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PearlMountain Online video editing software FlexClip 4.3 has released a new automatic AI subtitles function

Pearl Mountain
Online video editing software FlexClip 4.3 has a new [automatic AI subtitles] function released
Convert video audio to text with one click and automatically generate subtitles!
PearlMountain Limited (Headquarters: Hong Kong, Representative: Lin Xiao) will release the [AI subtitle transcription] function that automatically generates subtitles (telops) for the online video editing software FlexClip 4.3.
It is a function that can automatically generate subtitles by analyzing the sound of video and audio files using voice recognition AI technology, converting it into characters (text).
Try it here: [Image
New: Automatic AI Subtitles
FlexClip representative and founder Lin Xiao said about AI subtitling: “The goal of FlexClip is to make it easy for users to create engaging and impactful videos, and automatic captioning is a key part of that. I believe in it and I’m looking forward to seeing how I can contribute to enhancing the content.”
Subtitles make it possible for people with hearing disabilities to enjoy video content. Also, with the spread of video social apps (YouTube, TikTok, etc.) that can be used on mobile devices, the demand for watching videos muted in public places has also increased. For this reason, video subtitles are indispensable. However, it is not uncommon for videos that are only 5 minutes long to take more than 30 minutes to add subtitles.
To enable more efficient subtitling, we have released the FlexClip 4.3 version of “Automatic AI Subtitling”.
[Video 2:] FlexClip generates high-quality video subtitles with a single click. You can also edit and customize the generated subtitles and adjust the timing, font size and style of the subtitles according to your needs. It’s even easier to use than professional video editing software. The “AI Subtitle Transcription” function supports languages ​​from 144 countries and regions, including English, Japanese, Spanish, German, and Italian, with a recognition accuracy of over 95%.
Free trial: About Pearl Mountain
PearlMountain specializes in the professional development of graphics and multimedia software since its establishment.In the past few years, products such as online video editing software FlexClip, online logo design software DesignEvo, online image design and photo editing software FotoJet, online graphic design software DesignCap, etc. has been released. All of them are extremely popular among users all over the world due to their ease of use and high reliability.
Details about this release:

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