Pathfinder Co., Ltd. Experience a great deal with “one-way only”! “Camping car rental trial campaign” started on December 15

Pathfinder Inc.
Enjoy a great deal with a “one-way only” experience! “Camping car rental trial campaign” started on December 15
Camping car and Pathfinder partnered to start demonstration experiment of Japan’s first “one-way exclusive camper” using forwarding vehicle
Camping Car Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Makoto Yorisada, hereinafter CCKK), which operates a camper rental business, and Pathfinder Co., Ltd., a startup that develops and researches MaaS services (Headquarters: Itabashi-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yusuke Onozaki, hereinafter referred to as Pathfinder) has started a demonstration experiment of a “one-way dedicated camper service” that provides a camper forwarding vehicle as a “one-way dedicated rental car” for users who have not experienced a camper car, and from December 15th. Until March 31st, we will carry out a “camper rental trial campaign (hereinafter referred to as this campaign)”.
In addition, vehicle reservations will be made through LINE from Pathfinder’s one-way drop-off rental car matching platform “Simpway”. Simpway HP:
[Image 1

Implementation background of this campaign: “Supporting the first camping car experience with “one-way exclusive rental car””
The purpose of this campaign is to provide an opportunity to experience a camper as a “one-way rental car” by matching users with a camper that has been used as a rental car. It is mainly aimed at users who have not experienced a rental car of a camper, and it is possible to experience a camper with normal specifications at a low price. The camper car rental service provided by CCKK has fixed departure and return points, just like regular rental cars. On the other hand, with the rapid expansion of inbound demand, there is a growing need for tourists to travel in Japan by campervan during their limited stay, and the use of “one-way drop-off” is increasing rapidly.
Vehicles that are one-way abandoned are moved by the business operator as a forwarding vehicle to the store that will be the return point, but the forwarding vehicle is returned without carrying the user, resulting in a loss of provision opportunities. In addition, the forwarding fee, which is higher than a normal rental car, is added to the usage fee for departing users such as visitors to Japan, which is a factor that makes them hesitate to use it.
Against this background, we will make effective use of these campervans that have become forwarding vehicles, and take advantage of the fact that they can be provided more economically than normal rental cars because they are dedicated to one-way return trips, mainly under these conditions. We have conducted a demonstration experiment and campaign for a “one-way exclusive camper service” assuming users who have never experienced a camper and want to use a camper once. Demonstration experiment implementation system: Realized by utilizing Simpway “Simpway” provided by Pathfinder is like a car rental outlet mall, in partnership with many rental car and car sharing companies, “one way A matching platform for drop-off rental cars. Since vehicles that are not originally used as rental cars are used, users can use them at a low price, and business operators can significantly reduce forwarding costs. Also, if you are a general rental car company, you can cut the number of vehicles you need.
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In this demonstration experiment, CCKK’s camper car rental service will be provided to users through the “Simpway” platform, with the aim of expanding contact opportunities as a new service. In the future, we plan to consider expanding the target route and number of vehicles and improving the matching system based on the results of the
demonstration experiment.
◆ Service provision system
[Table 3: ]

Overview of this campaign:
[Table 4: ]
[About Camping Car Co., Ltd.]
■Representative Representative Director and President: Makoto Yorisada ■ Headquarters 2-8-6 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shinjuku Station South Building 1F
■ Established October 30, 2009
■ Number of employees 18 (as of March 1, 2022, including contract employees) ■ Capital 10 million yen
■Business contents Camping car rental business/outdoor media business/agricultural IoT business/pet portal business/disaster prevention business/crime prevention business/inbound business/Tokyo same-day PCR/genetic testing business, etc.
-Operating site URL-
“Japan Camper Rental Center”
“Japan Camping Car Rental Center English Site” “Car Travel Navi”
“Camping car comparison navigation” “Rental Camper Life”
Pet portal site “Wandaho”
Disaster prevention/outdoor EC site “Outdoor 119” “Tokyo day PCR test”
“Dr. Healthcare Lab (genetic testing)”
-Japan Camping Car Rental Center (Japan C.R.C.) Service Overview- “Japan C.R.C.” is Japan’s largest camper rental service, with franchises in about 30 areas from Hokkaido to Okinawa, including the Tokyo Camper Rental Center.
[About Pathfinder Co., Ltd.]
Pathfinder Co., Ltd. is a mobility service research and development company established in 2020 with the aim of becoming a pioneer (Path finder) in the era of MaaS (Mobility as a Service). The name of the company is derived from the Mars Pathfinder, a Mars probe, and was named after the innovative attitude of the spacecraft and the project. Currently, 5 Japan’s firsts have been realized, including this mall-type Japan’s first (first one-way exclusive car rental service, first long-distance free drop-off, first LINE reservation completion, first mall-type, first one-way airport access) . We will continue to work as a pioneer of mobility services.
It was established mainly by members who were engaged in business development of autonomous driving at a major general trading company, and was adopted for the support program FLAP of Apricot Ventures (currently mint) in 2020.
In March 2022, we will release our first in-house service “One-way rental car Simpway”. It started with a lot of support, including initial registration of over 7,000 people. In August of the same year, ANOBAKA completed a seed round of funding with participation from W fund, Coconala Skill Partners, and Vector. From October of the same year, we are currently expanding our business, such as starting a new one-way rental car service to Narita Airport.
Details about this release:


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