP: https://p2cstudio.com/
P2C Studio is a professional company that realizes “human-oriented brand creation and manufacturing” in the P2C (Person to Consumer, PtoC) area. We strategically develop various manufacturing such as brands, goods, licenses, and digital contents, as well as integrated marketing communication and EC/store sales that maximize creators’ ability to disseminate information.
MARINESS Co., Ltd. operates the home training brand “MARINESS” with the mission of “making home training a commonplace world”. We are developing various businesses such as planning and selling training goods and health foods to increase the number of people who “love themselves more” through home training.
Name: MARINESS Co., Ltd.
Established: September 2021
Representative: Riku Takewaki, President and Representative Director Location: 8th floor, Tri Seven Roppongi, 7-7-7 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Planning, design, and sales of training goods and health foods
HP: https://corp.mariness.jp/

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