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Pachinko-based Youtuber direct management Indoor golf driving range opens in Minato-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture!

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[Pachinko-based Youtuber direct management] Indoor golf driving range opens in Minato-ku, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture!
– Now accepting trial lessons for “high density” – We are running a special limited-time campaign for new members.

The popular pachinko Youtuber “Bunbuyu channel” opened an indoor golf facility “All Time Golf” in Minato-ku, Nagoya on Wednesday, December 28th.
[Image 1

Overview of “All Time Golf”
“Alltime Golf” is a membership-based indoor golf facility operated by the popular pachinko Youtuber “Bunbuyu channel”.
This facility, which was built from an innovative perspective that has never been seen before in the golf world, is devised to pursue enjoyment.
Background of pachinko Youtuber opening golf business
hot voice in live streaming
80% of the viewers of this channel, which mainly distributes sea stories, are over 45 years old.
Meanwhile, during the live distribution, we received many voices such as “I used to play golf but quit due to age” and “I want a hobby in my old age”.
Golf is effective in preventing dementia and improving physical strength, and is considered a long-lasting sport that is suitable for the elderly because it does not involve excessive aerobic exercise. However, the reality is that the temperature, weather, long-distance travel, etc., are a heavy burden on the elderly.
Therefore, we decided to open an indoor golf facility where you can enjoy golf safely and easily without being affected by the weather or temperature.
The “martial arts” of “Bunbuyu”
We have been active with the motto of “study well”, train well “martial arts”, and “play well”.
Until now, we have shared “play” with everyone through pachinko, In the future, we will continue to share “martial arts” through golf. Of course, since it is run by Bunbuyu, we plan to not only pursue “martial arts”, but also pursue the entertainment value of “play” and take on more and more challenges! !
3 features of All Time Golf
・High-density personal lessons
One-on-one lessons are guaranteed for all-time golf lessons. Toshiki Kitazawa PGA Class A teaching professional provides detailed lessons. In order to use a numerically proven method instead of a trainer’s intuitive method,
It is a lesson that can promise improvement from golf beginners to those aiming for professionals.
All Time Golf uses a unique method based on physics to teach. [Image 2

・Overwhelming pricing
You can take four original one-on-one lessons by Toshiki Kitazawa for [7,800 yen].
Private rooms are also available at a special price of [1,100 yen for 50 minutes].
[Image 3

・All batting complete private rooms
Equipped with ultra-luxury golf simulators at all batting positions. Each private room is air-conditioned, so you can practice comfortably all year round.
Because you can practice in a spacious and completely private space where your private space is secured,
You can concentrate on your practice without worrying about other people’s eyes. [Image 4

・High-performance ultra-luxury machine
A high-speed infrared camera sensor can capture 1,000 shots per second of the moment of impact.
Analyzing the speed and angle of the ball and club head at impact, which was a problem in golf simulators so far,
It leads to improvement of scientific swing.
It is characterized by acquiring 10 items of swing data and accurately quantifying items that cannot be judged visually, such as left-right angle and meat rate.
In addition, since the data of the swing taken from two locations can be checked immediately, it is possible to objectively check the swing and make improvements in the shortest possible time.
[Image 5

・Comprehensive measures against infectious diseases and security We are taking all possible measures for each private room.
In addition, we are thoroughly taking measures against coronavirus, such as regular cleaning of facilities and alcohol disinfection. When entering the building, a state-of-the-art facial recognition system is installed, so non-members are not allowed to enter. In addition, security cameras are installed in each room and corridor to protect the safety of members.
・Empty-handed OK! Free rental of clubs and shoes!
Clubs, shoes, gloves and golf equipment can be rented for free, so you can practice empty-handed.
Make it a daily routine to practice before going to work, or practice lightly on days when you happen to finish work early and then go home. You can use it casually.
Now accepting high-density trial lessons!
Low quality in short time. You can take a one-on-one lesson that breaks the common sense of such a trial lesson.
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[Store data]
Name: All Time Golf
Address: 1-3 Meisho, Minato Ward, Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture Opening hours: 24 hours
Number of at-bats: 5 at-bats (Completely private room, all at-bats are equipped with simulators)
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