Pal System Federation New Year’s greetings From small actions to a sustainable society

Palsystem Federation
New Year’s Greetings From Small Actions to a Sustainable Society Pal System Federation of Co-operative Associations Representative Director Chairman Masakazu Oshin

happy New Year.
I sincerely hope that 2023 will be a fruitful year for everyone. During this time, society has been greatly affected by the novel coronavirus, which has greatly restricted movement and contact. On the other hand, the development of online communication has made it possible to share the same time while staying in each place. Not only that, I have come to feel changes in my living environment in various situations.
Last year was also a year in which the social divisions caused by people who were intolerant of differences in their positions and opinions became even more pronounced. A prime example of this is Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Humankind has learned from many experiences of war that there are no winners in war. In order to prevent the devastation on the battlefields from spreading any further, each and every one of us, as ordinary citizens, is required to think about what we can do and appeal for the preciousness of peace, which is the cornerstone of our lives.
In addition to military conflicts, abnormal weather and labor shortages have caused prices to continue to rise for all lifelines, including food and energy, and the environment surrounding our lives is becoming increasingly severe. In order to pass on a calm and peaceful life to the next generation, there will be more and more demand for a holistic approach to sustainability, such as measures against climate change, reduction of plastic and food loss, and respect for human rights.
In response to these social demands, Palsystem has advanced its past efforts by half a step, and from fiscal 2022 has started the declaration of “Towards a better tomorrow.” We aim to create a sustainable society by accumulating small actions that each person can take in their daily lives.
In order to realize the philosophy of the PAL System Group, “We will create a society of symbiosis and enriched lives,” we will further strengthen the creation of a sustainable, resource-recycling society through a strong relationship of trust with everyone under the twin wheels of business and movement. We are determined to move forward. We ask for your continued guidance and encouragement this year as well, so that we can face each issue with sincerity and fulfill our social role.

Pal System Federation of Co-operative Associations
Representative Director Chairman Masakazu Oshin
PAL System’s Sustainable Action “Go Beyond”
Based on the thoughts and actions of each individual, PAL System calls for various sustainable actions to “beyond” moving “half a step ahead” for a better future.
PAL System Sustainable Action
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Pal System Federation of Co-operative Associations
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