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Pinterest Japan G.K. Pinterest Predicts Trends to Watch Next Year: Pinterest Predicts 2023 Report Released

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Pinterest Predicts Trends to Watch Next Year: Pinterest Predicts 2023 Report Released

Visual exploration platform Pinterest today released its annual report, Pinterest Predicts 2023, highlighting the next year’s inspiring trends.
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With more than 400 million people using Pinterest every month to find future plans and ideas for what’s to come, Pinterest leverages search data to catch trends before they actually start and identify what’s next. You can pinpoint what’s coming. In the process of creating our annual Pinterest Predicts report, we analyzed what keywords were being searched for and uncovered the hottest trends expected to rise in popularity in 2023.
Our predictions for trends in 2023 are the result of months of data collection, analysis, and evaluation, condensed into Pinterest’s own report of the widest range of global trends in 2023. I’m here. To date, Pinterest’s trend predictions have maintained a high level of accuracy, with 8 out of 10 trend predictions coming true over the past three years (Note 2).
And Pinterest trends don’t stop at predicting the future. On Pinterest, trends rise quickly, have a lasting impact of over 20% longer(3), and spread across categories, allowing companies and brands to tap into trends across multiple categories and reach beyond their target audience. You will also have the opportunity to reach [Image 2d37183-97-8656c3d54ccceb7eae9d-2.jpg&s3=37183-97-3bdcddd5e322db2fe4d6a0d16c4efbdb-1400x788.jpg
Pinterest predicts key trends by category in 2023(4):
Fashion: “Airy Style” will dominate the fashion world in 2023. Lace, tulle, ruffles and glitter will be popular with Gen Z and millennials in particular. After two years spent in sweatshirts and jerseys, people’s consciousness has shifted to showing skin. In addition, a new leading role will appear in the fashion world in 2023. Gen Z and millennials will turn their attention to romantic comedy-inspired “rom-com” fashion, including slip dresses and tube tops, cargo pants and vanity clips.

Interior: Simple interiors are a thing of the past. In 2023, the “vintage home” trend will be on the rise, and people will search for ways to integrate vintage items they have inherited into modern interiors. And the interest in maximalism and “creepy cute” interiors has spawned the “mushroom” trend. People will love decorating their bedrooms with unique decorations such as mushrooms and a wide variety of tastes.

Celebrations: 2023 is the Orange Wedding. I have a feeling that dull oranges such as terracotta, copper, and burnt sienna will color the wedding scene. Millennials and Gen Xers are increasingly searching for colors in this lineage, and it will become the dominant color for weddings, from floral arrangements to bridesmaid dresses.

Wellbeing: Wellbeing is a major category that has become even more important over the last few years. In 2023, mobile phones will be put down, and workouts that focus on correct posture, such as stretching and squats, will become mainstream. Keywords related to the “goodbye to sitting too much” trend are currently being searched a lot. Wellbeing isn’t just about fitness. There is a growing interest in facing oneself from various angles, and self-expression art therapy and music therapy are attracting attention as an alternative to therapy that involves consulting with someone.
See all Pinterest Predicts 2023 trend predictions from fashion, beauty, interiors to food and drink: Survey method:
1 Global Analytics Survey by Pinterest (Q3 2022)
2 Pinterest, global search data (Analysis period: July 2018 to June 2022) 3 Pinterest Trend Analysis by Black Swan Data (US and UK, June 2021) 4 Pinterest, global search data (analysis period: September 2020-September 2022) Details about this release:

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