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“Perswell”, which enables advanced demand forecasting using the latest external data and machine learning, offers a low-cost trial plan for “procurement shortage/delivery delay forecasting” and “product demand forecasting”

“Perswell”, which can perform advanced demand forecasting using the latest external data and machine learning, offers a low-cost trial plan for “procurement shortage/delivery delay forecasting” and “product demand forecasting”

DATAFLUCT Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hayato Kumemura, hereinafter DATAFLUCT) is a machine learning algorithm that can utilize the latest external data such as the number of people positive for new coronavirus infections and weather forecast data. Regarding “Perswell”, which realizes demand forecasting, in
commemoration of the expansion of functions, we have prepared a plan that allows you to try “prediction of procurement shortages / delivery delays”, “demand forecast of existing products”, and “demand forecast of new products” at low cost. Offers.
While the economy is recovering from the corona disaster, this campaign will be implemented with the aim of experiencing the benefits of using future predictions for businesses in times of many
difficulties such as increased supply chain risks.
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■ Application:
New consumption habits and increased risks surrounding businesses The Japanese economy is on a gradual recovery trend, with a pick-up in eating out consumption, which had fallen sharply due to the corona crisis, and an increase in travel demand due to government measures to stimulate demand, such as nationwide travel support. From now on, it will be important to understand the changing needs of consumers and promote the development and provision of services.
On the other hand, corporate procurement costs and supply chain risks are increasing due to various factors such as soaring raw material prices, rising import costs due to the weaker yen, and geopolitical risks. Future predictions based on the latest data are the keys to avoiding lost opportunities, controlling costs, and creating sustainable businesses in a rapidly changing situation.
“Perswell” realizes future prediction using the latest external data and machine learning without the need for specialized personnel By utilizing data-based predictions in business, it is possible to place orders and produce optimally without relying on the intuition and experience of the person in charge. As a result, it is possible to maximize corporate profits, reduce product loss, respond to new consumer needs, and build better relationships between companies, consumers, and the environment.
While classical statistics, which have been widely used for demand forecasting, make forecasts using “only past actual demand data”, “Perswell” employs the latest machine learning algorithms that can utilize various external data. , has been released as a demand forecasting service capable of advanced forecasting. Our data scientists also build models after understanding the business and issues of our partner companies, so even companies that do not have their own data scientists can use the latest machine learning technology.
In addition, we are developing a service that is easy to use in practice by linking data with the inventory management system that has already been introduced and by visualizing forecast results in an easy-to-understand manner according to the product.
[Image 2d46062-145-a4e83406ef883bf694f7-0.png&s3=46062-145-68b80dc212559974464ca38c033de908-1536x866.png
“Perswell” service image
“Perswell”, which has been used as a demand forecasting service mainly in the wholesale industry, now supports “prediction of shortages and delivery delays in procurement” and is also useful for supply chain risk management. We will continue to aim for future prediction solutions that can be used in more industries and scenes.
“Perswell” website:

About “Perswell” Trial Plan
We offer 3 types of plans at a special price: “Prediction of procurement shortages and delivery delays”, “Prediction of demand for existing products”, and “Prediction of demand for new products”. We will listen to your business and issues, propose a solution, and actually build a model to verify its accuracy.
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■ Application method: Please apply using the form
■Delivery date: After the data is prepared, it will be delivered in about one month at the shortest.
Application period: December 20, 2022 (Tuesday) to February 28, 2023 (Tuesday) ■ Flow of implementation
1. Hearing/Proposal
We will ask you about your business content, issues, data you have, etc., and propose solutions that match your issues.
2. Accuracy verification
After receiving the data necessary for verification, we will actually build the model and verify its accuracy.
3. Send report
We will provide a verification result report and a rough estimate for installation in as little as one month.
*This campaign is subject to change or end without notice. Also, if the number of applications reaches the upper limit, we may close the reception.
*Since this is a plan for you to try out the prediction accuracy, there will be a separate fee for this introduction.
*In order to offer the special price, it is necessary to share the past performance data for analysis in the form specified by our company.
Image of “Perswell” utilization
■ Demand forecast in the wholesale industry
Sales forecasts for several hundred types of products are based on Excel classical statistics, and the amount of man-hours involved is enormous, making precise forecasts for all products difficult. Also, real-time external data such as weather and infectious disease epidemics cannot be used, and accuracy is an issue.
-Using Perswell-
Combining historical sales and purchase data with external data according to business characteristics, predicts the number of sales and appropriate inventory of a large number of products using machine learning.
It is possible to reduce waste and low-priced sales, optimize procurement transportation, and optimize delivery and personnel planning.
■ Prediction of parts shortages and delivery delays in the
manufacturing industry
It is difficult to predict shortages and delivery delays of parts ordered from suppliers, resulting in emergency response and excess inventory.
-Using Perswell-
Predict the probability of out-of-stock items and delivery lead time based on data such as parts ordering and delivery records.
It is possible to maintain smooth production through routine operations, such as identifying signs of supply concerns in advance and procuring the same parts from other suppliers.
■Introduction of application examples
Examples of the use of “Perswell” are being published on the media “DATA x Hub” operated by our company. Introduces the process of developing the optimal demand forecast model for the wholesale business in a dialogue format.
Utilizing unconventional AI/machine learning to create highly accurate demand forecasting models ideal for the wholesale industry
DATAFLUCT Co., Ltd. is a data business partner that creates new value from buried data and solves social issues with the vision of “business with data”. We have strengths in “multimodal data utilization” that is not bound by data formats, including unstructured data, and we realize data collection, storage, processing, and analysis all at once. We also develop our own services that focus on global standard issues such as loss reduction through demand forecasting, sustainable urban planning, and behavioral changes for decarbonization, and everyone can make sustainable decisions by effectively using data. We aim to realize a world in which it is possible to 2019 JAXA venture * certified company.
* A venture company funded and established by JAXA staff that conducts business using the intellectual property and business knowledge of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA).
-company overview-
Head office location: 1-19-9 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Daiichi Akatsuki Building 6F
Representative: Hayato Kumemura, Representative Director and CEO Established: January 29, 2019
Phone number: 03-6822-5590 (representative)
Capital (as of the end of May): 1,347,120,000 yen (including capital reserve) Business description: Provision of multimodal data utilization services (AI/machine learning/big data analysis), corporate DX support Website:

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