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PETOKOTO Rapidly growing fresh pet food “PETOKOTO FOODS” will be sold at “Wagwan” in Kashiwanoha T-SITE, which is popular with dog lovers!

Rapidly growing fresh pet food “PETOKOTO FOODS” will be sold at “Wagwan” in Kashiwanoha T-SITE, which is popular with dog lovers!
PETOKOTO Co., Ltd. (President: Taisuke Okubo, Headquarters:
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, hereinafter referred to as “our company”), which develops the pet wellness business, develops and sells “PETOKOTO FOODS”, a fresh pet food that is close to your dog’s life. I’m here. This time, we are pleased to inform you that “Petfood & goods Wag Wan”, which handles carefully selected pet food and pet miscellaneous goods in Kashiwanoha T-SITE, will start selling sequentially from Saturday, December 17, 2022.
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PETOKOTO FOODS is a fresh-type dog food (comprehensive nutritional food) that is steam-heated and quick-frozen using the same fresh ingredients that humans eat. The total number of meals sold exceeded 10 million in the first two years. The diagnosis function, designed with a unique algorithm, proposes a recommended calorie/feeding amount suitable for your dog by answering 10 items, such as your dog’s weight and body shape.
Currently, we are also working on selling at offline stores, and this time we will be able to start selling at “Petfood & goods Wag Wan” in Kashiwanoha T-SITE, which is famous as a dog-friendly spot.
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Product overview
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・PETOKOTO FOODS beef 150g 660 yen (tax included)
・PETOKOTO FOODS Chicken 150g 660 yen (tax included)
・PETOKOTO FOODS Pork 150g 660 yen (tax included)
・PETOKOTO FOODS Fish 150g 660 yen (tax included)
Menu details:
◯ Only ingredients with the same quality standards as humans are used ◯Steam heating and quick freezing keep the original taste and nutrients of the ingredients.
◯No added coloring or preservatives
◯ There are only 90 American veterinary nutrition specialists in the world ◯ Comprehensive nutrition food for all stages from puppies to senior dogs ◯ 365-day veterinarian consultation (only for customers using regular flights) Click here for a video of how PETOKOTO FOODS is made.
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PETOKOTO FOODS sales partner (wholesale) reception guide
PETOKOTO FOODS is looking for sales partners who will spread the option of “fresh pet food” together! If you are interested in selling at a store or facility, please contact us using the form below. ▼ Click here for inquiries
About Pet Wellness Company “PETOKOTO”
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We, PETOKOTO, are a pet wellness company whose mission is to create a world where pets can be loved as family members. With the quality of pet life as our business axis, we aim to create a society where pets are accepted as family members by staying close to the life of pets. Mr. Okubo, the representative, was not good at dogs and cats until 3 years ago when he started the business, but after meeting a dog, he fell in love with animals. I started a business in 2015 to solve the negatives such as.
Currently, we are developing a rescue dog and cat matching site “OMUSUBI” as a place to meet, a pet life media “PETOKOTO” as a place for information, and “PETOKOTO FOODS” as a place to eat. I am aiming. Reference|Presentation when winning the startup conference “IVS2022 NAHA LAUNCHPAD” (
■ PETOKOTO Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Location: WEEK Yotsuya, 2-8 Motoshiocho, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Representative: Taisuke Okubo, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: March 23, 2015
Capital: 307,100,647 yen
Number of employees: 24
Business description:
・Fresh pet food “PETOKOTO FOODS” ・ Pet life media “PETOKOTO MEDIA”
・Protection dog and cat matching site “OMUSUBI” ■ Awards
Nikkei Cross Trend “100 Companies Creating the Market of the Future [2023 Edition]”
Forbes JAPAN “200 companies listed at once! Japanese startup encyclopedia” published
Published in Toyo Keizai “Amazing Venture 100 2022 Latest Edition” (2nd time) Startup conference “IVS2022 NAHA LAUNCHPAD” winner (first dog food service history)
2020 Good Design Award (first dog food service history)
Nikkei Trendy Startup Award Excellence Award (first ever pet service) Details about this release: