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Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. You will be able to give “memory of successful experiences” by playing with children who are developing uneven children in the lower grades who give up immediately or do not have confidence! Online seminar will be hel

Pastel Communication Co., Ltd.
You will be able to give “memory of successful experience” by playing with children who give up quickly or have no confidence! Online seminar will be held!

Pastel Communication Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kayoko Yoshino)
On the web media “Pastel Research Institute” site for children with developmental disabilities gray zone operated
Development up to the lower grades of elementary school by Shiori Hara, a developmental science communication trainer.
Recruitment of free online seminars for moms of disabled gray zone/HSC children let’s start doing …. Apply here- [Image 1

Nice to meet you, my name is Shiori Hara.
This time, “Play” creates the “power to take a step forward” for uneven children in the lower grades who give up quickly or lack self-confidence! ] We have decided to hold an online seminar. In relation to the latest curriculum guidelines issued by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, in the form of the “bridge program between kindergartens and nursery schools,” the period from kindergarten/nursery school to compulsory education in elementary school is called the “bridge period.” The importance of more detailed individual guidance is being discussed from the 1980s to the lower grades of elementary school.
However, among the children who are concerned about their development, those who do not have any conspicuous behavioral problems tend to be too slow to respond, and often begin to lose their self-confidence. The reason is that due to the characteristics of brain development, there is a negative bias in the way people perceive things, and despite the fact that there is an excess of information beyond what the individual is aware of, understanding from those around them is difficult. is not obtained.
As a result, learning is difficult and stressful, there are problems in interpersonal relationships, and comparison with others often leads to a further loss of self-confidence and an inability to move. It is not uncommon to do so.
Therefore, I have 15 years of experience working as a teacher and childcare worker at kindergartens and nursery schools, as well as my own experience of raising children. By incorporating it into the communication of children, children can gain self-confidence in their own actions!
This time, we will have you experience the entrance part through “parent-child play”, and we will tell you at the online seminar the communication technique that leads to the successful experience of children.
After graduating from university, I fulfilled my dream and worked as a teacher at a public kindergarten. Along the way, they get married and have children. I was full of expectations and hopes that I would be able to raise my own children this time. However, I was secretly worried about my child’s tantrums, obsessions, hypersensitivity, and troubles with friends. After that, I encountered developmental science communication, and when I conducted research on my own child-rearing from the perspective of “brain science” and put it into practice, I found that communication between mothers and children could solve the problems of interpersonal relationships for children in the gray zone of developmental disorders. You can go! That’s what I understand. This time, through this online seminar, we will tell you how to invite, proceed, and end so that you can calmly enjoy parent-child play that is easy to get frustrated with children with developmental disorders gray zone and delicate temperament from infants to lower grades. We are telling you how to flatten and positively change the way you perceive things that are easy to become, and connect it to lifelong confidence. If you are anxious and unsure about how to raise your child, please join us for this free online seminar.
-Seminar Details-
You will be able to play with children who are not confident in their developmental unevenness in the lower grades and give them “memory of successful experiences”! Online seminar
◆ Date and time
Friday, January 6, 10:00-
January 11 (Wednesday) 10:00-
Friday, January 13, 10:00-
◆Capacity 5 people each
◆Time about 80 minutes
◆ Fee: Free
◆ Location ZOOM (online free call)
◆Privilege Completely made-to-order free individual consultation ◆ Apply here
– Please apply from -Lecturer Introduction-
[Image 2d54387-267-ff12c00b10f8116b4673-1.png&s3=54387-267-1d6153f2ed38b8678bea3576fc6408b6-1016x1016.png
Developmental Science Communication Trainer Shiori Hara
While working as a teacher at a kindergarten, in raising her own children, she was troubled by “tantrums that won’t go away when she grows up”, “fierce sibling quarrels”, “obsession”, and “friend troubles”. I spent every day without confidence in raising children. I knew that developmental characteristics were involved, but I pretended not to see it, using my busy work as an excuse. In fact, I didn’t pay attention to the fact that children are many times more painful. However, when I encountered developmental science communication, not only did my child’s problem behavior disappear, but I myself became able to calmly and enjoy parenting. Now, I am a happy mother who enjoys raising children to the fullest. Like me in the past, I want to save mothers who are worried and do not know what to do! I want to extend my child’s ability to interact with people and expand their future possibilities! I think, and I’m active.
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■What is developmental science communication?
Based on the scientific evidence that Kayoko Yoshino, sponsored by the Developmental Science Lab, has independently compiled based on her 15 years of experience and achievements in developmental support as a clinical developmental psychologist, as well as her knowledge of brain science, psychology, and pedagogy. It is also a communication method that encourages brain growth and development. It is a daily
communication technique that understands the characteristics of children and draws out their good points. If you master developmental science communication, just by talking with your child, your child’s troubled behavior will decrease and your child’s motivation and ability will increase.

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【Company Profile】
Company name: Pastel Communication Co., Ltd.
Representative: Kayoko Yoshino
Location: Sunshine 60 45th floor, 3-1-1 Higashi-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-6045
Business description: Management of child-rearing courses / research and development related to development / entrepreneurship support business URL:
Supporting member of “Healthy Parents and Children 21”, a national movement in which all related people, related organizations and organizations work together with the aim of realizing a “society where all children can grow up in good health.”
Please feel free to contact us as part of information gathering, regardless of whether you want to make an article. Please feel free to contact us for research, requests, consultations, etc.
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