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PIF Co., Ltd. Collaboration stage with the hot brand KAPUKI realized Kansai’s largest entertainment event “BEATNIXS 2022” will be held for the last time this year

PIF Co., Ltd.
[Collaboration stage with hot brand KAPUKI realized] Kansai’s largest entertainment event “BEATNIXS 2022” will be held for the last time this year

On December 11, 2022 (Sunday), Kansai’s largest student entertainment event “BEATNIXS” was held at ZeppNamba in Osaka. “KAPUKI” is an apparel brand that offers kimonos with innovative designs that suit the young people of Reiwa. The collaboration stage with KAPUKI is realized at BEATNIXS. The venue was filled with excitement from beginning to end.
BEATNIXS is a student freestyle fashion show that has been running for about 21 years since 2001. An event by students who are attracting a lot of attention from the industry to produce future designers, stylists, models and influencers with “challenges” and “dreams” for new themselves.
[Image 1

This time, it will be the last performance of 2022, and what will be unfolded on the big stage of Zepp Namba will show the crystallization of the young people’s efforts that have been accumulated for about four months.
Before the performance, her expression was a combination of tension and fun, but during the performance, she fascinated the audience with her beautiful and happy expression.
In a short time of 11 minutes, they expressed themselves with various themes, costumes, hair and makeup.
[Image 2

This performance also held a brand stage with the cooperation of an apparel brand.
Models dressed in branded clothes made the venue gorgeous by showing how they walked gracefully.
This performance was supported by four brands: [KAPUKI], [JUST], [from clothes], and [one way].
In addition, [BEATNIXS TOP STAGE] will be held by a total of 7 people, 4 models selected from 400 BEATNIXS and 3 official BEATNIXS models! Each and every one of them showed their high performance, and the stage was suitable for the selected models.
Furthermore, following the previous performance, Anna’s sky decorated the opening, and the venue was livened up with a stage by an artist, which is rare for BEATNIXS.
[Image 3

And a collaboration stage between the distribution production [Ninarel] and BEATNIXS will also be held! !
The 9 people who won the online contest by the distribution app SHOWROOM became the best part of the stage by the model, and it was a fulfilling performance full of new content.
[Image 4d53383-52-1b6801650dbd1c7eca03-1.jpg&s3=53383-52-ef4c31c3e696bf0db2910ec55307de34-3008x2000.jpg
With laughter, tears, and drama, this event is packed with youth that cannot be experienced at school alone.
The next performance will be held on Sunday, February 26, 2023. Performers, show teams, and staff are also being recruited, so be sure to check out the website!
BEATNIXS continues to create “opportunities” for many students who will lead the industry in the future. Keep an eye on the future BEATNIXS!

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