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Perfect as a pre- or post-fasting meal. Veggie Revival Tempeh Soup, born with SDGs in mind, is finally on sale!

Glory International Co., Ltd.
Perfect as a pre- or post-fasting meal. Veggie Revival Tempeh Soup, born with SDGs in mind, is finally on sale!
Limited quantity release from December 12, 2022

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■ Product name: Veggie Tempeh Soup
■Capacity/quantity: 180g x 12 bags
■ Release date: December 12, 2022 (Monday)
■ Suggested retail price: 400 yen/bag (excluding tax)
■ Expiration date: 2 years from production
Veggie Furu Tempeh Soup is a tomato soup made by slowly simmering delicious mini tomatoes grown with the power of “enzymes” using phytozyme, protein-rich white soybean tempeh, vegetables, bamboo grilled salt, and spices.
GLORYInt’l product development
Our inner care items are highly rated by beauty professionals such as beauty salons and clinics.
The base is “fermentation”, and we are committed to “seven frees” such as no animal raw materials, no preservatives, no fragrances and additives.
At the time of manufacturing, we do our best to keep the materials as natural as possible and deliver them to our customers.
In addition, in order to commercialize products without waste, we have adopted a recycling system centered on the main product “Fastzyme” (fermented drink with plant-based lactic acid bacteria).
Veggie Tempeh Soup Development Background
Our company, which has been selling “Phytozyme Tomatoes” using enzyme fertilizers since last year, focused on the fact that non-standard tomatoes, such as cracks and small size, are not sold as products and are discarded.
The product development was triggered by the combination of producers who want to eliminate that loss and our company’s desire to enjoy the nutrition of “Phytozyme Tomatoes” at any time.
Veg Tempe Soup Four Special Ingredients
1. Phytozyme Tomato (Mini Tomato: Carol Seven)
As a cultivation bed, we use fossil coral instead of soil.
Mini tomatoes that are hydroponically grown with enzyme fertilizer are full of nutrition and deliciousness.
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2. Mew Vanadis (mineral water)
For the preparation of the soup, we use our representative product “Mew Vanadis”, which contains a good balance of minerals such as zinc and silicon.
Because of the soft water, it has a mellow and easy-to-eat taste. [Image 3d67992-5-7b123003b9f72c5bd80d-7.gif&s3=67992-5-ec509dbcaf8f2bc91eab6817962b1a8d-1000x659.gif
3. White soybean tempeh
Uses tempeh made by aging and fermenting whole skins of soybeans carefully grown by contracted farmers in Hokkaido.
4. Bamboo salt
The sea salt soaked in bamboo is baked at a high temperature of 1000℃ to create a gentle and mellow taste.
Thoughts on the product name
We use plenty of vegetables to satisfy our customers (satisfaction), and we want them to be happy (happiness) with their deliciousness. Of course, it was developed with a seasoning (recovery) that can be eaten before and after fasting.
The product name is based on these three fuku.
It is recommended not only as a regular meal, but also as a food preparation for fasting, recovery food, and as a stockpile for times of disaster.
You can enjoy it at room temperature or chilled in the refrigerator during hot weather.
Please try it once.

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