Peach John Co., Ltd. Peach John will start selling “Pokemon Collection” today, December 7th (Wednesday)! W hat’s more, it’s only available here! An original sticker novelty campaign is also being held.

Peach John Co., Ltd.
“Pokémon Collection” from Peach John will be on sale today from December 7th (Wednesday)! What’s more, it’s only available here! An original sticker novelty campaign is also being held.

Peach John Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo / President: Manabu Kasoo) will release a collection with Pokemon from December 7 (Wednesday) on the Peach John official mail order site and nationwide stores *. Did. * Sales will start when the store opens. The opening hours of each store are different.
[Image 1

PEACH JOHN official mail order site: “Pokemon Collection” special page:
[Collection lineup]
This collection consists of 2 types of lingerie, 1 type of innerwear, and 3 types of room wear.
Design familiar Pokemon such as Pikachu, Eevee, Mimikyu, Kewowa, Mareep, and Wanpachi for bra sets, innerwear, and room wear. It is a special collection that can be used not only for spending time at home with cute Pokemon, but also for everyday use.
Pikachu appears as a cute bra set!
[Image 2

The “Pokemon Bra Set” has a cute design that even adults can enjoy, with a cute motif lace on the front of the bra cup and shorts. Based on Pikachu’s pale yellow, the striped pattern on the tip of the tail and back is light brown. The red color of the electric bag on her cheeks is expressed with a satin ribbon motif, which is scattered around the base of the bra strap and the side of the shorts. [Image 3

Pokemon bra set
Price: ¥5,478 (body price: ¥4,980)
Size: B-D cup, UB65/70/75
Color: Yellow (1 color)
Colorful and gorgeous “Pokémon Bralette Set” inspired by Kyuwa (Heart) [Image 4

“Pokémon Bralette Set” with a simple all-over pattern design with a line-drawn cue wow based on pale pink. The neckline and side of the cups are embroidered with flower motif lace that is inspired by Kewwer, and the bust area is gorgeously colored.
[Image 5

pokemon bralette set
Price: ¥5,478 (body price: ¥4,980)
Size: M, L
Color: Pink (1 color)
Original print designs of Pikachu and Eevee appear in the smooth and melting “It’s Moisty” series!
[Image 6

Pikachu and Eevee are printed on the popular “It’s Moisty 9/4 Sleeves”, which has a moist and melting texture that uses aloe ingredients on the entire body fabric. It is also recommended as a countermeasure against dryness due to the change of seasons and air conditioning.
[Image 7

It’s Moisty 9/4 sleeves
¥3,278 (body price ¥2,980)
Size: S, M, L
Color: Pikachu & Eevee (1 color)
Soft and cute (heart) mareep shirt pajamas
[Image 8

“Pokémon shirt pajamas” with an all-over pattern design with mareeps scattered throughout. The ivory base and soft and cute coloring create a soothing design that is perfect for relaxing. A large collar with a moderately open round neck is embroidered with cute line drawing mareeps. The back collar is also designed to be separated on the left and right.
[Image 9

pokemon shirt pajama
Price: ¥6,578 (body price: ¥5,980)
Size: M (one size)
Color: Print (1 color)
3-piece lounge set with Mimikyu as a motif
[Image 10

[Image 11

The “Pokemon Lounge 3-Piece Set” includes a camisole and shorts made of elegant glossy satin, and a soft and comfortable cardigan. The camisole and shorts are based on charcoal gray and are printed with a dull yellow line drawing of Mimikyu. The cardigan is inspired by the Pikachu-style headgear worn by Mimikyu, and has a loose hood and a relaxed design.
[Image 12

Pokemon lounge 3-piece set
Price: ¥6,980 (body price: ¥7,678)
Size: M (one size)
Color: Mix (all 1 color)
Big impact (heart) one-patch one-piece room wear
[Image 13

“Pokemon brushed back dress” with a large appliqué that draws a one patch with three-dimensional embroidery. The high neck part that warmly wraps around the neck, which tends to feel cold, is designed with the image of a one-patch neck. A relaxed balloon-like silhouette that is tightly squeezed over the knees.
[Image 14

Pokemon brushed back dress
Price: ¥6,578 (body price: ¥5,980)
Size: M (one size)
Color: Mix (all 1 color)
We will carry out a novelty campaign to commemorate the release! [Image 15

We will randomly present from all 4 types of special original stickers (including 1 type of secret design) designed by Pokemon that are lined up in the product by purchasing the “Pokemon Collection”.
[Target] Those who have purchased “Pokemon Collection”.
[Period] Mail order site: Wednesday, December 7, 2022 from 12:00     Store: 2022/12/7 (Wed) OPEN ~
*Ends as soon as stock runs out
・Novelty is one for each target product.
・ We will give you a random gift from all 4 types. Please note that you cannot choose the sticker pattern.
《When purchasing on a mail-order site》
We will deliver it together with your order.
《When purchasing at a store》
We will give it to you together with the purchased product at the time of checkout.
Pokemon Special Collection Special Page:
Peach John Official Mail Order Site: Peach John Store List: Details about this release:


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