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Plaza Style After Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts! Pre-sale of Valentine’s chocolate will start early at the PLAZA online store.

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After Christmas gifts, Valentine’s gifts! Pre-sale of Valentine’s chocolate will start early at the PLAZA online store.
January 13 (Friday) to February 14 (Tuesday), 2023 PLAZA’s Valentine promotion “BURSTING WITH FUN & YUM!”

Stylinglife Holdings Co., Ltd. Plaza Style Company (Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) will hold a Valentine promotion “BURSTING WITH” at PLAZA and MINiPLA nationwide from Friday, January 13, 2023 to Tuesday, February 14 FUN&YUM! (Bursting with Fun & Yum!) PLAZA’s EC site “PLAZA Online Store” has started pre-sale of some items prior to the start of the promotion.
[Image 1

Valentine’s day promotion will start from Friday, January 13th. This season, the PLAZA store is filled with lots of chocolates, such as cute and unique chocolates that are overseas, and special chocolates that are limited to this season. A cute and delicious Valentine’s Day gift will brighten up both the recipient and the giver!
Prior to over-the-counter sales, the PLAZA online store is pre-selling some Valentine’s chocolate lineups. PLAZA also has limited items that are available only online, so don’t miss it!
Be sure to check out the 2023 “#PLAZA Choco” lineup as soon as possible. ● PLAZA online store product lineup:
PLAZA online store pre-sale!
“BURSTING WITH FUN&YUM!” product lineup (partial)
[Image 2

[Pre-sale starts from Wednesday, December 28]
Treat Street Perfect Man From left: Heart Box ¥1,695, Hot Chocolate Bomb Heart ¥853
[Image 3

Chocolate aid aid box tin 1,398 yen

[Image 4

[Online store only]
Anthon Berg Liquor Assortment 8P ¥1,274

[Image 5d3436-790-a01119129a9f7b7001df-4.jpg&s3=3436-790-4bc1d11bb8d47d4dfc7dcec58511baed-2000x2000.jpg

Eureka chocolate sardine can 702 yen

promotional information
[Image 6d3436-790-2487b98f177dbae352d3-5.jpg&s3=3436-790-31d81dbee1a603f58ce08047842ebb6a-740x440.jpg
Some pre-sales are available at the online store!
Valentine’s Day Promotion at PLAZA
Period: Friday, January 13, 2023 ~ Tuesday, February 14, 2023 Product lineup:
[Image 7d3436-790-47612c35d4e4e0c71e64-6.jpg&s3=3436-790-ed0844804c64b93dafaf72b31196013b-283x110.jpg
* PLAZA / MINiPLA (stores) will start rolling out from January 13, 2023 (Friday).
*All prices include tax.
*The product image is an image.
*The contents of this release are subject to change without notice. Details about this release:

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