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PE-BANK Co., Ltd. PE-BANK launches next innovator support project

PE-BANK Co., Ltd.
PE-BANK Launches Next Innovator Support PJ
~Contribute to the development of the Japanese IT market by supporting engineers and their communities, training human resources, improving skills, etc. ~

PE-BANK Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo / Representative Director Mikiya Takada), which proposes new ways of working for IT engineers, supports engineers and their communities, develops human resources, and improves skills, contributing to the development of the Japanese IT market. In order to do so, we will launch the Next Innovator Support Project.
[What is Next Innovator Support PJ]
The Japanese economy has long been called the lost 30 years. As a reason for this, there are voices pointing out the shortage of IT personnel in Japan. The shortage of IT human resources in Japan is more pronounced than in developed countries and economically developed countries, and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry has announced that there will be a shortage of up to 790,000 IT human resources by 2030. IT human resources are indispensable for creating industries that will create new industries, and the development of IT human resources is essential in order to keep up with the rapid changes in the digital environment in the world.
PE-BANK will break through such a situation and contribute to the realization of a rich IT society, such as making it easier for IT engineers to work, improving their skills, actively supporting community revitalization, and developing next-generation human resources. , launched this project.
Through various measures such as cooperating with external events, holding our own events, collaborating with schools and other educational institutions, and approaching young people, we will contribute to the creation of a society where Japan can once again demonstrate its presence in the world in the IT field. .
[Project logo]
PE-BANK’s cherry logo is accompanied by a color-coded project name with the image of a diverse approach to the IT engineer community. [Image 1

[Establishment of a dedicated project page on the corporate website] A new dedicated page will be set up on the PE-BANK corporate site to introduce project activities in chronological order. (Scheduled to be released at the end of 2022)
[Company Profile of PE-BANK Co., Ltd.]
[Image 2d12015-235-f6ad84f5dcebb4f76a02-1.jpg&s3=12015-235-907022d8e03fbd8f3d7e88d7a7b574f5-343x305.jpg
Company name: PE-BANK Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mikiya Takada, President and Representative Director Head office location: In front of Grace Building Sengakuji, 2-15-8 Takanawa, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Date of establishment: May 1, 1989 (as a cooperative)
Capital: 312.95 million yen
Business description: IT freelance branding platform business URL:
Corporate site:
Pe-BANK Freelance: (service site for IT freelancers) Pe-BANK Career: (IT personnel dispatch / IT personnel introduction service site)
Support Plus: (webinar and welfare service site for IT engineers)
Details about this release:

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