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pickupon VoiceTech service “Pickupon” that digs up customer insights has been selected as “Microsoft for Startups”!

VoiceTech service “Pikpon” that digs up customer insights has been selected as “Microsoft for Startups”!
Utilizing business support from Pickpon and Microsoft to promote customer conversation DX

Pickupon Co., Ltd. (Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative: Yoichi Obata, hereinafter referred to as Pickpon), which provides VoiceTech services that dig up customer insights, is a startup company provided by Microsoft Corporation (Headquarters: Washington State, USA, hereinafter referred to as Microsoft). We are pleased to announce that we have been selected for the global support program “Microsoft for Startups” for successful expansion.

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About Microsoft for Startups
Microsoft is a startup support program that is globally deployed in more than 140 countries around the world. By providing a wide range of support for start-up companies, from launching services to finding new customers, we support the growth of start-up businesses globally. Startups selected for this program will be provided with dedicated resources suitable for business expansion, utilizing Microsoft’s partner network, in addition to access to Azure and other
Microsoft-owned technologies.
Overview of Microsoft for Startups:
Utilize Microsoft’s business support to promote user customer conversation DX We will utilize the various offerings provided by Microsoft for Startups, a business support program from Microsoft, to build connections with customers and accelerate growth.
In the future, we plan to co-sponsor events with Microsoft and develop new services in collaboration with companies that use Azure. We strive to expand our business so that we can make an impact.
With this adoption, Picpon will continue to “promote the conversion of users to customer conversations into DX” by receiving business support.
“Pikpon” collects telephone sales scenes into DX! !
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Three problems that can be solved by converting customer conversations to DX 1. Problem of omission of input to CRM
Automatically input to CRM/SFA! Reduce the burden and prevent input omissions! 2. Black-box problem
  The primary information of text and voice remains, and you can instantly confirm and share the call you want to confirm!
3. Personalization problem
  Knowledge accumulates when interactions with customers are shared “smoothly”! “Pikpon” is a service that creates a summary of what AI said on the phone with text and voice, and automatically inputs and shares it. Share conversations with customers to team workspaces (CRM, SFA, etc.) without worrying about input.
Since the launch of this service in September 2019, the number of users has continued to increase, mainly from start-up companies. Compatible tools: Senses, Salesforce, HubSpot, Google Sheets, Slack * Can be linked with systems created by each company via Webhook □ Click here to request materials
We also have more detailed service contents, so if you are interested in the company, please check it out once.
Pickpon URL:
About pickupon Inc.
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Through the business of “Conversation Summary AI Phone PickPon”, we would like to realize a world where people can freely handle “memories and experiences exchanged through utterances” that humans have not been able to freely handle.
“Pikpon” stores the conversational experiences between members and customers in voice and text, summarizes important conversations, and automatically inputs and shares the experiences in the team workspace, thereby collecting user voices as data. We can realize a world that is easy to use.
In the future, we will expand that experience and develop it with the aim of realizing a world where we can freely handle “memories and experiences exchanged through speech”, especially “memories and experiences” that include user insights.
【Company Profile】
Company name: pickupon Co., Ltd.
Location: Tokyo Office 4-2-45 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo Kokaido Building 2F      Chiba Office 2-15-8 Sugano, Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture little green 1F Representative: Yoichi Obata
Established: February 15, 2018
Business description: Development and operation of conversation summary AI phone pickupon Pickpon ( Operation of sales knowledge media Yurufuwa Sales Hack
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[Inquiries from customers]
Company name: pickupon Co., Ltd.
TEL: 050-3134-5404
Service inquiries:
Details about this release:

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